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Saturday Safes and Saves

Sunny Saturday skies here in SC 🙂

As much as I miss home (NJ) and the season changes, I am pretty lucky to be experiencing the BEST of it here. This “fall” like weather is about 65 degrees, too cold for the beach (but not for beach walks!) but perfect for just about everything else. The mornings and evenings are chilly , the days are bright and warmer ❤


Goonies (last night) and talks of an 80s movie weekend marathon are in the WORKS!  How awesome does that sound?!
How Well Do You Really Know The Goonies?


What is YOUR favorite 80s movie(s)?


My family is coming for Thanksgiving. Seriously SO excited. Mom, dad, cousins, nephews………..and possibly Thanksgiving day dinner here……


China Gel.

I found it and did NOT have order it online! Woooo!! My local yoga studio carries it!! I am super excited. I already massaged some into my leg and am hoping it starts to feel better and work its magic soon

My leg (hamstring injury) has been so bad lately. The pain is draining and exhausting, and preventing me from doing what I want to do, as well as preventing me from feeling my best

BUT I am working towards strengthening it, so every day is a work in progress
Have you ever tried China Gel?


Chipolte salad bowl

Nom nom nom

After numerous recommendations I finally had it for the first time last night. I am kinda in love! It was fantastic. Fresh (among st the controversy) spicy!!



We all have it. We all experience it. It is uncomfortable, dreaded, YET a part of life. I am trying to embrace my fears and most of my fears deal with …….change

I do not like new things as much as I crave them. Yet once I do something new , I am ok with it. The anticipation and fear is what sets me back.

I have SO many fears:

my health

my loved ones health

new relationships

old relationships

being myself (what if people do NOT like the real me?)

trying new foods

eating and doing things OUT of my comfort zone

relaxing more often (what if I NEVER again feel productive?!)

trusting people (Huge)

being alone or unloved


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