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Ten things Tuesday 


Being sick really makes you appreciate your health.  I despise being sick. I can not stand that I am forced to lay in bed to rest and recover. It feels like torture, yet in a weird way sort of……….a relief? I finally felt like I have a “reason” to rest. Its sad to say, I need to allow myself more rest, or else I will be out and down again.  Regardless, after about a week, I am still feeling tired, stuffy, groggy, BUT it is in no way like it was at the beginning of last week.


I was bummed that I got sick right before my mama visited BUT we really did make the best of it and she took SUCH wonderful care of me



I am famous! 🙂

Ok, so not really, but while my mom was visiting, we were wandering around Market Common and came across some local magazines where a picture was featured from a bike ride that a friend and I took a few weeks ago!! The bikes were electric powered with their own little individual motor. I highly recommend giving them a test ride if you are here (or somewhere that has them ! I hear they are on the West coast!)


There we are !!! Upper right hand corner!!


Matcha tea and Mama time

God how I love coffee, tea and my mom. We stopped by a staple of ours, The Roasted Bean.  I tried out the new matcha tea (which has extra doses of antioxidants to help me get better) while mom sipped on her coffee. I love just sitting around and chatting with this amazing woman. She is so strong and always makes me feel better. She gives me such a sense of love and security. There is not a better feeling in the world ❤



Pumpkin Party!

Getting over being sick, having a few stressful days at work, anxiety and a ………….PUMPKIN party. I doubt myself so much. I think I will not be capable of having a good time when I feel so crappy BUT to my surprise I was actually able to leave my day in the past and live in the present. I am so so so happy I had wonderful friends and family over for a pumpkin carving party. I learned so much about my newest friends and more importantly got to see their creativity sparkle and shine



Aren’t these two just the cutest!?  🙂


I call this one “Jack”. He’s a regular ol’ Jack-O-lantern. Absolutely perfect. My mom has some talent!



We even had a schizophrenic pumpkin crash our party



I love them all!


Halloween surprises from a friend!!!!! 🙂  How sweet is that!?



Pay it forward

My mom and I went to church on Sunday and were a little early, so what to do??? Get a coffee of course!! I headed over to starbucks, when we pulled up to pay for our order, we were told the car in front of us bought our drinks!! So we paid it forward and bought the car load behind us their treats! Someone made US smile, I hope we were able to make them smile too!


Lovin’ lately

J50267_multi-cl E-10366-MG_gold-cl



Coffee, I love you again!

Whenever I am sick the first thing to go ………….my taste/desire for coffee!! The smell of it makes me nauseous.  How can something I love so much do this to me!?  What are your aversions when you feel sick??



love hearing YOUR story

I really love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love learning new things, people, places, experiences.




This weekend the ghosts and goblins come out! The little ones go out trick or treating. The older ones get sexified and party it up. Me, I kinda just want to sit home, watch scary movies, hand out candy……Sure I may sound boring but I guess this is me and what I like 🙂  I’ve done all that.

What are you doing for Halloween!?




1 thought on “Ten things Tuesday ”

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry that you’re (or were?) sick! :[ But I feel ya in the sense that I think getting sick is our body’s way of forcing us to take a break and get some much-needed rest. I hope you feel + get better soon!

    That cat pumpkin is adorable! ❤


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