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Un-Manic Monday

Happy Monday!  If you are off this week or a few days, enjoy! (Lucky)  I am grateful that I had off a few days last week, but it is back into the swing of things this week…..

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Some ways to make my week (and your week) UN-Manic:


Reading is healthy! (Duh!)

Last week I finished my first Tana French book, The Secret Place, which I really, really loved!  I already started another, The Likeness.

I also finished up The Most Dangerous Place on Earth on my trip to Boulder (ahhhhh airport reading!) Wow. I loved this so much. Being a teacher, this hit really close to my heart. I felt SO many of the same emotions and feelings as the teachers in the book, and was really able to relate to those icky moments of “self doubt”.  I really enjoyed this, especially wth how social media played into it…….if you have kids. Read it. If you are a teacher. Read it. If you are human. Just read it!  You can read my review here


IEP season definitely has my head spinning. I love these tips and reminders from Autism Classroom Resources on How to Make Your Next IEP Meeting Start Off on the Right Foot


What are YOUR thoughts on the new Victoria Beckham line at Target? I am totally buzzing over this top


Letting go.

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Something I am learning, practicing and constantly reminding myself. LET IT GO.  Every day we experience so many big and little things. Jealousy, envy, sadness, anger, hate, blame, (Insert YOUR emotion here)  Life is filled with feelings. What matters is how we look at them and how we choose to live our lives.  Life is too short to feel all those negative things. When we do? We accept it, tell ourselves it is a temporary FEELING and it will pass. Those feelings do NOT define us.  One way I find easiest to get through painful moments and thoughts are:

  1.  Say it out loud. TELL SOMEONE. When I am feeling jealous. I tell someone. When I feel ashamed or wrong, I tell someone. When I feel happy and proud. I TELL Someone. It is so important to get our feelings out in the open instead of keeping them inside ourselves all the time. Those bottled up feelings turn to shame.  Shame will never feel good.Image result for tell someone
  2. Ask yourself “How is this serving me”  This little phrase has been SO helpful. Whenever I get worked up over something, upset, sad, angry, envious. I ask myself “How is this serving me?”Image result for jealousy between women  Usually, it is not.  I am a very determined person. Sometimes this can be extremely beneficial and get me great things out of life (For example, moving to a new state and trying it out, determining it was NOT for me) If I did not have the courage or motivation to actually do it. I would have never known how much I miss “home”.  Other times my determination can be harmful to me. For e.g., my eating disorder. It is the perfect storm of how something that CAN be good can also get you into serious trouble.  So next time you are angry with your spouse or friend, ask yourself HOW IS THIS SERVING ME.  Is it really helpful to get angry at your wife (dad?) for wife leaving sauerkraut out on the counter?Image result for sauerkraut Probably not.  That is your wife. She has been that way for 40 years.  She will most likely not change her ways. She has MANY other wonderful qualities. If it really bothers you, put it away and move on.  Life is too short to be angry over things that do not benefit us!  Next time you feel jealousy over the girl that got the promotion, new car, travel opportunity……. Ask yourself, how is feeling this way benefiting me?  Trust me, these few little words WORK.Image result for how does this serve me
  3. Stop comparing yourself.  You are unique. You are special. You are YOU.  Stop comparing yourself to others. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors, and going back to number 2. HOW IS THIS SERVING YOU?  It’s probably not. Only getting you worked up, jealous and upset.  Be proud of who you are, your quirks, imperfections. Those are what make others love us. Striving for perfection only leads to disappointment, because there is no such thing.  Society has such a skewed outlook on taking your money so that you can work towards PERFECTIONISM. It is a scam. There is no such thing or place.  Own up to who you are. Who cares what others think. I prefer quiet nights and vacations alone. That is what makes me happy, and who I am. To others that may see odd, weird, or like torture. To me it’s bliss. Image result for you are perfect just the way you are

Your Turn!


  1.  What are you reading?
  2. What are you currently stewing over? Tell someone!
  3. Tell me about something you recently bought?

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