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Culture and “Credit”

Who said Myrtle Beach has NO culture ????(well umm I did!)

Once again I prove myself wrong.

The once occupied castle by the beach, Atalaya, held its annual craft fair this past weekend.

The VERY talented artists set up inside (and outside) the once bustling castle owned by the industrialist and philanthropist Archer M. Huntington and his wife, the sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington, located in Huntington Beach State Park near the Atlantic coast in Murrells Inlet, Georgetown County, South Carolina.


What talent! From painting to jewlery to large fire pits. I fell in love with a ring but could not justify the $270 price tag (although well worth the hard work and talent)



This weekend also boasted the Greek festival. Tons of food and music



I also got to test out the newest bike on the east coast (not so new on the west coast). Electric bikes

Woah. These things are cool and super fast! Sort of defeats the whole exercise aspect but still fun and wonderful for an older Couple looking get outside and explore.  It was fun tackling the wind and uphills with ease!



So I have been keeping myself busy, trying to enjoy my life , which is uncomfortable at times BUT remaining positive.

I realize that you can be happy anywhere. It is a choice.  Something I am having a difficult time with but know deep down it is TRUE and attainable.

Something I have struggled with for so very long is also………perfection. I have always strived to be the best or perfect at things in my life. Having others see me as perfect, made me “feel ” perfect, yet not really so, because deep down I still felt like …..crap.

The perfect teacher. The perfect friend. The perfect runner. The perfect health nut. The perfect …..everything.

I wanted to be #1 at everything! I am not sure if you have ever tried this, but It is HARD. No, it is impossible.  All the years I beat myself up trying to be perfect. I lost focus of myself and what is truly important.

I want to focus more on:

sharing:  ideas, thoughts, tips, recipes, teaching pointers. Anything that works. Instead of keeping it all to myself in hopes of attaining perfectionism, really forcing myself to get out there and share more with OTHERS. It feels great and is rewarding instead of keeping it all inside.  Plus I am so open to OTHERS sharing with me. I have learned so much and so many things just by letting down my gaurd. GUESS WHAT!? I do NOT know everything. I do not know a lot, but I am willing and excited to learn. So teach me!

acknowledging others for their hard work

Give credit where credit is due:

I have to thank my friend R for her amazing taste, choice and recommendations in books.  I recently joined a book club and suggested a book “Ready Player One” which “R” suggested to me at one point.  

The entire book club can NOT say enough about it. I made sure to give credit where credit was due. I would have loved to be the one to discover this awesome read, BUT My friend and her love and knowledge of books deserves all the credit in the world 🙂  She has such a knack for books. She really feels them and always finds neat reads that make me think and make me a little more open to change and different things (other wise I would stick with the same old thing)

Thank you from me and all the other bookworms that are enjoying it! AND thank you for expanding my horizons and getting out of my boring routine of the same ol’ types of books!


So I guess I want to end this by saying, I am letting go.  I want to let go of the thoughts of having the be perfect, #1 or the best. I want to give OTHERS the opportunity to shine and be the best at something. I feel like I have had my moments, and I am certain I will have more. Yet I need to realize that living life is much more important and trying to be the best at something that really no longer serves me.

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry!



2 thoughts on “Culture and “Credit””

  1. MB has some nice places like the state park and Brookgreen Gardens. I think when people think of MB they think of the shady areas and so many girls getting kidnapped or going missing there and how it’s unsafe, and I’ll admit that yes, I am always concerned about that too. But there are definitely some nice perks to the area as well as non-touristy places!

    Love that you went to Greek fest! Ours was cancelled due to flooding.


    1. i agree!! Charleston def has some culture. I never really knew about the vibe of kidnappings and being unsafe here as a woman until I began reading the papers 😦 its sad! Hope you are staying dry!


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