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Manic about Monday

3 day weekends are the BEST!!! 🙂

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I hope everyone had a restful Presidents Day weekend!

I am really trying to keep calm, focused and present.  This weekend was very social for me and I felt ???? about it.  I can not describe it.  It just was.  Not too much. Not too little. Not perfect, not awful, not life changing.

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I did experience anxiety, just the pressures I put on myself. I sort of scheduled a lot and felt a bit robotic,  moving from one task to the next. Image result for she's a small wonder

I was not able to really ever get comfortable or feel present, until I was alone allowing myself to digest what just happened.  Instead of over-analyzing, I just need to accept that “It is what it is”. My weekend was great. End of story!

I learned SO much by just sitting back and observing. I was able to take in the atmosphere, people, situations. I kind of felt like a “spy” and I loved it!! People watching is fun!

Some thoughts, ideas and inspirations I want to share:

ONE……..My parents are awesome, amazing and so inspirational!  This weekend they went on a bird watching adventure!! They walked over some rough, rocky, terrain, socialized, used binoculars and enjoyed….each other 🙂  I can not say enough HOW PROUD I AM OF MY PARENTS.  I love seeing them experience and LIVE life, it makes me so happy

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Not my parents haha

They saw these harlequin ducks and later told me all about them

They even saw a seal!  In N.J.!  I’m jealous!

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TWO………… These dogs are the cutest!  I hear they are high maintence, but I will be checking the local shelters

My cousin and I see a similar looking handsome fellow during our weekly weekend walks 🙂  We really do look forward to his fluff each time!

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Pants. I NEED PANTS.  Seriously. It is weird and awkward weather right now. I feel like my legging with boots attire is a no go, BUT it is still too early for those cute spring like dresses (dare I bare my pasty white legs!?)

BUT I hate pants shopping. I really really do.  I do not like wearing pants at all because I can NEVER find a great pair. Something that works with my calves, oh and then there is the dilemma of SHOES!!! 😦

I need pants

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Planning a trip here and here



I’ve been single all my life


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Books 🙂

Recently Read:

All The Missing Girls (4 stars)

Maus I (5 stars) & Maus II (4 stars)

Persepolis (4 stars)

A Fall of Marigolds (3.5 stars)

The Rosie Effect (3 stars)

Currently Reading:


Persepolis II

What’s next??

An Unnecessary Woman

Fun Home 


SEVEN:  Other RANDOM and Fun Stuff

  • Literary themed tea

  • rearranged my bedroom, hopefully I will be able to get some better sleep now!
  • created an INGENIOUS reading center plan I hope will finally work out (I Have not had luck with independent centers for my kiddos, BUT I am so hopeful with my current idea!
  • horoscope
  • I still do NOT like goat cheese…..its smells like…..GOAT
  • saw this 

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