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Manic Monday

Happy Monday!  Did you watch the super bowl?? I had NO desire to watch the SuperBowl. Yup, there I said it. I feel NO SHAME about it either

Image result for super bowl who cares

Sharing things I love and enjoy has always been difficult for me.  I always felt I did not DESERVE to be happy, buy things for myself, take care of myself. Self love.

I came across this article and ALMOST did not read it.  It talks about being an “Ambition Addict”  Sadly, this is me 100%  Every single point is the truth about me and how my brain works.  Its exhausting ALWAYS thinking ahead to the next thing. I really am trying to be more present and enjoy all the wonderful things (and people) in front of me NOW.  Are you an Ambition Addict too??


So I am taking a night just for myself to think about some of the things I am currently loving , this moment 🙂

Just picked up this kimono 

I am loving all the off shoulder spring and summer wear like this ponti shoulder dress, this dress and this

LOVE this love necklace

I love how the school stepped up with Eli 🙂

How cool is this NEW YORK!

How adorable is this unicorn dip

Love transitioning to a minimalist

Strawberries and Chocolate are two of my favorite things. Combine them nom nom nom…..


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