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Thursday Things

Some things I am currently loving


Mason Off the Shoulder Dress (Francesca’s)


I am loving this LOAFERS so much. Best purchase recently. They are so comfortable for my hooves feet. I am going back to Target and getting these in multiple colors! Paired with tights and a comfy sweat shirt. I will be living in these on weekends!

So delicious and only $4.99! (Great for work!)

This lady……..she is always there for me, so patient, warm, loving and kind. My inspiration

nom nom nom

Really wanting to try Lemon Ricotta pancakes, like these

The Health at Every Size movement (HAES) I took the pledge! Will you?



The Pledge Concept

Interest in Health at Every Size (HAES) is growing fast. People are tired of diets, tired of feeling like failures, and tired of being scared of food. They are excited to find a paradigm that respects the diversity of human bodies and starts from the very basic premise that they can trust themselves, a paradigm that respects pleasure rather than denial.

We’re at a transition point. Many people are ready to move on from feeling shame about their bodies and being preoccupied with their weight, yet our institutions are still mired in damaging old-school thought. Large publishers hesitate to publish Health at Every Size books, worried that only books promising weight loss will sell. Many health professionals and organizations cling to the belief that fear-mongering about weight and promising weight loss motivate people to improve their health practices. The mainstream media is reluctant to give Health at Every Size sufficient air time, apparently convinced that reinforcing people’s weight insecurities generates more attention. To show your commitment to HAES, sign the HAES Pledge.

Did someone say COFFEE TOUR?!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I am so doing this!!!

Bucks County Yoga Festival……Maybe?!


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