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Bliss List

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers and life coaches, Maddy Moon, the inspiration for this post was “born”    My bliss list is all those things that bring me bliss, surprisingly I notice most of mine are from childhood!

What is YOUR bliss list like? Share in comments below!


Travel. Local or afarAlone time. Me time. Quiet

Walks and audiobooks Book stores. New and used Good old fashioned pizza

McDonalds #2 meal. Supersized please (hold the onion)

Boston cream donuts and fishing adventures with dad

Saturday morning cartoons and bowls of cereal

These. Pure happiness (ever tried pouring milk right in the box?)

Movie nights with cousins, family, and friends

Friday nights. Pizza and TGIF (and cold pizza in the morning!)

Sleepovers without any sleep

Need I say more? Pimple stickers

The best fun

Playing at my grandmothers house with my cousin’s


Hours of fun with my parents as they hid these for me to find

Fraggle rock!Birthday parties at McDonald’s we’re the best Swinging (getting butterflies)

Full days at Sea isle with my bff and her family

Falling asleep in the car Secret crushes

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