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Self Care Challenge

Today is Day 4 of a gratitude and self care challenge I am participating in.  I wanted to open it up and reach out to others in hopes of promoting some self love.

Today’s self care challenge was to buy a new candle or light an already owned one.

I am totally wanting to splurge on this one, I have been eyeing it for years. It is about time I DESERVE IT!

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It is SO easy to fall into the same routines, mindset and mood.  Every day we have a choice how we want to spend it. We can let one little thing set us off and make our entire day miserable OR we can choose to accept things, let them go, and move on.

The idea sounds wonderful. I realize it is difficult to actually do.  However, being grateful and showing appreciation for the many wonderful things (And people) we have in our lives, REALLY does help!

My friend, R, inspired me to create a “Gratitude Memory Jar” (She has actually inspired me to do MANY things). My family and I are writing little (or big) things we are grateful for. I am excited to look through the jar next year and see all the wonderful memories.

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Which brings me to today’s topic and question.

WHO is someone that I really admire, and why?

Some of the heartfelt responses……….

“God, because of his strength, love and power” – anonymous

“I really admire my mentor…….she taught me so many things about how to conduct business…I’ll light a candle :)”  – anonymous

“I admire people who can foster animals and foster children to give them a better life. I don’t know if I could handle handing them over”  – – anonymous

” Chris for all she has gone through with Matthew and Matthew leaving. Not sure how she gets through each day without Matthew but I have suspicion its due to her love for her daughter”  – anonymous

” My sister. I admire her strength and the ability to hold everything together.”- anonymous

“E, her attitude and her handling of her illness and how much she learned about herself and others. She is one hell of a person” – anonymous

“Parents, for unconditionally loving their children and putting up with snot, tantrums and giving up their own free time” – anonymous

“Irene, for always being a warm, caring, loving person.  She has the ability to make me instantly feel good whenever she is present. Her attitude towards life and trying to find happiness. She makes me KNOW and FEEL  I am loved ”  – anonymous

“Matt,  for always offering to help someone no matter what” – anonymous

“Tina, her desire to want the best for EVERYONE, her unconditional love for her children, and the fact that she does not realize (And really should!) how smart, amazing and beautiful she really is”  – anonymous

“Cliche answer lol but my mom. She  always encouraged and believed in us and wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest (which at the time i hated, but i look back and appreciate she didn’t hide the world from us). The older i get the more i realize how strong she is and how much she’s overcome. – anonymous
“Babcia. When i think about her,the first thing that comes to mind is strength. She left her home with 3 young kids and started over in a foreign country to give her family more opportunities. That’s pretty amazing.” – anonymous
“My mom for never giving up on me, loving me during good times and bad, and being the strongest person I know………” – anonymous
“Mike, for always giving 110% to everything and anything he does”  – anonymous
“Jim, for his constant desire to do better and learn more. He is always looking for a way to challenge himself, pure example of MOTIVATION”  – anonymous
 “Denise for ALWAYS being there when she says she will be, her dedication and love for animals. Her warm beauty shines inside and out”  – anonymous
“An old boss, I still haven’t found a role model I admire since. He was encouraging and just knew how to make me feel good about myself.  He encouraged me to be more of ME”
– anonymous 
“Robin, for always fighting for what she feels is right, her amazing details, awesome ideas for adventures and inspiration to SO MANY students, children and people…….she has taught me so much, most of all that I am just perfect being ME!”  – anonymous
 “My dad, because I know he would do ANYTHING for me, even though he likes to irritate me at times (a lot) he would do (and does) everything and anything for me, even though he has a difficult time admitting it”  – anonymous
“Ben, for being there for me when I desperately needed a friend. He listened to me and helped me make my own decisions, also his determination for not giving up and going after what he wants”  – anonymous
“Denise, for caring about me (and others) when I least expected someone to notice or care”  – anonymous
 “Desire, for ALWAYS being positive, encouraging and up for anything. One of the most humblest people I know”  – anonymous


You may never know the people’s lives you touch or change, BUT just know that you do, no matter who you are. Someone out there needs you, your smile, your kind words… Lets be kind to one another. Let’s be kind to OURSELVES

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