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Movie/Book Review!! ****

Yesterday I was feeling d-o-w-n.  A friend seems to always know when I feel this way and suggested a movie/book for me to read or watch.

I was in a rut. I am stuck inside because of rain and flooding. I did NOT feel like reading anymore

Watching movies and television is equally as hard. I tend to deprive myself of pleasure out of “guilt”.  I feel like I should always be doing something productive YET, watching tv and read can and IS productive because it is teaching me something new and forcing me to relax

So I would like to thank “B” for yet another wonderful recommendation. You can see my review below, some insight, some of my favorite quotes, etc.

I hope you too will take some time when you feeling down (OR feeling wonderful) to check this out.

The Shift by Wayne Dyer

Dyer The Shift screenshot Hay House

*Sadly Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away on August 30, 2015. As a tribute to him and his messages of hope and inspiration, his movie is available online to view for free Check it out

Dr. Wayne Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. He’s the author of over 41 books, including 21 New York Times bestsellers. He has created many audio and video programs, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.  He also has 10 PBS Specials which have
raised over $250 million dollars for public television

Read more about him here


The movie takes place on beautiful coastal California at Monterey Peninsula.  It definitely reminds to you actually open your eyes and look at all the wonderful things RIGHT in front of you (I am taking my own advice, I live by some pretty amazing scenery)

One of my favorites is in it 🙂 Portia De Rossi

Portia de Rossi

After reading her memoir about her eating disorder. She has become a favorite of mine 🙂


Watch it. This is a movie you need to watch. Me telling you about it is not going to do much for you. Yes the movie can be a little “corny” at times with the acting, but it all serves a purpose and most importantly a message.

The big message (for me)

The movie inspires you (All of us) and reminds us that we should live our lives by the 4 cardinal virtues. They are not weird or hokey, they are realistic and believable AND attainable:

1-  Reverence for All Life

Which simply means respect. Respect for ourselves, others, nature, etc.

2-  Natural Sincerity

Being honest with ourselves and others. This can and IS very difficult at times.

3-  Gentleness

Being kind

4-  Supportiveness

Helping others. How can you help someone else today? Sincerely? Not out of expecting something in return

Woah. That is NOT a lot, but IS a lot!

Something to work towards and remember daily ❤

We all run around day to to living our lives. Trying to be the best, trying to have nice things, trying to wear nice clothes, trying to be super humans and handle it all.  Perfectionism is huge in our society, along with HOW we look.  We loose focus so quickly of what really is important

It is HARD to change. I know I struggle daily with trying to let go of things I spent 35 years beating into my own head.

I want to start living more by the virtues.  This is a goal that I can always refer back to, especially in times when I need help making decisions. I can ask myself where it will fit in one of those “virtues”.

I thought the research to be pretty impressive. Men and woman were asked to list the top 5 things they valued BEFORE learning and practicing a kinder, gentler way of living. Here are the results:

Before “The Shift”

  1.   wealth
  2. achievement
  3. adventure
  4. pleasure
  5. being respected


1,  Spirituality

2.  personal peace

3.  family

4.  gods will

5.  honesty

Before “The Shift”


  1.  family
  2. Independence
  3. career
  4. fitting in
  5. attractiveness


  1.  Own personal growth
  2. self esteem
  3. spirtituality
  4. happiness
  5. forgiveness.

Wow. I know personally, the AFTER is what I would like to strive for

some quotes I loved

“We ignore what is right in front of us because we busy ourselves with other things” (THis is SO true for me)

“Show up, pay attention, and YOUR music just happens”

“No one is perfect, we are all a work in progress”
“Stop the fight of MAKING things happen and begin to just let them happen”

“We are all here for a reason, we just need to open our eyes”


  1.  Where do you see yourself currently? What are your top 5 values in life ? Are you happy with them?


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