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Saturday safes


First and foremost my community is safe from the flooding! I was worried to go back to school anticipating terrible stories of damage,loss and destruction but we were very fortunate.  I am so grateful~


Attempting to make these!

It is a process.  I already spray painted now I need to sit down and sketch my spooky picture 🙂



My goodness! I found so many wonderful yoga studios close by! My go to is Yoga DiVita which is right down the road and perfect for weekday after work stress down!
I also tried yoga in common for their hot yoga and Exhale yoga which IS my new current favorite!

after months of feeling awful physically and mentally I feel like I am finally regaining some strength

The yoga is helping I just need to remember not to push myself to the point of pain because that is when I end up paying for it… barely being able to walk~
That is the scary part about hot yoga.  The heat opens you up more so you think and can go four ther but you must listen to your body!

If it doesn’t feel good. Don’t do it.

If it doesn’t taste good? Don’t eat it.

If it doesn’t serve you.  Don’t do it


My mama is coming!!! I can not wait.IMG_4681

My type a personality came up with a fun itinerary to do while she is here.

Now I have no expectations. If we do it all great! If we do some.  Perfect.  If we do none and have an agenda of our own! So be it. But it was fun coming up with a little plan!

Sneak peak? Belly dancing , surfer town, trader joes, shops, coffee, murder mystery….oh my 🙂


Ready Player One (Book!)

Great book! I read it for my book club this month **but warning**. Background knowledge of 80’s video games, tv shows, etc recommended.  I enjoyed this book but am not very in tune with video games and such.  So at times it was a bit much for me, a lot of game and futuristic talk. Its hard for someone that likes more personal, realistic things.  I just do not have a passion for that sort of stuff.  It was way out of the typical genres I enjoy.  So ……..I am proud of myself for sticking through it and enjoying it for what I got out of it
My big picture message?  We need people and relationships to balance ourselves and live fulfilled lives


1 thought on “Saturday safes”

  1. Really glad you are safe- the flooding was much worse north of us and in the midlands. Charleston didn’t get it too bad. I was going to be in Georgetown yesterday for a race but it was postponed, which was a good call considering the flood conditions in that county.


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