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Monday Blues


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It is SAFE to say I am feeling the Monday”Blues” today. It carried over from “Sunday Blues”.  Between the weather and another full week ahead, I am feeling down in the dumps.  I am trying to improve my mood, but nothing is really working (the fact that I am feeling a bit under the weather is not helping either)

It is one of those days where I am tired, yet I am not

I am bored, yet don’t really want to do much

I am here but not present

SO, I am just going to accept this is how I feel at the moment, BUT that is just it. It is only the moment. Tomorrow will be different, a new day.

Some things that are SAFE to say will improve your mood 🙂

  • I Don’t Know What is Best For You – I loved this so much!  I know I am at the age where I am finally realizing that I truly do know what is best for me. For years, I doubted myself and relied on OTHERS to tell me what to do and how to do it. I am sure MANY of you can agree on similar experiences……I think its finally time we start trusting ourselves! We don’t need approval or assurance from anyone else!

The thing that is best for me??  Making my own mistakes. That is how I learn best!!

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  • Go ahead, TOSS IT!! That’s my motto 🙂 Anyone that knows me, knows I love to throw things away! Love this simple yet incredible list of 60 things to toss out in 60 days!  When you de-clutter your stuff, you de-clutter your life!

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  • Struggle. Some days I feel like my life is a circle.  I very easily form habits and routines. Some are great and productive, others, NOT SO MUCH.

I have struggled with disordered eating since I was a teen.  I finally feel like I have a grasp on my ED and part of that is because I am NOT caring what others think. I do , eat, say what I want.  I still get comments like “Wow, you eat that?!” or “Oh, salad, that is why you are so thin”

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NO!   I eat what I eat when I want. Please stop judging others choices. Think twice before commenting. Food is food. People have their likes and dislikes!  Judge free zone! Worry about you and your belly!

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My latest (unhealthy) obsession is ……….exercise. Yes I think about it way too much. I can listen to my body (and do) and move when I want when I feel like it, BUT it is those other times where I beat myself up for not feeling like moving…….and I do not mean an hour or so, ALL DAY LONG. I am miserable, depressed, sad, guilty, upset, anxious. All those feelings because I feel like I did something wrong…..I am tired of putting that pressure on myself. I want to free up my head from the anxiety and just LIVE my life. If I could let go of all the unrealistic expectations and demands on myself, I may just be able to enjoy life a bit more. So that is my goal.  I am tired of trading one habit/obsession for another.

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It is not an argument of whether exercise and movement are good or bad, necessary, unnecessary. Its the guilt that eats away at me. The terrible things I tell myself for not doing something I really do not want to do.

I definitely have an Obsessive Compulsive Personality disorder, not OCD, very different (check out the differences here).

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If you want to know more about OCD, read “The Man Who Couldn’t Stop”.

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Many people say or think they have OCD, but until you read this , don’t be so quick to confuse it with OCPD.

  • So , time to get out of this RUT I am in.   I want to be happy and make others happy. I have a lot to offer, but until I can take care of myself and be kind and gentle to ME, it will not happen.  Come join me in this Self Care challenge (Free 21 days of journaling prompts and messages)  I think we could all use a little sunshine and happiness these dark, cold , dreary days of winter

Your Turn

  1.  What does your ideal Friday night look like?
  2. What are you watching on Netflix?
  3. Are you participating in a reading challenge this year?

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