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It’s FriYAY!

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Five things Friday

  1.  I have mixed feelings about the mindbodygreen blog.  I feel some of their articles are ridiculous and push diet culture way too much, and I find myself “sideyeing” many of their posts…….. BUT I am totally loving this article. I can resonate will ALL of these mistakes my brain makes
  2. TWO fabulous books I have read lately?
    1. Maus:  A survivors Tale  This was SOOOO good, I breezed through it.  I did not know how I would feel about a graphic novel, but after page ONE I was hooked!!  I loved how symbolic the book and characters are. I love this as a way to introduce the holocaust to teens, I think it would be very engaging.  I got my mom on board, she is currently reading it. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on it!!  I have already started Maus II 
    2. Another favorite, The Pearl That Broke it’s Shell  what a beautiful debut novel about an interweaving tale of two different centuries , with so many similarities and finally a bit of hope.  Follow the beautiful stories of two Afghani women and their bravery
  3. Online dating. Image result for online dating

I have always been skeptical and weary of trusting people and allowing them to get close.  Although I am not currently looking to date, the thought of it S-C-A-R-E-S me!   Online dating is HUGE. You hear so many stories of ” I met my (significant other) on  x, y, z dating site”.   Sadly I feel pretty hopeless about the whole love department.  With online dating, I feel people and dates have become, sort of, disposable?  You click through random photos, choosing yes or no, wink or no wink.  You read essays, biographies and book reports about peoples likes, dislikes, hobbies , and everything but the kitchen sink. You see photos with lions, elephants, 6 pack abs, children, cute, furry animals. It makes me feel like EVERYONE leads these amazing , exciting lives.  Yet it is SO deceiving. It worries me that the good old fashioned way of meeting someone and feeling a connection is gone! Personally I NEED that!!!  I could go on for hours and hours, so I choose to just STOP this post here 🙂

4.  Clearing out my…mailbox!

Image result for unsubscribe!  I just spent a few minutes UNSUBSCRIBING to the various (annoying) emails I do not pay mind to.  I am tired of my inbox being swarmed with things I do not want or need to read!  When was the last time you unsubscribed?  DO IT!!

5. Shamrocks and PUPPIES!

The green shake is back!!

Shamrock Shakes McDonalds

I know you are all as excited about this as I am (hehe)

I must be getting old because I am ANNOYED that McDonald’s has added additional Shamrock Shake flavors, including:

Shamrock Hot Chocolate

Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe

Shamrock Mocha

Chocolate Shamrock Shake

Bring the original back!! I miss those cups! The new shakes are so fancy looking 😦

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RUFF!!!   I admit I have NO interest in watching the Superbowl (besides the commercials) BUT I will be watching

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Puppy Bowl 2017


Your Turn

  1.  Do you find yourself always thinking the WORST first about yourself AND others?
  2. Will you be trying a new shamrock shake?
  3. what do you do for the superbowl?

1 thought on “It’s FriYAY!”

  1. I’d much rather meet someone in real life (or as they now call it, “the old fashioned way”) but don’t really actually see that happening ever since I spend most of my time in the hospital. I’m with you on the skepticism on the whole online dating thing–I feel like most people are on there just to look for something noncommital and I’m really not into that sort of thing, so…I’m still with the cat lady biz, hehehe.

    Yay puppies! ❤ I never watch the superbowl, but I'm using today as a catchup day of sorts + catching up on blogs! :D!


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