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Canada, Eh? Part 3 :)

All good things must come to an end….

Our last and final day in Old Quebec City was just as incredible as the previous days.

Most of all my family and I had a blast, we learned a lot about ourselves, each other and Canada. That really is priceless.


We were TIRED from all the running around, walking, climbing, etc. So we decided to take it easy in the morning before heading back to explore the rest of Lower Old Quebec city.

I heard and researched a bit about Ile d’Orleans. A tiny yet diverse island just minutes away from Quebec City.

To many Québécois, Île d’Orléans has come to represent a cultural hearth, the ancestral home to which they can trace their origins. The entire island stirs powerful emotions for the members of the more than 300 families descending from the original French colonists. Today, many of them come here to recall or discover a part of their personal or collective history.

Once again we headed out early. This little island has six beautiful, unique and very different parishes. All have something amazing to explore!  The main road is Chemin Royal. It is over 20 some miles of parishes, shops, farms, wineries and just plain BEAUTY!  It was the perfect way to spend our morning. Laid back. Resting our feet.

Justin & Laura have an excellent blog post here with more information!


Apple  cidrerieIMG_3446

lovely market with fresh goodies of all kinds!IMG_3447

These amazing berries!IMG_3449

Great view of the entire Quebec City from the islandIMG_3450

All different types of farmsIMG_3458

This cheese is only made in Quebec. It was delicious. TO serve it, you slice it and fry it on a pan for about 2 min on each side (see below)  A local woman came in and purchased about 15 packages while we were there!!


winery grapes growingIMG_3507-0IMG_3508-0

We spent about 4 hours exploring this island. You could easily spend a weekend here , especially if you are into wine tasting.  There were so many wonderful things to do, see, eat and drink.  When we got to the end of the island, we had to turn around and drive all the way back due to construction, WHICH was pretty incredible since we got to see the island from another angle!

We went home, had lunch and ate the many wonderful FRESH things we purchased. After some rest (but not too much!) We headed BACK to Old Quebec.  This time we parked at City Hall for around $15. Much better 🙂  Still a close walk and it placed us right in the middle of where we wanted to be

This time we skipped the Funicular and walked down the scenic steps and street to Lower Town.  I wanted to see the market,Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec, so that was the first spot on our list. About a 15 min walk from the funicular, it is well worth it!

Located along the river, it is a market filled with wonderful and unique things! From jewelery, candles and soap, to live lobsters, chocolate covered blueberry, fois gras and exotic mushrooms.


We walked around a bit and worked up an appetite.  We were tired and ready for an iced coffee, so we stopped at a little cafe along the way and sat outside and drank and people watchedIMG_3506-0

and mom practiced her French 🙂


We had traditional Canadian fare, poutine, bread, cheese, What was left?


I really wanted to try Le Billig Creperie. The only issue was that it was over a mile away , up hills and mom and dad were already losing patience with me. Yet, I assured them these would be WORTH it. So they agreed.

It was actually a very nice walk. It was our first time walking around the city in the evening. It was safe and breezy AND we saw some crazy Celtic beer races along the way ! (You had to be there)

We arrived to our spot and were very quickly seated. The menu and choices are overwhelming trying to decide whether to order sweet or savory crepes FIRST!

The sweet crepes are made out of wheat flour, the savory are buckwheat (So if you are gluten intolerant these are for you!!)

My father ordered the sweet (suprised?!). It was chocolate ice cream, whipped cream , chocolate sauce and crepe.

IMG_3495Again, we did not have a chance to taste it…….

Mom ordered an apple, ham and swiss crepe which was incredible


I had a cheese, spinach and mushroom sauce crepe. It was quite possibly the BEST thing I have ever tasted in my entire life. No lie.


I even let my dad try a little bit…..he offered me the chocolate sauce off his plate…..

I highly recommend this creperie if you are in Old Quebec. I will definitely be back!

This truly was the PERFECT ending to our PERFECT family adventure in Montreal and Quebec City…….Until Alaska!



2 thoughts on “Canada, Eh? Part 3 :)”

  1. I haven’t been to Canada in almost 2 decades, but I wanna go back to visit sometime! So pretty, and I love finding awesome foods while I’m traveling! :] I’m not even usually a cheese person but I’m kinda intrigued by that one (+ hooray for crepes!)!


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