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Saturday Saves

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!  This week FLEW by! I feel like things are really speeding and going/growing fast.  The weather (Winter to summer, where is SPRING?), the flowers and grass, my hair! 🙂

Here are five of my feelings, finds or fears from the week!


Fear:  I still fear to being….me. Speaking up, being honest, being my TRUE self. What is it that I fear? Hurting others. I constantly put my own feelings and thoughts aside because I worry about hurting others.   Yet, I would be the first to tell others NOT to do this and to put themselves first.  It’s about time I start listening to that smart lady suggesting this….ME!

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My fear stems from anxiety.  Worry about hurting someone else’s feelings or coming off as a ……..b*tch.  Yet keeping my feelings to myself and not getting them out, is hurting more than helping.  I need to continue to be honest with myself and others, no matter what the outcome is!

Something I am currently fearing?  Letting go and allowing myself to be more of my “feminine” self. I have very masculine qualities. And no, by this I do not mean a mustache.  I am very strong and determined. Independent. Direction. Focus. Productivity. Go, go, go. Those are masculine qualities.  I want to be able to surrender more. Flow. Gentle. Affectionate.  Accepting. Emotional. Allow more femininity and softness into my life…….IT IS HARD!  I guess I can start by giving myself some ‘cred.  I have come a long way and really eased up on myself in many aspects of my life.  One example?  Being able to walk away from things at work. Not worrying about others opinions and following what I feel is right and true has really given me peace.

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Read about diffusing your own conflicts at work here .


Wow. How powerful is this?



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Loved it!

This and this


Hated it!




This looks amazing!! Perfect summer dessert


24.  The number of days until the last day of school

Image result for last day of school

4.  The number of weeks until my parents set off for Alaska

Image result for alaska cruise

0 – the number of wake up’s until Tina’s birthday (Happy Birthday!!!)

Image result for happy birthday cousinImage result for happy birthday cousin

5  the number of coffee’s I drank today…#stillnotawake

Image result for coffee

2  days to relax

Image result for relax

8  the number of hours I plan to sleep…..



1 thought on “Saturday Saves”

  1. I hope you get lots of rest + relaxation this week! I’m with you on being bad at being “feminine”–I feel like I definitely have fairly masculine qualities, especially in the realms of not being very emotional as well, and I’m trying to work on it as well.

    I want that icebox cake in my life…

    P.S. I love your header! ❤ It's so pretty!


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