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I have not posted much lately because in all honesty, I have not had much time. With work and trying to push myself to have a social life (meeting new people  and exploring the area,etc) my blogging time has been limited (and that’s ok!)

So here’s what I have been doing, seeing, trying lately….


It was really great having my Aunt and Uncle here for the week (they were vacationing right next door!) We had a lovely weekend in Wrightsville Beach, shopping, great food and great times. We ended our weekend with a good ol’ Frogmore stew party 🙂



I even set the table traditionally for our feast, with newspapers and all!
we all really enjoyed our Trader Joe’s wine, perfect companion!

Their visit really made things feel like HOME. I will be honest, this week was much tougher without them 😦

So, I had to keep busy!

I played kickball with some wonderful (and talented) guys and gals!  Now, I am not experienced AT all with kickball, plus still recooping from an injury I am pretty weak and have no “strength” (as in “pushing off” when running, getting speed, momentum, etc) My hamstring has been acting up, so that played a part in my “not so kick ass” kickball experience. BUT everyone was very nice and encouraging, even though we all knew I ……ummm, uhhhh, SUCKED!


hahaa, trying to look like I know what I am doing, AND hiding the fact that I was in PAIN!

“Ok, good I can do this, stand around and just smile”

I also volunteered for RUN CLUB at school. What an amazing program to get kids moving and motivated!! It rained, so we kept things indoors with a pretty cool workout video! I was impressed to see how excited and motivated the kids were! I can not wait to see how they grow personally and physically 🙂

Hey if I can’t “do it” , might as well teach it, right!?

*** I have to say it is AMAZING how involved teachers, parents and staff are here in SC.  There is such a sense of pride and overall wanting students and children to be successful. It is amazing how committed teachers, family and the community is. It really is an overall great feeling and I am proud to be a part  of it *** This will be a post of its on, on my observations of the “south”


Bike ride and Brunch

This has by far been one of my FAVORITE “excursions” here in SC!  We rode from Murrels Inlet to (and through ) Huntington Beach State Park. It was absolutely a break taking and beautiful ride. I loved hearing about the culture (and I thought there was NONE here! ) seeing the beautiful beach homes and communities, PLUS spending time with some great people.

Murrels Inlet, Pawleys Island and Huntington Beach state park, are really beautiful, lush and tropical!


Love the palms!


Atalaya Mansion at Huntington Beach State Park

I finally got to see the Atalaya mansion! It had a very “jailhouse” vibe. I thought it looked more like a prison than a mansion, but it was still beautiful in its own way. Not to mention only FEET away from the ocean!

I look forward to going back next weekend for the Arts and Crafts Festival and learning more about the manion

Here  is some more information!! (The history!)


saw these guys just hanging out during our ride!



so pretty!



We ended with Brunch at AppleWood House of Pancakes

The buffet brunch for $9.99 was WELL worth it!

We were all smart and decided NOT to overstuff ourselves since we DID still have to ride our bikes back…….poor planning! 🙂

Later than night, I met up with some beautiful ladies for a Grape Stomping event, wine tasting and …….GATOR viewing (Only in the south!?)

We had tickets for the Grape Wine Stomp and Duplin Winery, which included a walk through Alligator Adventure (I highly recommend BOTH if you have not been)

I loved the boardwalk at Alligator Adventure. PLUS I loved that the staff were openly walking around with animals to see (We saw a hyena walking on a leash, a huge boa constrictor and of course, alligators (They were cute and felt incredibly smooth!)



Feeding Time!




This guy weighed OVER 100 lbs!



My favorite? The lemurs and spider monkey of course!

The grape stomp was so much fun, jokingly, I was a “pro” since I had done it before in PA 🙂
I loved that they were making these adorable tshirts with YOUR footprints on them from the stomp (Not actual grape juice but purple paint, BUMMER!)



It feels so gross and squishy…..


Bottling the wine


So it was a fun, FULL week. Now I feel I am ready to focus on some things that have been causing me stress and anxiety.  A fun weekend always recharges me and makes me feel POWERFUL and that I can do anything 🙂

Happy weekend y’all!!




3 thoughts on “Southern living ”

  1. I live in Charleston but have been to Murrells Inlet so many times and to Huntington Beach Park as well as Brookgreen Gardens. It’s a really beautiful area and it looks like you took full advantage of it this weekend.

    I always called that “Lowcountry Boil” instead of frogmore stew! I actually don’t eat pork so I just pick the shrimp out from it but people around here love it. Your buffet brunch looks delicious too and what a cheap price for all that food.


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