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Why I exercise?

Why Do I exercise?

I am trying to be real and honest with myself as to WHY I exercise. Yes , exercise is and can be healthy and have many benefits WHEN your mind is in it for the right reasons. For the past 20 years I have brainwashed myself and punished myself with exercise, so I am really going to dig deep into WHY I exercise and how I can do so in a healthy way, no matter what it takes. So here is the good, the bad and the real truth…

 I exercise:

Because I feel like I should. Society talks about the benefits of it. There are tons of blogs, facebook posts, gym advertisements associating exercise with looking and feeling good.  All around people talk about feeling GUILTY for not exercising. I would really be interested in doing a little study to see how often people bring up exercise in a NEGATIVE way (For example:  I need to run tonight because I ate 5 cookies, or, I want to loose XX pounds so that I can look awesome at my holiday party, etc)  Look in most any magazine, tv commercial, facebook, instagram, pinterest. Most of the reasons FOR exercising are to loose weight and look HOT and sexy…..Why? WHy can’t we focus on exercise to just feel good instead of having to look a certain why? If we focused less on (unrealistic) looks, I think people would be more motivated and inspired to MOVE vs. exercise…Its all about CHANGING our bodies so that we can be HAPPY, instead of embracing the perfect, amazing, wonderful bodies we ALREADY have.

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Guess what!? You’ll get there and you STILL won’t be happy! Trust me!  It will just be the next thing and you think “Once I get “THERE” I will be happy”………Nope, all it has gotten me was: No confidence, an eating disorder, insecurity and extreme self hate towards myself and body.

To burn off the food and calories I do eat

Because I feel lazy and unmotivated if I don’t

Because I feel guilty and not good enough if I don’t

Because I have done it for so many years that I will feel like a failure if I do not do just as much or more as I used to

Because when YOU talk about exercise it makes me feel like I should need to and want to do it

So that I can enjoy an occasional glass of wine

So that I can eat ice cream or something not “clean” once in a while………hell, so that I can eat ANYTHING, healthy or “not healthy” in my biased standards

So that people do not judge me for NOT exercising

Because I feel I will lose muscle tone, flexibility and strength if I don’t

Because it makes me feel better about myself, like I have done or achieved something

Because it gives me more energy

Because then I do not feel AS guilty eating and enjoying food

Because I feel like no one will like me if I “let myself go”

Because I fear of being fat and lazy

So that my dog can get in some exercise as well (with my walks)

To clear my mind

* I have gone back and bolded the ones that are HEALTHY reasons. 3 …THREE. There are only 3 healthy reasons, the rest are unhealthy ways of thinking……..Most of my negative and unhealthy goals come from the ways OTHERS perceive me or what society perceives and NOT my own values. This is something I am working on in ALL areas of my life. Learning to listen to what is best for me. Learning to trust myself, my thoughts and my body

So ask yourself WHY do you exercise?  Are you searching for happiness and control because other areas of your life are out of control?


1 thought on “Why I exercise?”

  1. I think the un-bolded ones are things that everyone struggles with at some point in their lives, but I love that you’re choosing the healthier approach to learn more about yourself (and yay for getting your dog to exercise with ya! I feel like the only way I’d run willingly would be if I had a dog, hehehe). ❤


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