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Saturday Safes

What makes you feel safe?


For me. It is stability. Security. family. friends.


it is also routine and the SAME thing.

This by no means is a bad thing. However I am a very all or nothing, black or white type of person and thinker. So for me, being safe means setting a rigid routine that I do not like breaking free from. Which in turn leaves me…….empty.

I have safe foods. Safe exercises. Safe people, places, things, etc, etc, etc.

It is safe to say (haha) That I (too) easily fall into playing things and doing things the “safe” way.

I associate safety with security. YET if I do not venture out of my safe little bubble. I will never get to see what my likes or dislikes are. I will not be able to grow. I will not be able to truly enjoy life. Right now, safe is just that………safe. It is also pretty boring and often times I feel like I am just going through the motions.  Slowly I am forcing myself to do things OUT of my comfort zone. It is hard, but I am finding a select few things along the way that I am loving. If I never left my comfort zone. I would never have known.

Yes, there are often more things I dislike during this exploration, but I also know the more I continue to step out of that safe zone, the more I will begin to find happiness and pleasure.

Here are just a few of the things I am finding when I leave this comfort zone  OR things I plan on trying to see if I will enjoy:

  • Teaching new grade levels, settings, even states!

  • new yoga classes, with new instructors! ( I want to branch out and try different types of yoga now)I have also limited myself and told myself not to push because of an old hamstring injury………well I am finally beginning to feel stronger and want to slowly try new things…..specifically? inversions!
  • meditation. Yes, I have tried it on my own, but I am ready to branch out of my comfort zone and try it with others. I almost took a class here today, but chickened out because I did not see anyone taking the class. I did not want to be the only one, although I probably would not have been. Next time 🙂
  • do more on my weekends. I am falling into routine and pattern. I find myself getting angry or upset if my routine is changed up.  If I never branch out and go, travel, see new things or places, I will be stuck in a rut and not really grow. A few things I’d like to do?  this , a day trip here and must eat/visit Lexington Market, and a great hike
  • say YES to social invitations that sound right for me 🙂
  • trusting my gut and instinct and NOT second guessing myself
  • speaking up and speaking my mind and NOT worrying if someone won’t like me if I say something they do not agree with
  • plan a vacation that is completely out of my comfort zone like this
  • continuing to embrace and face my negative or sad feelings because without them, I would never know what joy and happiness felt like
  • laughing more. I really, really, REALLY need to work on this. Eh, none of these sound very appealing at the moment
  • go to a burlesque show 🙂
  • read something out of my comfort zone…..ugh, that means fantasy! gah!
  • try foods I have never had…….you never know what you may like!  I’m talking about this,  not this
  • being ok with things when they Don’t Go How I Expect
  • practice gratitude. I would love to say to myself what I am grateful for every time I worry about something (that I can not control anyway!)

So it looks like I have some work cut out for myself. Some challenges.  I am hoping to continue to find my likes and dislikes by trying and doing new things, because after all, isn’t that what life is about?




I would LOVE to hear of things you have done (or plan to do) that are out of your comfort zone!



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