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Boulder Baby….Part 3

Part 3. Day 3 in Boulder

I woke up in my nice, warm, cozy bed and………felt like a truck hit me. Ok, not that bad, but my poor bum, so sore!

Image result for sore butt

I questioned whether or not I wanted to hike or just take an easy relaxing day to explore the shops, bookstores, etc.  I woke up bright and early, had my coffee and decided to go!  I did not come to Boulder to not see mountains and SNOW!  So I made the decision to go. Thankfully so, because this ended up being the highlight of my trip……

Since I was in Boulder, car-less (which was not a problem, public transportation, biking and walking are excellent) I was still limited as to where I could go.  I wanted to go to Estes ParkImage result for hiking estes park but it was a bit of a hall. I only had one day so I chose a local trail that I could easily access (only 1 mile from the house). Mt. Sanita’s it is!

So, a little history about Mt. Sanita’s. I think it was pretty cool 🙂 Sanita’s was given the name because it once housed a very famous, sanitarium.

Boulder Sanitarium circa 1900

Some patients…..

Photo - Historic photo of Boulder Sanitarium patients

The trail I hiked was Mt. Sanita’s Loop (click here for a great description of the 3 trails options) Yup, you must be pretty crazy to hike this……..(hahaah)

Image result for mt sanitas trailhead

I am by no means an experienced or excellent hiker, but I have gone on a quite a few with groups and on my own. Nothing I have done would have ever prepared for what I was about to embark on. This hike was HARD. It was difficult. Especially if you are not used to hikes, elevation, and rocks.  You MUST have proper hiking shoes and I saw a lot of people with walking poles which is probably a great idea. Also, if you have bad knees, I would not recommend this.  It is very rocky and a combination of rocks mixed with dirt make it quite slippery. So just be cautious.  It is a heavily populated trail so no worries if you get lost or injured, someone will be by soon enough to help you out.

Starts out like this 

Image result for mt. sanitas trailhead

Then pretty much the entire way up, so be careful with your footing, ALL rocks, the steps are only in the beginning

Image result for mt. sanitas trailhead


Denver behind meIMG_4276


a visitor from Texas, the area he lives in is below sea level, so he was having difficulty breathing!  He was a trooper!


Almost there!


WOW!! Made it!


snow capped mountains, year round


I met the most awesome trio on my way up. I am so grateful for the expertise and knowledge. I would have thought I was at the top of Mt. Sanitas long before I actually was there and would have missed out so much!  Thank you to the awesome couple and your visiting brother for letting me join you!

Also on my way down, I met a pup who stayed with me at each big rock and drop. I think he sensed I was nervous, he literally stood right next to me and let me lean on him when I was going down! Animals are amazing!

Image result for trail dog

I was hoping to come across a mountain lion (ok maybe not really, but still) it would have been super cool

Image result for mountain lions mt. sanitas

After my hike, I biked on over to Vic’s Coffee for an iced coffee.

Image result for vics coffee boulder

As I was enjoying my coffee, I had a little visitor crawling on my leg. A tick. Gah!  I did not even think about ticks!  So I reminded myself to do a check when I got home.  Vic’s did not receive great reviews, but I thought it was great coffee, it was convenient and had great hours (not many places open at 6 am like Vic’s)

After my coffee break, I headed back to my place to shower and pack up for the day. I had the entire day ahead of me but had to check out by noon. My host was so accommodating and held onto my luggage so I did not have to tote it along with me. I have to mention how AWESOME my host was. I felt so safe as well as my personal things the ENTIRE time! That means a lot when you are traveling solo (If you are planning a trip to Boulder and need accommodations, email me and I would be happy to give you the info)

I had one thing planned for the day. RELAXING.  I headed downtown and strolled along Pearl street.

Great store advertisements 🙂




Smoke shop


Peace, Love and Chocolate (the pretiest chocolate shop)IMG_4291

Chocolate cigar anyone??IMG_4292

The MOST beautiful chocolates


Image result for peace love and chocolate boulder

These were the cutest!

Photo of Piece, Love and Chocolate - Boulder, CO, United States

Made my way over to SHINE again for lunch, then back to the streets!

This was the best bookstore EVER! Boulder Bookstore is 3 levels of pure bliss!! I loved that they had NEW and USED books here!!  Tons of merchandise and cute little nooks to explore all the …..books 🙂IMG_4299

I ended up with a used copy of one of my favorite authors, Tana Frenchs’, The Likeness


Look what I found…..I opened it up and it was empty LOLIMG_4301

After some shopping, I decided to have afternoon tea at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House This place is breathtaking. You must visit while in Boulder.

The ceiling



I ordered the Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, the server brought out this cute little display. With timer and all!  After the time ran out (3 min) I was able to enjoy. It was fabulous with some honey and almond milk! I was hooked!


I also ordered the vegan cheesecake sopapilla. This was amazing!

Image result for vegan sopapilla

More inside

Photo of Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - Boulder, CO, United States. Seats & Tables

jams, lemon curd and biscuits

Photo of Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - Boulder, CO, United States. cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd for the scones

After tea and dessert, I headed back to stroll around. I loved looking at the homes, people and scenery. Its just fun to sit down and people watch. Which I found myself doing from time to time.


After my fill of walking, I headed back to meet my host to get my bags.  Then I settled myself in a coffee shop and read a bit while waiting for my bus to the Denver Airport!  At this point, I really wanted my bed.  I am not sure I will ever take a “red eye” flight again. The flight was great, just the wait is LONG. I am not a night person……


I am sure there are things I am missing, but these were the highlights of my trip. It was beautiful.  It was jam packed, it was an experience 🙂 Now I need a vacation…..


Happy Travels!



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