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Its 2017….

Image result for culture and societyI am so sad and upset with our culture and society. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder it is so clear and apparent why we, women, never feel good enough. 

The expectation from society and from ourselves……..

From skin color to  weight. 

Image result for skin colorImage result for different size

Being a perfect momImage result for perfect mom

sexy wifeImage result for sexy housewife 

wonderful employeeImage result for perfect employee

fitness proImage result for fitness pro

gourmet organic chefImage result for bento boxes for kids

…..and of course documenting all of this EXCELLENCE on social media so that we can prove that we are good enough to ourselves and everyone else.

Image result for facebook and instagram! YET we don’t believe this about ourselves. 

Beautiful picture perfect from the outside. The inside is a whole different story 

Image result for feeling awful inside

Fighting for equality when our skin color , hair color or sexuality are not “ideal”. It is all so upsetting and disappointing. It is 2017 and we are living In a bubble.

Image result for living in a bubble

Placing unrealistic expectations on others and ourselves.

We are the first ones to point out everyone else’s flaws yet fail to see what is right there in front of us

.Image result for point out everyone's flaws

So what do we do?

Stuff it away.

 Stage those perfect pictures. 

Deprive ourselves of delicious foods.

Tell ourselves we are not thin. Enough   Fit enough.  Beautiful enough.

We try to change everything on the outside. Keep focusing and fixing the “outside” of ourselves…… Those perfect family photos.

The organic paleo foods we eat and spend hours perfectign

The hours we fool ourselves that we really enjoy and love the gym, yet end up dreading it because it feels more of a punishment than a reward

  It’s all an act and cover up; to do in place of dealing what is really there inside is.  Not feeling good enough

How can we? We have these expectations from society and ourselves that is impossible to live up to. Yet we keep pretending that we are happy ! 

So what can we do???

Please stop reading into society’s mixed messages. Ignore the ridiculousness of it all. Find out what really matters to you.

Would you rather be 10 pounds lighter but BE miserable and a slave to restricting, dieting. Exercising. Obsessing?


Instead try to work on being happy. Doing things that give you pleasure. Doing things for others. Spending your time and energy on people and experiences that matter.  We are the only ones that can change the future for ourselves and our children. The main word here is YOU.  You need to take care of yourself, do what you want and feels good and is right for YOU, not what everyone else says is right. You know yourself better than anyone. Start TRUSTING yourself!

Be open and willing to learn new things about others and ourselves. Don’t shun someone immediately for making a mistake.  Instead take he time to inform and teach.  

Enjoy life and seek pleasure instead of inflicting pain and shame.

I spent the past 36 years living and striving for perfection.   What I did not know is that I already am perfect just as I am. So are you. 

Life’s too short  Make the best of each day. And eat the chocolates cake (if you want it!)

Image result for life is goodImage result for crazy momImage result for eat chocolate cake


1 thought on “Its 2017….”

  1. What I did not know is that I already am perfect just as I am.
    ^That is the most important realization! I loved this post–it’s sad that people are still so quick to judge and to point out other’s “flaws”–you learn so much more about a person based on what they say about other people!


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