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UnManic Monday Madness

There is NO better way (for me) to de-stress after a Manic Monday than to finally sit down for the night and catch up and read my favorite BLOGS!

I thought I’d share ELEVEN (because I felt like being OFF tonight, and because I can!) of my favorite blogs with my special friends and readers (YOU!)

  1. Running With Spoons

I think this is one of the first blogs I started following. I reached out to Amanda and she gave me some kind words ❤  I especially love her weekly. Her simplicity, great articles and yummy recipes always resonate with me 🙂   A favorite of mine?  Her weekly love links

2.  Fairyburger

I love this special lady! She is a medical student and I have been following her through her rotations! (Woah!). She posts some amazing recipes and is so body positive, this is absolutely a MUST read for me every week!! I can not wait to try out her Apple Nachos!

3.  Free People Blog

Amazing, inspirational articles. Yoga. And the BEST horoscope I have found!

4. In My Skinny Genes
Love her positive body image vibes and eating disorder recovery !!!

5.  Mind Body Musings (Maddy Moon)

Love her approach to life, faith, recovery and body positivity. Maddy’s podcasts and blog have been so inspirational to me ❤

6. A Cup of Jo

Life. Motherhood. Food. Love love LOVE this blog too!! Favorite feature? The weekend link lists

7. House of Turquoise

Those who know me. Know my favorite color. Blue. All shades of it. I love the beachy house decor and ideas always featured!

8. NYwishesChicagodreams

I love following this special lady. Her love and passion for music, books and movies really shines through in her writings and works!  Check her out!

Favorite Feature? Weekend Updates in Pictures!

9.  The Lost Girls Guide to Finding The World

Woah. I just found this amazing woman. Ashlyn George had intentions of becoming a high school teacher…..instead she now travels the world and blogs about it!  I think it is pretty cool that she seeks out McDonalds’ in each country, snaps photos of the Big Mac’s and compares them!  She is my inspiration!! I would love to do this yet would be so afraid to hitchhike! 🙂

10.  Cupcakes & Cashmere

Love the name. Love the lady. Food. Style. Fashion. All good girly things

11. Buggy and Buddy

This has always been my go to for crafts, art projects and such for my students and kiddo’s in the family. So many awesome ideas!!



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