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Sundays are for “dreaming….”

Happy Sunday!

It feels wonderful to have an extra day off tomorrow!!  I am so grateful for all the amazing things Martin Luther King stood up for and fought so hard for.  He fought for equality in such a beautiful, peaceful way.  We need to continue to hear and SHARE  his message. We need that reminder for ourselves and those around us that we really all ARE the same.

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Speaking of differences…..before my love of books, I relied mostly on the news, media, teachers, friends , etc for my information. There is nothing wrong with that, but since opening my world to books (I would like to thank my amazing mother for this)


I feel like I have so much more awareness, compassion and understanding about myself and the world.  I have learned so much about different cultures.  I have put to rest my misconceptions about various topics I really had not much knowledge of. I am proud to be able to spread the so many messages I am gaining from various books! I am learning something new with every book and page that I read. (corny I know, but so true!)

So, books…..Today I went to a book club in Philly that was organized by Book Riot.  I am going to try the 2017 Read Harder Challenge (Interested?  check it out here)  This was such a great group because we did not discuss one specific book (no monthly reading “assignments”) But instead talked about some of our favorite (Or despised) reads of the month. I got so many great ideas for new books!

If you are interested in the challenge OR finding a Riot Books club in your area, check it out.

Interested in what I added to my list?

Nevertherless:  a Memoir by Alec Baldwin

Beauty Queens

Fear of the Dark


The Color Purple

I also voiced my “dislike” of fantasy books but am challenging myself to read something from the genre, so It was great to get feedback of what I should like with mini synopsis…..I am going to TRY Harry Potter…….surprisingly I was not the ONLY one in the group that has not read it 🙂

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I shared my love for Lilac Girls (debut novel), The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part Time Indian, and my current read , The Mothers.  All are tops on my list!  Plus they meet so many genre challenges

So from the 2017 Reading Challenge list, these will be MY challenges:

Read a graphic novel

Image result for graphic novels

read a book you’ve read before (Ugh, nooooooooo I hate doing this ! )

Image result for flowers in the attic

Ok, maybe 

all ages comic

Image result for all ages comic book

Read a book about sports

**IF you have any recommendations for me from the above genres, please let me know!

Enough about books (for now). Let me get back to differences. What makes you different?

Image result for being different

I used to feel so ashamed for being different. Today I am working towards not caring what others may think about me.  I have so many (false) beliefs that who I am  IS WRONG.  It is taking me some time to get comfortable with the fact that I am different and that is OK!

I have learned a lot about myself such as, I enjoy doing things by myself

I am OK with sitting in a large group and just observing and listening and not feeling like I need to speak all the time…..

I enjoy being single and do not want to be in a relationship at the momentIMG_5538

I prefer quiet Friday nights at home

I love getting up super early

Image result for sunrise

I like eating the same thing over and over and over…..

Oh there are SO many things, but what I am realizing is that all these things I “thought” were weird and different, really aren’t……..and if someone thinks they are, then OH WELL!

Your Turn

What genres do you enjoy reading? What feels like torture for you?


1 thought on “Sundays are for “dreaming….””

  1. That sounds like an awesome reading challenge! 😀 I’d love to join something like that but will probably have to wait til after intern year is over, haha.

    I’ve never read Seabiscuit (by Laura Hillenbrand) but I heard it’s a good one! (That’d count for the sports section, right? :P)


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