We’ll Always Have Paris (part 1)

Life experiences and Life Lessons…in Paris

From as long as I can remember my moms dream has been to travel to Paris and live like a Parisian. She loves French history, culture , food and books. In her bathroom hangs a picture of the Eiffel Tower. This year we had decided to finally make that dream come true. Found a flight. Apartment and off we were with a loosely planned itinerary …..

For months mom practiced her French (thank you duoLingo) , read books romanticizing Paris and Explored her must sees, must dos and must eats

Our Parisian adventure began in August 16. It will be one we will never forget and I am so happy I was able to share this amazing experience with my favorite person ….my mother. Her smile was priceless and shone on her face each day. Any time I secretly snuck a glance at her , there she was gleaming

This trip was special time spent as well as many lessons learned about myself and others

Day 1, Lesson 1


There are no wrong decisions. When you feel that little bit of fear and want to turn back THAT is exact reason to keep going. We took the plunge and booked our flights and apartment and the rest was loosely planned , which beautifully fell into place

Day 1: Traveling Day itinerary

Depart from Newark Airport

Non stop flight to Orly,Paris

Train and bus to our apartment


Get lost and walk for miles , luggage in tow , until we find our apartment

Grocery shop

Walked around aimlessly exploring the sights and sounds


We flew British Airways non stop out of Newark. It was a fairly easy and painless flight. It worked out perfectly. We left in the evening, slept a bit on the plane (ok not really BUT tried) and arrived in Paris around 9 am. By the time we figured out the train and bus , it was miles of walking. luggage in tote (thank goodness we packed light).

*I used the Japanese style of folding and it worked out so perfectly!  In fact, I have re-organized  all my drawers at home like this

So many amazing cafes to choose from and our growling bellies were overwhelmed. We finally choose a spot for a brunch and our Petit Dejeuner was fabulous. We quickly found out that all cafes pretty much serve the same things and all of our meals and food were above par. Again life lesson. No choice is a bad choice

Some of our breakfast photos. Can never go wrong

After getting some energy we attempted to find out apartment again. This time a much shorter aimless walk and we found it! (Thanks to mom for asking the helpful police officer for direction)

Only to set our bags down and explore the little bakery and grocery “marche” a few feet from us. We gathered some delicious cheeses, breads, berries and of course wine. We dropped our things off and decided to go walk and explore .Monoprix quickly became a daily trip for cheese, bread and whatever else we needed


We made our way to the Louvre and Jardin Du Luxemborg, with a few photo opps along the way.



It was breathtaking. I actually had tears in my eyes when the Massive Louvre and Eiffel Tower glared right at us. We found our way through the lovely park and had a seat by the water fountains to settle into the Parisian way. We rested a bit then explored again. We found the Pont Neuf (the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris, )and walked across taking a few pictures.


It began getting dark (surprising late , after 9) and we wanted to get back to our apartment SO we headed back our heads turning and checking out all the lovely window displays and beautiful people along the way

At “home” we enjoyed our first of many wonderful and delicious dinners. The berries were so fresh. The cheese so sharp. The wine and bread could not be more perfect.

What a lovely, fun filled packed day even though it was a travel day we still go to do and see SO much!

Day 2, Lesson 2

Lesson: be present



Explore marche de Creation

Lunch at St Germain/ Le Marais

Walk to Sacre Couer (Montmarte)

Cafe break for glacé

Meander home slowly

So many times I dwell on the past or worry about the future. Thus trip I was very adamant to go against that. To be honest fear and dread snuck in, a lot. I panicked not having a “plan”. So I let go. Dealt with the uncomfortable and went with the flow.

Being present and in the moment let something magical occur , my friend from when I lived in South Carolina was in Paris at the same time as we were! Thanks to Facebook we found this out. She messaged me that she had a free day and wanted to meet up for coffee. Mom and I decided we wanted to check out the outdoor market(marche de Creation)and Sacre Coeur  AND”O” decided she would love to join in. We were thrilled!

O helped us navigate the bus and metro system! What a life saver. Before you knew it we were off the the market. It was incredible!



After we wanted to see the sights of Sacre Coeur. Along the way we saw a bustling area that was on my moms “must see “ list. We hopped off the bus and explored the Marais section. We found a spot for lunch and I had the most amazing crepe. My mom had Onion Soup and a crepe, and “O” tried the quiche


We finally made our way over to Sacre COUER. I “forgot” to mention to the ladies that it was a bit of a hike up a steep hill and steps (bc there are steps everywhere in Paris and well, most of Europe). I think they forgave me after the beautiful view from Sacre Couer


We headed back near the Louvre. This was a half way point for us and O. We stopped and had glacé and coffee at a cafe. Talked. People watched and just enjoyed each others company.


I think we all nearly fell asleep and after a few hours decided to head towards our hotels.

I loved seeing O so much. It was such a special part and addition to the trip. We are planning a Philly and Houston weekend soon



1 thought on “We’ll Always Have Paris (part 1)”

  1. My dearest daughter, thank you for reminding me of the wonderful first day spent in Paris. It was such a tremendous joy exploring with you. I will always cherish our time together.


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