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Un manic Monday 

Happy Monday!

I think spring fever has hit, because I, personally, am E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D! Pretty much everyone else I spoke to today, felt the SAME WAY. I am not sure if it is Spring Fever, or if we are all just trying to do too much. 

 For me, I think it is both.  I am really, really, REALLY trying to slow down a bit and be gentler with myself (and others)

I am tired. I am exhausted. The combination = pure misery

I find myself being short with myself and others, easily annoyed, irritated and very impatient. I don’t like feeling this way at all. It is not fair to me or anyone that crosses my path.

So what do I do?

  1.  Yoga.  Yes, this has been SO helpful! However, I think I am overdoing it just a bit.  I find myself exhausted and forcing myself to go to some pretty intense classes ALL THE TIME.  Instead of opting to do a little routine at home on those nights I am super tired, I force myself to go to classes.  Sure I feel better after, but I think I pay for it the next day, and the next…… I start my unhealthy pattern and routine, where I feel FORCED. This just makes me dread and dislike something I truly need and love.  I need to figure out HOW to stop being so pushy with myself.
  2. sleep more.  This is so tough. I am a morning person. I love to get up early and start my day!  Great, right? Trouble is………I push, push , push myself from the minute I get up until I literally get ready for bed.  Maybe instead of Sleep More, my goal should be “rest more”.  I need to find less stressful things for my body to do that are restful yet constructive. This is the difficult part. Finding that balance.
  3. Stop making an endless to do list, that I try to accomplish in ONE DAY. I jam pack my days. Otherwise, I feel unproductive and guilty.  Some of my BEST days have been the ones that I did the least, but REALLY, truly gave my full attention and effort to the tasks or experiences.  Being more present is much more meaningful that doing MORE.
  4. Slow down. Enjoy people, things, feelings, food.  I am getting better at realizing WHEN I need to slow things down, now its just about executing that. I acknowledge it, then push it down and think “I can rest LATER”

My goal is to enjoy life MORE. I am pretty sure in order for this to happen, I really need to slow down and just be present. Present with my relationships, food and experiences.   In fact, I think we ALL need to slow down. I am definitely not the only one guilty here.

SO how are YOU going to slow down and start enjoying things?


 Some fun Sunday stuff:

  1.  This little peanut is turning ONE! Oh my gosh! Where did that year go? (REMINDER: Slow down!)
  2. Great book, what a beautiful story!
  3. Loving my new yoga mat.  I got the Harmony 71″, a bit longer than my old one which I am loving!  
  4. Saw the Outlander dress window display  at Saks in NYC this weekend BUT am sooooo bummed I missed seeing him
  5. will it ever be warm enough so I can wear something like this or this?  I am not even motivated to buy spring/summer clothes at the moment, because it is just too…..COLD
  6. Love these too…      
  7. Love that my mama taught us how to make golumpki!   
  8. Fun project for my dad!!
  9. Yoga journal live NYC pretty awesome! Next year I want to sign up for the weekend.  I just did the yoga market and a few community classes. It was pretty amazing being around so many incredible people!  

1 thought on “Un manic Monday ”

  1. Ohhhh goodness, this post is gold. I have an endless to do list pretty much always. x_x I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep though, and ah, yoga! ❤ That definitely helps me to feel more at peace with the world!


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