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Some Southern Observations

So it has been quite an adjustment for me, moving from NJ to SC.  I have had many ups and downs as my friends and family can attest to, and quite honestly, I still am not sure about so much.

I feel awful for putting my loved ones through my own torment. My instant thoughts are “Don’t burden anyone anymore , keep it inside, journal” BUT I realize that is not healthy and my “old ways”. So I will continue to vent/cry/whine when needed BUT I will also make sure to focus on all the positives and growing I am doing (I am learning SO Much about myself!!)  I still do not know if this will ever feel like “home” but at least I am giving it a good shot.


However as a fellow “northerner” (like many in the area) I have been making some pretty heartwarming observations. 

Often times I find myself out with others and I just sit back and “watch” what is going on around me.

Most days I feel like I am in a movie and I am just watching all that is happening around me and that is it not real.

I have (embarrassingly) learned many things, just by assuming …..and being quickly corrected.

Yet, I want to focus on all the positives of the area and the good ol’ south.

  1.  People are friendly. I get called doll, sweetie, love, honey, all sorts of stuff. I have received more hugs here by strangers than I ever had before (not like strangers just walking up to me and hugging me, but at work, at a new yoga studio, church).  One of my first days here a little boy approached me at the beach and just started talking to me, asking questions, etc. At the end of our conversation, he said “have a wonderful day, mam”. He was probably 8 or 9?                                                                                     
  2. there is such a sense of community.  Teachers, parents and community really want the BEST for their/our children.  Others are willing to do so much to ensure the children of their community are happy, healthy, educated, loved…..It amazes me how big teachers hearts are here. We are more than just teachers, we are raising a community
  3. Spirituality is huge.  NJ may have it’s multitude of Wawa’s, but SC has its churches. Wow. They are everywhere!  Big, small, lights , simple, you name it, its here!  The church communities are so welcoming and although I am sure it is popular in NJ, contemporary churches here are everywhere. For the first time in my life (woah) I really enjoyed church and mass. I felt like I was at a concert!! The music, the technology. It is quite a different (and pretty spectacular) world 🙂
  4. Everything is slower, except for work. I thought that by moving here my work life and load would be simple and slow. Everything is just as fast paced (if not faster, or that I am just new to all of this) BUT the rest of SC is slower paced. For example:  stores and restaurants. You never feel that pressure to “get in and get out”. You are rarely rushed, and it is even more rare to run “in and out” of a grocery store or convenience store. Lines are longer, slower and not many people seem to complain. That is a huge difference from NJ and one that I am dealing with. As soon as I begin to get annoyed or irritated, I tell myself to take a deep breath and slow down too. Life is too short. I am being forced to become more present.
  5. The stores are less stocked than in NJ. TJ Maxx, marshalls, home goods……there are far less stores and their merchandise is scarce (but thats not a bad thing!!)
  6. There are bugs and bugs and bugs and more bugs. You can add to that list frogs, lizards, snakes and spiders.  Oddly enough as abundant as they are, they tend to stay away. I am always outdoors and I definitely have seen my share of creepy crawlers, but it is NO WHERE near what I know is really lurking out there…..maybe I am just avoiding acknowledging them so much? 🙂 You know, like, if you pretend its not there, its really not?? 🙂 
  7. When you live AT the beach, you rarely GO to the beach. I actually prefer my community and the areas surrounding the beach.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going but there are so many other fabulous things to do and see.  I love my beach walks, but I will leave the lounging for vacation time 🙂 I think knowing the beach is right there makes me feel content. I KNOW I can go any time I want, if I choose (and I do try to get to the beach for a few walks, the early mornings and evenings are my favorite!)
  8. I say Mom, you say Mama.  Everyone calls moms’ their “mamas” here. I love it! It is so heart warming!
  9. Sports are HUGE.  I thought we were fans in NJ!?  Well sports here are even bigger. I suppose what I mean is the local sports, high school, college, even elementary school. Yes SC loves the big sports guys, but they equally love their local sports teams as well (if not more!) Honestly, I still just can NOT get into it. I would like to have a passion for something sports related, yet I have not had much luck.
  10. Alcohol is everywhere!  Target ,walmart, gas stations, you name it, alcohol is there! It is so abundant!
  11. The south is up and coming. There are so many new stores coming to the areas, activities AND tons of new homes.  * I hear a Target is being built nearby!  Anddddd check out this cool new restaurant opening Chemist
  12. Palmetto bugs are real y’all (I know because I found one in my kitchen today, trying to hide from the rain)
  13. It rains A LOT!
  14. The produce…….kinda sucks 😦
  15. Yay for yoga!! I found a new studio and teacher that I ❤ !
  16. The first day of Fall feels like the first day of summer 🙂

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