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Friday Feelings

Happy Friday coffee chalkers’!  

I hope you had a great spring break, week, or just regular ol’ Friday!

My week has been a bit intense. Tons of thoughts, feelings, emotions. At times I think I am doing awesome, others I am ready to cry at any moment….I am sure you can all relate! LIFE 🙂  BUT It is what we make of it and how we CHOOSE to perceive and live it.


So here are a few things I am feeling this week!


hungry. Not hungry. Hungry. not hungry??

My eating habits/pattern has been OFF this week. Its crazy. I get extreme , bottomless pit moments of hunger, then other times I feel like food is the LAST thing on my mind. Regardless, I am HAPPY about this, because for a long time, all I EVER felt was……….starving!


So, I have to share some things I was really FEELING this week!  ❤

L&M’s strawberry shortcake – SOOOO good! Not too sweet, the icing was just perfect and so light and fluffy! WINNER!

Peanut butter. Yup, sorry , I am ALWAYS feeling that – with banana and greek yogurt.



on my salad. Yup

Swiss cheese (Lacey swiss)






Majorly. I HATE HATE HATE not being in control of things. It is so hard to let this go for me.

I can NOT control things, people, outcomes, etc, BUT I can control HOW I react to them.




I have moments where I feel like someone (Me probably) tore out EVERYTHING inside me. I feel numb. I am working on this…..



With this book, It was OK, but I was expecting MORE!


excited for…..




a friends birthday celebration here

my beautiful cousins wedding  coming up

my next adult book club ( The Circle) and my next Critter Club installment junior book club ❤

That I got to spend and celebrate my moms birthday with her and it was so special!!

Cupcakes and Coffee ❤

Make a wish!

oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh we are going on the golf course! (My first time driving a golf cart!)

So stylish in her adorable outfit!!  My mom looks awesome in jackets!

First stop Bloody Maries!

Happy HAPPY birthday girl!


MORE candles!!!


like I would LOVE to do this retreat, BUT I am worried it will be too “social” for me. I require a lot of “me” time, or quiet time

yogalife Thailand


like I really need a new yoga mat, I love the Jade brand, but am wondering if I should expand my horizons maybe this one?...I guess “It it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”.  Trust myself ❤



of myself for packing up, loading up, unpacking and nicely stacking my belongings in public storage. Thank GOD for my amazing mother and father and their help…….Seriously feels so good, I am so grateful I had this week, and my amazing parents, to help me

ps – an indoor unit SUCKS when you have an awkward couch to load in it………Let the Polish jokes begin….. 🙂



I need/want another adventure soon…..what will it be?

this place looks amazing



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