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Saturday Safes

Image result for cozy snowy weekendWhat a perfect (snowy) weekend to snuggle up and catch up on some reading!  I want to share some of my “safe bets” from around the web, personal touches/experiences and some things of interest 🙂

If you are snowed in, or just looking for a comfy, cozy way to spend your night. Check out some of my favorite finds!


At school my 8th students are working on a “Letter to my Future Self”. They are writing it NOW to their future self in 4 years, when they will be seniors! Shortly into their senior year they will get a fun “blast from the past”.  This inspired me to want to do the same for me!  I love snail mail.

Image result for snail mail

There is no better treat that getting something fun and fabulous in the mail, that is personalized!

Image result for excited to get mail

However, knowing myself, I will FORGET to send this letter, or read it prior, or just ruin things somehow. So I found this awesome site called which is based off the same idea. However you can email your FUTURE self (much more practical).  I currently am using it as a little journal and emailing myself gentle reminders to help me stay focused and on track.

Image result for gentle reminders to self

The cool part is you can customize WHEN to email!  one month, 3 months, 2 years, you choose! 🙂

Hope you can put it to use as well!


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I have not tried this yet, BUT have uploaded the app to my iPhone.  It is a new year. I love being organized and productive and ……….making checklists (this is a whole other issue!) Trello is great because you can use it solo, or adapt it and get coworkers on board to share and customize with you.  There are checklists, to-dos, tasks (you can assign tasks to yourself and/or coworkers), upload photos, videos, comment on others task. The possibilities are endless!  Best of all, it is FREE!   I will be checking this out and reporting back!


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Still not feeling the “dating” bug. I am pretty content and happy with my life as it is 🙂 However, I love reading things like this to keep me focused in the event I do get that dating bug again  Great read about healthy relationships.  


First Comes Love:  If you have been reading some heavy, emotional or intense books, I have a great easy, breezy, fluffy read for you 🙂

Two sisters with two very different lives, the one thing that they share is grief over their brother who died in a tragic car accident 15 years ago.   Meredith is a bit up tight, married with a bubbly, “Rabby” loving 4 year old.   She is a lawyer, has always tried to please everyone, has the perfect family, house, husband……..except she is miserable. Josie, who I felt like I could really relate with, is a late 30s, first grade teacher that is the complete opposite of traditional.  She lives with her male best friend Gabe, eats what she wants, drinks too much, puts herself first and …..has a terrible relationship with her sister (that she wishes she could improve) Its a fun read with a great message……you NEED to put yourself first. It is NOT selfish and don’t let anyone tell you other wise!

Now, if you are looking for a book with depth , I highly recommend Lilac Girls. I loved this book and breezed through it. My mom is currently reading it and I just overheard her say “I love this book so much, I can NOT put it down”……….so there ya go!  You can read about the book AND my review here 


Image result for i love books

Goodreads.  I love tracking what I read, writing reviews and going back to see what I read and what I wrote!  Seriously, if you are not on goodreads. GO NOW , sign up, log your books, do the challenge ! (reading challenge here)

Let’s be friends and swap books!

Image result for i love books more than people



Image result for who cares what others think

Please forget all those unrealistic goals you have carefully selected (with society’s help!!!) and read this instead!!! The One Thing We Should All Aim to Do More in 2017

Your Turn

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. Do you set any challenges for yourself for the New Year?
  3. What would you love to tell your future self?



2 thoughts on “Saturday Safes”

  1. I love those “letter to future self” activities! 😛 We actually did one for residency, so I think I’ll be getting mine back at the end of residency–I guess we’ll see how much has changed by then (or if anything’s changed at all)! I wrote an email on futureme a longgg while ago but…I think I may have changed emails and let’s just say I haven’t gotten it ever. Don’t do what I did, haha. 😛 That’s so cool that you can use it to make checklists + to-do lists! (I um, live off of those, haha.)

    I’m not reading anything at the moment but hopefully after I’m done with this extra-crazy schedule in mid-April, I’ll be able to pick something up! 😛


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