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30 things I learned in my 30’s

My 30’s have, and continue to be, such an amazing experience. I am FINALLY finding myself. My 30’s have been a time of self-discovery. Sure, it would have been nice to “find” myself in my 20s, but I am so grateful that  am finding myself now, rather than my 40s, 50s, or NEVERIMG_3485

I would love to share 30 things I have learned/am learning in my 30s with YOU!


  1.  10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn’t Drink.   This has more to do with who I am.  I PREFER to stay home on a Friday/Saturday night.  I used to feel ashamed about this, but no more.  That is my preference. That is what makes me happy!  I really do not like or enjoy drinking, although it does not bother me much anymore in my 30s, the link has some GREAT tips on what NOT to say….seriously read it!

  2. You only have a problem, if you convince yourself it is a problem!  I spent many years thinking my choices and decisions were WRONG. From job choice to food choice, I was so impressionable.  It only led me to misery. When I have finally begun to accept I am who I am, eat what I like, do what I want, am I able to be FREE from the problems I was always TOLD I had

  3. No one is smarter or better or more knowledgeable about me than me!IMG_3373

  4. Being fat is not bad, wrong, shameful,(Insert any misconception here).  Fat is fat. We all have it. There is nothing wrong with it and we really need to start sharing that message more (Check out A Letter to Myself From My Body)Image result for love all bodies

  5. Society wants us to be miserable. There are so many mixed messages out there. From magazines to television, we are being told to be beautiful and thin.  Nope. Sorry, it is not realistic or possible to live up to unrealistic expectations of what beauty should be. Check out some entries from my Favorite blogger, Summer Innanen, right HERE!Related image

  6. People have different types of “attachment” styles. That is why we are drawn to similar types of relationship and why they fail or are successful. What is your attachment style?ABCS of Attachment Styles - Does your partner act out when things go wrong in the relationship, or even threaten to leave? A partner may engage in protest behavior to get the other to pay attention and later regret things they said or did. This behavior may be typical of an Anxious attachment style.:

  7. I can only do the best I can. I do NOT need to be perfect.Image result for perfect just the way i am

  8. Home will always be New Jersey for me

  9. I love to travel solo. Check out my recent travel adventures here.

  10. I need to take risks, even especially when I am scared

  11. I can be single and happy AND enjoy it.

  12. I can think and feel one way today and COMPLETELY change my mind tomorrow

  13. I can say NO when I really do not agree with something or want to do something

  14. Others do not need to accept me I just need to continue being true to myself and those around me.

  15. The only control I have is


    myself.  I can not control anyone else, HELL sometimes I can not control myself!

  16. Some days I will eat too much, so days I may not eat enough.  It is ok.

  17. Take risks. If I don’t I may never know…..

  18. I am jealous of others at times. I am childish at times. I am selfish at times. I am difficult at times. I am many things, but I am not wrong or bad for having these feelings.  My Shadow Self

  19. Admitting shame, guilt, fear is healthy and good for me, and even though at the moment I feel there is NO POSSIBLE way it would help by sharing those thoughts/feelings, it does…..every single time

  20. What is right for me may not be right for you (and vice versa)

  21. There are MORE than one way to do things

  22. I am no longer a “beach girl”.  Sure I love and enjoy a visit and vacation, but I do not want to spend my days and nights on a beach.  I need change and seasons, and cold!IMG_2554

  23. Minimalism is extremely appealing to me. I do not need a lot of things or space to live and feel fulfilled.  Love this articleImage result for tiny house

  24. I do not have to do anything I do not want to do (This is HUGE and something I need to constantly remind myself of)

  25. Dressing up and being fancy is NOT ME AT ALL and I do not have to feel guilty about that

  26. I can be proud of my accomplishments and strengths, without worrying that others may think I am “showing off”. (This is still very difficult for me. Working towards owning things and not feeling guilt or shame or like I need to “dumb” myself down)

  27. It is ok to not like everyone. It is also ok to not be liked by everyone.

  28. I can and will make mistakes. I will learn from them

  29. Reading really DOES make you more worldly and smart (It’s not just something teachers used to say to get you to read!! ) check out some of my reviews here

  30. I want to look back on my life and KNOW I have made a difference.  This is something I keep in my mind each time I allow little thoughts or worries to creep it.  I ask myself “If I look back at my life, will this be important?”  If not, I need to let it go and move on

  31. * This is

    an extra:

     It is okay to feel everything. Happiness, pain, worry, sadness,


    , guilt, etc, etc…..Without ALL the feelings we can never appreciate the wonderful ones

Your Turn

  1.  What have you learned about yourself or others THIS year?

1 thought on “30 things I learned in my 30’s”

  1. These are all great lessons! I don’t drink either and there have been a couple people who try (albeit halfheartedly) to try to get me to drink with them but I’m not interested, haha. I love traveling alone as well! I’d love to know that I made a difference too! ❤


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