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Bikers prepare :)

I love, love LOVE riding my bike. It is my new obsession.  Yes. I have many of these. I go through phases and get a little crazy. 

I enjoy it for myself. Not competitively, not strictly, not for anything besides, fun, down time and socializing

However, what I do NOT enjoy is getting stuck and/or injured.

The past week I have dealt with not ONE but TWO mishaps.


First my handle bar fell off. Yes. It actually fell off.  Turns out when I raised it I must not have tightened it properly.  I am pretty rough with my bike and after a few weeks, it definitely showed, by my handle bar falling off…….mid-ride.

Grateful for my mom who, as always, saved the day by picking me up.  NOthing hurt, besides my ego a bit 🙂


The other incident was a bit more scary.  My pedal fell off as I was crossing a busy street. YIKES and OUCH.

I tried to pick up speed and stood up, only to find myself on the ground with a few minor cuts and scratches and again, a hurt ego.  Luckily cars were nice enough to avoid me and allow me to get out of the road

Luckily, my friends lived nearby and were able to tighten my pedal back up for me


So, I learned my lesson. The hard way. I NEED to have a bike repair kit. In case of a flat, loose screws, wandering handlebars or air born pedals….

I thought I would share with you in case you ride often, or even if you rarely ride. It is not fun getting stuck or hurt.

  1.  Back pack.  I recommend a small, light weight and WATER proof one to carry.  I always have my cell phone on me and it is important it does not get wet!Charcoal/Atomic BlueI love this because it is also a hydration pack. Plus the pockets are great for storing tools and snacks.
  2. Rain Poncho/Jacket  Blue Anti Waving Hooded PVC Raincoat for Bike RiderI picked up this portable rain poncho to throw in my bag, because you never know. Walmart $8
  3. First aid kit. If you are like me, this will likely come in handy. Johnson & Johnson Red Cross All Purpose First Aid Kit , 125 pc
  4. Spare inner tube.  I will admit. I had NO clue that these even existed, read about them here if you were un-informed as I was!
  5. Mini pump!  Because, duh, see above 🙂  Flat tires!
  6. Bicycle multi tool – helpful in so many situations!multitool-grouptest-main
  7. Change or cash
  8. Cell phone
Healthy Lifestyle

Gratitude A to Z

Gratitude A to Z

Apples for my oats
Bike rides  
Coffee (from wawa)
Dogs. Lily and Lucy

Eating delicious food
Friday’s off
Gardens. My dads

Helping others
Ice cream.  Yum    
Job opportunities

My mom

Oatmeal of Course
Peanut butter
Q tips
Sea shells and sand and sunflowers 


Trees for shade
Unknown and unstructured 
Xi. 11pm perfect bedtime