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Friday Five

Sunny day, warm AND Friday! Wow life is good!  Five great things from my week:

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This book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Attached.

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I first heard it mentioned by blogger, Maddy Moon, Whether you are in a relationship or not, I highly recommend reading it!  It dives into the different attachment styles (anxious, avoidant or secure), how we interact and handle our relationships, as well as some great tips to make things better for yourself AND your relationships.  I love being able to look back at my relationships and pin point so many different things!  Definitely eye opening! It can help you if you are currently in a relationship (new or old) OR if you are searching for someone you can tolerate 🙂

Which one are you?

  • ANXIOUS people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner’s ability to love them back
  • AVOIDANT people equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimize closeness.
  • SECURE people feel comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving

    Take the quiz to find out (and comment below!)



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I am super excited that I am going hiking tomorrow!! I am headed out for my longest hike yet, a bit nervous but also excited for the view!!  Supposedly one of the most scenic hikes in PA!

This hike from Lehigh Gap to Bake Oven Knob is one of the more scenic in the state, although the scenery varies considerably – from hawks floating on mountain updrafts to the stark and stunted landscape caused by a century of zinc mining and smelting at Lehigh Gap. At the top of the Blue Mountain ridge, where Bake Oven Knob Road intersects the AT, the trail passes through Pennsylvania Game Commission parking lots and onto a rocky mountain road impassable by any vehicle this side of a military Humvee. Sandstone and quartzite rocks are the obstacles, and the trail climbs through piles of them.

I really need some hiking gear!

Love this ** Trekkie Shortie | Athleta:



Summer dresses

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Oh how I have missed these ! This week I wore dresses TWICE to work!! It was so comfy and amazing, although my white legs probably caused a scare.  I forgot how much I love the ease and comfort of dresses!


Sailing anyone?

cute and comfy

Another BLUE

love love love

so pretty

I would LOVE to have somewhere fancy to wear this to

ps- shoes, are another thing…..I have some major blisters from heels!! I think my feet have become SUPER sensitive over the years. Any slight change and I get blisters!

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Yoga. My practice. My leg. Me.  All of these things are getting SO much stronger!! I love it and I love that my leg (tore my hamstring a few years back) is finally starting to feel good and strong again!



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Social media “Diet” 


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30 things I learned in my 30’s

My 30’s have, and continue to be, such an amazing experience. I am FINALLY finding myself. My 30’s have been a time of self-discovery. Sure, it would have been nice to “find” myself in my 20s, but I am so grateful that  am finding myself now, rather than my 40s, 50s, or NEVERIMG_3485

I would love to share 30 things I have learned/am learning in my 30s with YOU!


  1.  10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn’t Drink.   This has more to do with who I am.  I PREFER to stay home on a Friday/Saturday night.  I used to feel ashamed about this, but no more.  That is my preference. That is what makes me happy!  I really do not like or enjoy drinking, although it does not bother me much anymore in my 30s, the link has some GREAT tips on what NOT to say….seriously read it!

  2. You only have a problem, if you convince yourself it is a problem!  I spent many years thinking my choices and decisions were WRONG. From job choice to food choice, I was so impressionable.  It only led me to misery. When I have finally begun to accept I am who I am, eat what I like, do what I want, am I able to be FREE from the problems I was always TOLD I had

  3. No one is smarter or better or more knowledgeable about me than me!IMG_3373

  4. Being fat is not bad, wrong, shameful,(Insert any misconception here).  Fat is fat. We all have it. There is nothing wrong with it and we really need to start sharing that message more (Check out A Letter to Myself From My Body)Image result for love all bodies

  5. Society wants us to be miserable. There are so many mixed messages out there. From magazines to television, we are being told to be beautiful and thin.  Nope. Sorry, it is not realistic or possible to live up to unrealistic expectations of what beauty should be. Check out some entries from my Favorite blogger, Summer Innanen, right HERE!Related image

  6. People have different types of “attachment” styles. That is why we are drawn to similar types of relationship and why they fail or are successful. What is your attachment style?ABCS of Attachment Styles - Does your partner act out when things go wrong in the relationship, or even threaten to leave? A partner may engage in protest behavior to get the other to pay attention and later regret things they said or did. This behavior may be typical of an Anxious attachment style.:

  7. I can only do the best I can. I do NOT need to be perfect.Image result for perfect just the way i am

  8. Home will always be New Jersey for me

  9. I love to travel solo. Check out my recent travel adventures here.

  10. I need to take risks, even especially when I am scared

  11. I can be single and happy AND enjoy it.

  12. I can think and feel one way today and COMPLETELY change my mind tomorrow

  13. I can say NO when I really do not agree with something or want to do something

  14. Others do not need to accept me I just need to continue being true to myself and those around me.

  15. The only control I have is


    myself.  I can not control anyone else, HELL sometimes I can not control myself!

  16. Some days I will eat too much, so days I may not eat enough.  It is ok.

  17. Take risks. If I don’t I may never know…..

  18. I am jealous of others at times. I am childish at times. I am selfish at times. I am difficult at times. I am many things, but I am not wrong or bad for having these feelings.  My Shadow Self

  19. Admitting shame, guilt, fear is healthy and good for me, and even though at the moment I feel there is NO POSSIBLE way it would help by sharing those thoughts/feelings, it does…..every single time

  20. What is right for me may not be right for you (and vice versa)

  21. There are MORE than one way to do things

  22. I am no longer a “beach girl”.  Sure I love and enjoy a visit and vacation, but I do not want to spend my days and nights on a beach.  I need change and seasons, and cold!IMG_2554

  23. Minimalism is extremely appealing to me. I do not need a lot of things or space to live and feel fulfilled.  Love this articleImage result for tiny house

  24. I do not have to do anything I do not want to do (This is HUGE and something I need to constantly remind myself of)

  25. Dressing up and being fancy is NOT ME AT ALL and I do not have to feel guilty about that

  26. I can be proud of my accomplishments and strengths, without worrying that others may think I am “showing off”. (This is still very difficult for me. Working towards owning things and not feeling guilt or shame or like I need to “dumb” myself down)

  27. It is ok to not like everyone. It is also ok to not be liked by everyone.

  28. I can and will make mistakes. I will learn from them

  29. Reading really DOES make you more worldly and smart (It’s not just something teachers used to say to get you to read!! ) check out some of my reviews here

  30. I want to look back on my life and KNOW I have made a difference.  This is something I keep in my mind each time I allow little thoughts or worries to creep it.  I ask myself “If I look back at my life, will this be important?”  If not, I need to let it go and move on

  31. * This is

    an extra:

     It is okay to feel everything. Happiness, pain, worry, sadness,


    , guilt, etc, etc…..Without ALL the feelings we can never appreciate the wonderful ones

Your Turn

  1.  What have you learned about yourself or others THIS year?
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Un-Manic Monday

Happy Monday!  If you are off this week or a few days, enjoy! (Lucky)  I am grateful that I had off a few days last week, but it is back into the swing of things this week…..

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Some ways to make my week (and your week) UN-Manic:


Reading is healthy! (Duh!)

Last week I finished my first Tana French book, The Secret Place, which I really, really loved!  I already started another, The Likeness.

I also finished up The Most Dangerous Place on Earth on my trip to Boulder (ahhhhh airport reading!) Wow. I loved this so much. Being a teacher, this hit really close to my heart. I felt SO many of the same emotions and feelings as the teachers in the book, and was really able to relate to those icky moments of “self doubt”.  I really enjoyed this, especially wth how social media played into it…….if you have kids. Read it. If you are a teacher. Read it. If you are human. Just read it!  You can read my review here


IEP season definitely has my head spinning. I love these tips and reminders from Autism Classroom Resources on How to Make Your Next IEP Meeting Start Off on the Right Foot


What are YOUR thoughts on the new Victoria Beckham line at Target? I am totally buzzing over this top


Letting go.

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Something I am learning, practicing and constantly reminding myself. LET IT GO.  Every day we experience so many big and little things. Jealousy, envy, sadness, anger, hate, blame, (Insert YOUR emotion here)  Life is filled with feelings. What matters is how we look at them and how we choose to live our lives.  Life is too short to feel all those negative things. When we do? We accept it, tell ourselves it is a temporary FEELING and it will pass. Those feelings do NOT define us.  One way I find easiest to get through painful moments and thoughts are:

  1.  Say it out loud. TELL SOMEONE. When I am feeling jealous. I tell someone. When I feel ashamed or wrong, I tell someone. When I feel happy and proud. I TELL Someone. It is so important to get our feelings out in the open instead of keeping them inside ourselves all the time. Those bottled up feelings turn to shame.  Shame will never feel good.Image result for tell someone
  2. Ask yourself “How is this serving me”  This little phrase has been SO helpful. Whenever I get worked up over something, upset, sad, angry, envious. I ask myself “How is this serving me?”Image result for jealousy between women  Usually, it is not.  I am a very determined person. Sometimes this can be extremely beneficial and get me great things out of life (For example, moving to a new state and trying it out, determining it was NOT for me) If I did not have the courage or motivation to actually do it. I would have never known how much I miss “home”.  Other times my determination can be harmful to me. For e.g., my eating disorder. It is the perfect storm of how something that CAN be good can also get you into serious trouble.  So next time you are angry with your spouse or friend, ask yourself HOW IS THIS SERVING ME.  Is it really helpful to get angry at your wife (dad?) for wife leaving sauerkraut out on the counter?Image result for sauerkraut Probably not.  That is your wife. She has been that way for 40 years.  She will most likely not change her ways. She has MANY other wonderful qualities. If it really bothers you, put it away and move on.  Life is too short to be angry over things that do not benefit us!  Next time you feel jealousy over the girl that got the promotion, new car, travel opportunity……. Ask yourself, how is feeling this way benefiting me?  Trust me, these few little words WORK.Image result for how does this serve me
  3. Stop comparing yourself.  You are unique. You are special. You are YOU.  Stop comparing yourself to others. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors, and going back to number 2. HOW IS THIS SERVING YOU?  It’s probably not. Only getting you worked up, jealous and upset.  Be proud of who you are, your quirks, imperfections. Those are what make others love us. Striving for perfection only leads to disappointment, because there is no such thing.  Society has such a skewed outlook on taking your money so that you can work towards PERFECTIONISM. It is a scam. There is no such thing or place.  Own up to who you are. Who cares what others think. I prefer quiet nights and vacations alone. That is what makes me happy, and who I am. To others that may see odd, weird, or like torture. To me it’s bliss. Image result for you are perfect just the way you are

Your Turn!


  1.  What are you reading?
  2. What are you currently stewing over? Tell someone!
  3. Tell me about something you recently bought?
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Boulder Baby….Part 3

Part 3. Day 3 in Boulder

I woke up in my nice, warm, cozy bed and………felt like a truck hit me. Ok, not that bad, but my poor bum, so sore!

Image result for sore butt

I questioned whether or not I wanted to hike or just take an easy relaxing day to explore the shops, bookstores, etc.  I woke up bright and early, had my coffee and decided to go!  I did not come to Boulder to not see mountains and SNOW!  So I made the decision to go. Thankfully so, because this ended up being the highlight of my trip……

Since I was in Boulder, car-less (which was not a problem, public transportation, biking and walking are excellent) I was still limited as to where I could go.  I wanted to go to Estes ParkImage result for hiking estes park but it was a bit of a hall. I only had one day so I chose a local trail that I could easily access (only 1 mile from the house). Mt. Sanita’s it is!

So, a little history about Mt. Sanita’s. I think it was pretty cool 🙂 Sanita’s was given the name because it once housed a very famous, sanitarium.

Boulder Sanitarium circa 1900

Some patients…..

Photo - Historic photo of Boulder Sanitarium patients

The trail I hiked was Mt. Sanita’s Loop (click here for a great description of the 3 trails options) Yup, you must be pretty crazy to hike this……..(hahaah)

Image result for mt sanitas trailhead

I am by no means an experienced or excellent hiker, but I have gone on a quite a few with groups and on my own. Nothing I have done would have ever prepared for what I was about to embark on. This hike was HARD. It was difficult. Especially if you are not used to hikes, elevation, and rocks.  You MUST have proper hiking shoes and I saw a lot of people with walking poles which is probably a great idea. Also, if you have bad knees, I would not recommend this.  It is very rocky and a combination of rocks mixed with dirt make it quite slippery. So just be cautious.  It is a heavily populated trail so no worries if you get lost or injured, someone will be by soon enough to help you out.

Starts out like this 

Image result for mt. sanitas trailhead

Then pretty much the entire way up, so be careful with your footing, ALL rocks, the steps are only in the beginning

Image result for mt. sanitas trailhead


Denver behind meIMG_4276


a visitor from Texas, the area he lives in is below sea level, so he was having difficulty breathing!  He was a trooper!


Almost there!


WOW!! Made it!


snow capped mountains, year round


I met the most awesome trio on my way up. I am so grateful for the expertise and knowledge. I would have thought I was at the top of Mt. Sanitas long before I actually was there and would have missed out so much!  Thank you to the awesome couple and your visiting brother for letting me join you!

Also on my way down, I met a pup who stayed with me at each big rock and drop. I think he sensed I was nervous, he literally stood right next to me and let me lean on him when I was going down! Animals are amazing!

Image result for trail dog

I was hoping to come across a mountain lion (ok maybe not really, but still) it would have been super cool

Image result for mountain lions mt. sanitas

After my hike, I biked on over to Vic’s Coffee for an iced coffee.

Image result for vics coffee boulder

As I was enjoying my coffee, I had a little visitor crawling on my leg. A tick. Gah!  I did not even think about ticks!  So I reminded myself to do a check when I got home.  Vic’s did not receive great reviews, but I thought it was great coffee, it was convenient and had great hours (not many places open at 6 am like Vic’s)

After my coffee break, I headed back to my place to shower and pack up for the day. I had the entire day ahead of me but had to check out by noon. My host was so accommodating and held onto my luggage so I did not have to tote it along with me. I have to mention how AWESOME my host was. I felt so safe as well as my personal things the ENTIRE time! That means a lot when you are traveling solo (If you are planning a trip to Boulder and need accommodations, email me and I would be happy to give you the info)

I had one thing planned for the day. RELAXING.  I headed downtown and strolled along Pearl street.

Great store advertisements 🙂




Smoke shop


Peace, Love and Chocolate (the pretiest chocolate shop)IMG_4291

Chocolate cigar anyone??IMG_4292

The MOST beautiful chocolates


Image result for peace love and chocolate boulder

These were the cutest!

Photo of Piece, Love and Chocolate - Boulder, CO, United States

Made my way over to SHINE again for lunch, then back to the streets!

This was the best bookstore EVER! Boulder Bookstore is 3 levels of pure bliss!! I loved that they had NEW and USED books here!!  Tons of merchandise and cute little nooks to explore all the …..books 🙂IMG_4299

I ended up with a used copy of one of my favorite authors, Tana Frenchs’, The Likeness


Look what I found…..I opened it up and it was empty LOLIMG_4301

After some shopping, I decided to have afternoon tea at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House This place is breathtaking. You must visit while in Boulder.

The ceiling



I ordered the Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, the server brought out this cute little display. With timer and all!  After the time ran out (3 min) I was able to enjoy. It was fabulous with some honey and almond milk! I was hooked!


I also ordered the vegan cheesecake sopapilla. This was amazing!

Image result for vegan sopapilla

More inside

Photo of Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - Boulder, CO, United States. Seats & Tables

jams, lemon curd and biscuits

Photo of Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - Boulder, CO, United States. cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd for the scones

After tea and dessert, I headed back to stroll around. I loved looking at the homes, people and scenery. Its just fun to sit down and people watch. Which I found myself doing from time to time.


After my fill of walking, I headed back to meet my host to get my bags.  Then I settled myself in a coffee shop and read a bit while waiting for my bus to the Denver Airport!  At this point, I really wanted my bed.  I am not sure I will ever take a “red eye” flight again. The flight was great, just the wait is LONG. I am not a night person……


I am sure there are things I am missing, but these were the highlights of my trip. It was beautiful.  It was jam packed, it was an experience 🙂 Now I need a vacation…..


Happy Travels!


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Boulder baby! Part 2

Mornings are my favorite time of the day.  Mornings in Boulder. EVEN BETTER

The weather and temperature in Colorado is amazing.  It is a drier heat for sure, however not once did I feel dehydrated. I made sure to drink A LOT of the cool Colorado water and slathered up in lotion for my face and body.  Plus tons of lip protection.  I felt GREAT

The place I was staying had a few “cruiser” bikes for me to play around and explore town in. So that is just what I did  Grabbed coffee at home (from my keurig) and set out.

The bike fleet is ready for your Boulder adventure or transportation needs.

Can you guess which one was my baby?

I was really about to see how beautiful really was. I was ALSO able to see how HILLY  Mountainous it was.   Initially, I had thought of taking my little cruiser on a leisurely ride up to the top of the mountain………..L O L!

Yeah, so after about an hour of cruising the lovely hills  mountains, seeing shops, restaurants, people and dogs of Boulder, I had a hearty breakfast and rented a road/mountain bike from Full Cycle on 17th and Pearl. I worked with Nolan who set me up with a great bike, helmet and a nicely mapped route where I would see the highlights and sights of Boulder (men included! hubba hubba! :)!

Image result for full cycle boulder

I was set up with this baby (Road Bike – Felt VR3W 2017)).

Image result for Road Bike - Felt VR3W 2017I am NOT used to road bikes, AT ALL. In fact, I have NEVER ridden one. Holy  &#$#$!@3!!!!!!!  These babies are FAST!

Image result for going downhill on a bikeThe seats HURT (my bottom is STILL Paying for it a few days later) as I was not properly attired with padded shorts (Ouch) But it definitely allowed me to see some sights!

Image result for biking riding butt hurts

bike rental info

Here is the ride(Lefthand Canyon) I did……..well give or take. Nolan’s wonderful route and directions were NOT Diana proof.  I got lost in town, ended up in the college area which is nowhere near the trail…….but anyway, my little secret.  I made it. It was HARD. I had to get off my bike a few times and walk up the steep hills.  I ended up going to wrong way (Which Nolan warned me about, and I went this way….oops) so I dealt with steep hills. BUT What goes up MUST come down…….and BOY did I come down.

Image result for downhill cycling I just kept thinking “IF my mother knew I was doing this she would KILL me”  It was scary!  Fast.  Slippery (The dirt along the mountain side made my slim tires very slippery)  So I went down fast, BUT not nearly as fast if I had let go of the brake completely.  Maybe next time I will free fall!

The scenery, sights, and sense of accomplishment were WELL worth it. Not to mention the friendly and helpful bikers I saw along the way (I think they thought I was in need of an ambulance a few times 🙂

I met a very nice man who offered to have me ride with him a bit. I turned his offer down because I was already on the road past my planned time, and I decided to head back down. I will NEVER forget the ride OR the things I saw.

Image result for hot men cyclists

NOT the guy that helped me, just a stock picture 🙂 But seriously, EVERYONE is super friendly and helpful





NOT my pics below but from the trail

Image result for lee hill road biking boulder

Image result for lee hill road biking boulder

Image result for lee hill road biking boulder

I headed back to town, parked my bike and had the most amazing lunch at Shine (another recommendation)

Image result for shine boulder

I sat outdoors both times on the patio and people watched.

Image result for shine boulder

This was by far my favorite place. From the atmosphere to the food. YUM.  I had lunch here twice. The burgers and fries were so delicious!  This is also a bar and has a pretty awesome happy hour as well as a pretty awesome night life 🙂

Shine also has these “potions”

Image result for shine boulder

What are potions? Your guess is as good as mine. I did not indulge but if you are more daring

What is a Shine Potion™?


Shine Potions are enchanted beverages intended to help you playfully transform your experience of life. Through a harmony of nourishing herbs, vibrational essences, sound-frequencies and more, we tune each potion to be a specific intention, one that is ultimately fulfilled by our most important ingredient: YOU . For all that we put into our Potions is but a reflection of the power you already contain. In other words: THE MAGIC’S IN YOU

interested? Check out all the benefits and different types here

Next I biked over to The Laughing Goat to charge up my cell phone and grabbed an iced coffee (Organic, fair trade)

The Laughing Goat on Pearl Street.

The coffee was delicious!! If I were here longer, it would quickly become a regular spot.

Also, there is live music here pretty much every night!  Pretty hot spot!

By this point, I was barely staying on my bike. I rode around town a bit but was finding I was not enjoying myself much because ……….I was TIRED and sunburned. So I rode around until after 6:30 returned the bike and headed back to shower and eat.   By the time I had dinner, showered, checked my plan for Thursday it was pretty late and that bed……….OHHHHHHHHH that bed looked so comfy 🙂  So, you know what follows…..

**Quick mention, the area had some GREAT local places that really helped me grab the necessities I needed (fruit, drinks, yogurt, milk, etc)  It was a Whole Foods in disguise, called Ideal Markets. It literally was Whole Foods, the baskets and carts said “Whole Foods”. The only difference was it was half the size, which meant half the choices, especially with prepared foods.  It was also less than 2-minutete bike ride from the house. Perfect 🙂

So Day 2 was a wonderful day. I saw so much and met so many wonderful people. Yes it was a “pain in the ass” (LITERALLY) But so worth it !

Image result for i love boulder colorado


Stay Tuned for Day 3 – Hiking 

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Boulder baby!

Wow.  Where do I begin with my mini getaway to beautiful Boulder?  I kept going back and forth about booking this trip and I am so glad I did. Colorado is unlike anywhere I have ever been

Due to a shorter spring break and Easter on Sunday I had only 2 1/2 days in Boulder,so I had to make sure I j packed it with everything I wanted to see and do!

Day 1:

after some minor delays with Delta I arrived in Boulder around 2pm. I grabbed my luggage (I was forced to check it in because I was told there was NO ROOM for my carry on, YET I did not yell and scream haha) and jumped on the AB bus to Boulder ($9 with local transfers if needed). The bus ride was a glimpse of what was ahead.  Snow capped mountains!

Image result for snow capped mountains colorado

I arrived in downtown Boulder and walked to my place right off of Pearl Street.  It was about a 15 min walk through a beautiful town!  I checked out my private Air B&B , put my luggage down and set off to see what was around! First,  I took a walk down Pearl Street. It was lovely & lively but not overcrowded.  I was a bit stiff from travel, so I decided to head to a yoga class (still on my mission to practice In every state!) This was also on my MUST DO/SEE/EXPERIENCE Boulder list, so I figured I would get it out of the way!

The walk was a bit longer than I expected but I enjoyed stretching my legs and taking on the scenery. The long walk gave me plenty of time to plan my night….. I  decided I would stop at Whole Foods to pick up some necessities and then  Zeal for dinner after class. So far so good !

Look how pretty….


Yoga.  I went to Radiance yoga studio.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I really wanted to take the hot Power yoga class, however, was a bit early and did not feel like waiting so I opted for a strength power class, which was just getting started.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I am used to and love vinyasa and flow type classes. This was a bit of flow and a lot of strength….which after my 4 am rise, traveling, walking etc. I was lacking. I liked the flow portion but the strength was a bit too slow and much for me. I did the best I could and was still glad I went otherwise I’d never know.  For what the class lacked for me the showers and changing room made up for !! It felt and looked very spa like and the shower after my day felt amazing.

The yoga studio is great. They even gave me a mat and towel to use no extra charge (I told them I was traveling, they were super accommodating), plus a teacher discount.   Total cost $17 🙂  There are MANY yoga studios scattered throughout Boulder, if you want hot yoga, try Radiance!


Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

This restaurant was recommended and I am glad I went. I had a late dinner here my first night in Boulder. It was so much fun and so much delicious.

Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

I began with a miso chickpea soup mug. It was served in a mug and I was told to help myself to the fixings at the miso bar!  How cool. I filled my mug with all wonderful things and spices then the chef poured the miso. I stirred it up and …asked for a spoon. I just can NOT drink my soup. It skeeves me out a bit.  This miso was amazing. I’d go back for it alone!

I did not get the juice flight (see above) I saw so many ordering it but I thought it was alcoholic….I should have asked. I was sleep deprived and was not really thinking straight NEXT TIME !
For my main course, I ordered the miso bowl (mushroom medley, greens,broccoli, tomato, eggplant, snap peas, chicken, chickpea miso broth over rice). I was expecting more of a rice bowl but instead, it was more of a soup.

Image result for miso mushroom medley bowl zeal

Also, I love mushrooms BUT not all kinds.  The ones in this dish….. I thought were a cruel joke ….they were slimy and the texture just did not sit with me, so the jersey girl in me politely sent it back ;). (I would have never done this a year or two ago so go me!).


Next, I opted for a BYO bowl with chicken, veggie medley, rice and a Thai peanut Sauce. Now this is blog worthy!!  There was a hint of sweetness that I was not a fan of , I would have preferred a bit more spice but overall pretty incredible 🙂

(I did not get the egg on mine)

I walked back slowly to my air b&b room to take in the excitement and live music and other performances along Pearl Street.

Image result for pearl street live music

Tulips are one of my FAVORITE flowers, so I was pleased to see beautiful displays everywhere along Pearl Street…



This was the street I stayed on

I was pretty zombie like when I finally got back to my room , I was SOOOOO happy to see and FEEL this nice, cozy, SUPER comfy bed…..Ahhhhh, lights out, rest up, BIG day tomorrow….The room provides plenty of light from the backyard.

Also, no television or lap top, so I had limited access to the “real world”, so it was quite relaxing!

To be continued..

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Springing it

Happy (Beautiful) Monday!

Image result for happy spring break

This weather has me a bit anxious and a bit excited. So many wonderful upcoming things, yet so much A-N-X-I-E-T-Y.  I am NOT good with change. I like my routine. When it changes, I get anxious, irritable and restless. Ever feel like you are just jumping and crawling out of your skin? That feeling has been me recently 😦

Image result for restless

So my goal is to turn those restless, creepy , crawly feelings into something positive.

How?  Good question.

I am NOT great at relaxing.  In fact, I dread it. It causes me discomfort.  Yet I realize I need to relax, So how do I go about it? Well, I have tried the lounging around,

Image result for lounging around

reading, watching a movie routine and it only leaves me MORE restless. So I am learning a LOT about myself and realize that relaxing for me is……….a drive in the car, a walk and an audiobook, a run to Target , yoga, talking at a coffee shop…..I need some type of motion to relax.  So I am compiling a list of some ways I may be able to:

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I love to cook or bake WHILE audiobookin’ it 🙂  Say cheese….cake. I am really in the mood for some amazing cheesecake OR I want a Greek Yogurt Lemon Loaf

So pretty, so me! (the color just radiates relaxing!)

Being truthful with myself…..This article is just INCREDIBLE and AMAZING LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I can NO longer conform to what society’s “idea” of relaxation looks like. What works for you may NOT work for me!  EveryBODY is different!

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Some other things I am learning about me…..I really do NOT like shopping. Especially with others. It is NOT relaxing AT ALL. I feel restless and the way I enjoy shopping? Getting in and getting OUT.  Occasionally I’ll enjoy a nice Starbucks and strolling the clearance aisles of Target 🙂   I am not into the latest fashions. I want to be comfortable and casual and shop WHEN I NEED SOMETHING 🙂  I feel like I am becoming more and more of a minimalist. Image result for minimalist

I want to be me. I want to accept who I am, even if it is someone different from who I thought I was. I want to stand my ground. I want to speak my mind. I want to focus on me and not care what anyone else thinks or believes about me.



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Are you thinking of….

reading a new book?

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If so, check out this one I just finished. I have heard about this book and although it received mixed reviews, I really wanted to check it out for myself

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That said, I picked it up yesterday and finished it about two hours later. Yup.  That good?   Maybe.  That engaging? Maybe?  I am thinking YOU need to read this so I can have someone to discuss it with because………well, just read it?

So, if you are thinking about an engaging, quick read, you should think about reading “I’m Thinking About Ending Things”, then tell me what you think

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If you are a Chuck Palahniuk fan, I’m thinking you should read this

If you have already read “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” I think you should join in on the discussion below. Just let it go. Thoughts? Loved it? Hated it?

Ok, yes this post is a bit obnoxious, maybe it’s the warmer weather, maybe it’s this book ?

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Other fun book or reading news:

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  • Love books or reading in general? Have you ever hear of the 215 Festival? It is scheduled for November 5-8 in Northern Liberties!

Founded in Philadelphia in 2001, The 215 Festival is a literary arts festival celebrating the written, spoken and visualized word. The 215 Festival showcases the vibrant community of literary talent in Philadelphia, and highlights the continued relevance of letters in a growing range of mediums, from books and poetry to music, film, and blogs. To help contextualize our local scene, the 215 Festival also seeks to present national and international talent. Past events include author readings, book-themed dance parties, literature-informed musical events, book fairs, literary film screenings, and blogger panel discussions. Over the years, the 215 Fest has played host to some of today’s most interesting writers, including Jonathan Lethem, Neal Pollack, Ben Greenman, Matt Klam, Amy Fusselman, John Hodgman, Legs McNeil, George Saunders, Sarah Vowell, Zadie Smith, Jeffrey Eugenides and Patti Smith among many, many others.

I do not see an upcoming date but I will look into it and let you know!  Sounds pretty cool!

  • Curious as to what some of the BEST independent bookstores in the US are? Check out Travel and Leisure’s list on this slideshow here.

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Have you been to any?

I am SUPER excited next week I will be checking out one on the list!

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And now I’m Thinking of Ending Things on this blog, for tonight 🙂


Your Turn

  1.  What are you currently reading?

  2. Do you enjoy books made into movies?

  3. If you have read, or if you plan on reading “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” Please share your thoughts!