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5 Things

Hi!!! It’s been a WHILE. It has been a emotional week for everyone, to say the least, so I am encouraging YOU to find the 5 best things about your week 🙂  Here are mine:



Books!  Image result for i love books!

1-The Sound of Gravel (5 stars) – A must read. A memoir about a polygamist family and SO MUCH MORE. (**Difficult to read at times)

2- The Guest Room – (3.5 stars) A good, suspenseful read. I am usually pretty good at figuring things out and spoiling them for myself half way through the book, this one shocked me 🙂

3-  A Man Called Ove (4 stars)  This book was so lovely. It made me laugh, cry, all sorts of feelings, for nexts month book club read

4.  The Glass Castle (5 stars) Alcoholism and family. A memoir beautifully retold and feels like a “story”

5. The Nightingale -(5 stars)  Kristen Hannah is by far one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) authors. This is a beautiful, heart wrenching tale about two sisters in Paris during the war and holocaust. Beautiful story about love, faith and courage.


Image result for nintendo nes

Not enough love for this!! Ohhhhhh how this brings back so many memories!  I think Super Mario brothers is STILL my favorite. No, I was not one of the many that stood in lines to get this… is still cool though 🙂


Fall Walks

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I seriously love my fall walks so much . The crisp air, the crunchy leaves, the amazing company. I struggle with some dark moments, and I can quite honestly say that my morning walks with my cousin is something special I genuinely look forward to!! I love our coffee and our conversations!!


Acorn Squash

Image result for acorn squashImage result for acorn squashImage result for acorn squash

Ahhhh, this little guy is my favorite squash for fall!!



Having a Voice

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Standing up for what I believe in is SO important to me. This is something I continue to work on and continue to not fear having a voice or being afraid I sound “stupid”. My beliefs and views are important, just like yours.  I will stand up for what I believe in!




What are FIVE things that made YOU smile this week??