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The strong women I know and work with. They truly do amaze me. Their dedication and “fight for what is right” attitude.  They are such an inspiration


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Dating Around (On Netflix) Hilarious!

***So, I think I am finally caving and purchasing a television 🙂   Thanks to my amazing tech-savvy friend, “R”, for his help with this!


The Help (Fiction)

The Artists Way

Still Writing:  The Pleasures and Perils


Becoming by Michele Obama – 4.5 stars. What an amazing and inspirational (and down to Earth) woman!

121 First Dates

o/5 stars

nonfiction is something that I struggle with if it does Not directly relate or appeal to me. I have branched out and I’m reading a variety of books including this one.
I stopped reading when the book suggested that “when on a date be sure to talk about “his” strengths to boost “ his”confidence”…..really? Next.


I need to become comfortable in my own skin. Stop hiding and feeling shame over the things I love. I hold a lot back because I never want others to feel as if I am pushing, encouraging, or putting them down. I feel like if I shine, others feel that I am putting them down. I don’t know where this idea or thought came from, BUT it is just that. A thought.

I like to be unique. I like what I like and enjoy things others may or may not.

I keep coming back to this idea that I need to change. I need to find a way to enjoy being more social. I need to find a way to enjoy later evenings. I need to find a way to accept others…..yet this is not me at all I keep trying to change myself into something I am not. Instead of just accepting and owning who I am.

NO. I do not. I need to accept this is who I am and enjoy it. Stop feeling shame or guilt over things I enjoy because it does not live up to typical “Social ideals.” Until I can accept AND  actually allow myself to experience joy, Only then can I decide if I want to try something new or challenge myself. I keep reverting to the notion that I am “bad” and “wrong” and immediately search for a “fix”. There is nothing wrong with who I am (Or you for the matter!)

I like spending a lot of time alone.

I like being single.

I like being childfree.

I like that my brain is like a sponge and soaks up information that interests me.

I like that I usually prefer to drink tea over wine.

I like to read flowy, light fun books and articles(aka trash!)

I like that I do not post every single place I am throughout the day.

I like privacy.

I like having massages and getting my nails done.

I like to work hard, play hard and relax hard.

I like that I eat the same breakfast all the time. (Love oats and lots of gooey peanut butter)

I like that I am comfortable being alone and going places alone (especially traveling)

I like that I can now do a headstand.

I like that I feel strong

I like that I can choose not to connect with people that do not feel good

I like that I can say no now then later change my mind

I like that I do not have to do anything I don’t want

I like that I do not wear makeup or fancy clothes

I like to wear old ratty sweats and yoga pants (Sorry mom!)

I like my comfy yoga pants with a hole that I pretend no one sees

I like that I do not care if anyone sees that hole (or my undies)

I like the quiet

I like saying no

I like waking up really early.

I like writing about things on my mind

I like routine

Now, this does not mean I have told myself a story that this is what I am and who I am and that I should not try new things or challenge and bring on change. But I can accept these things about myself (and yes, I like that I started a sentence using “But”)

Listening To:

Blinkist! Non-fiction book “blinks” love this so much

My oil diffuser – love hearing the sound it makes, especially at night!

O.L.D. Podcast I am linking some of my favorite articles that you can read, however these are all available in audio on the podcast 🙂

Forever 35


Dream Life:

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Grateful For:

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Healthy Lifestyle

“Sticks and Stones”

May break my bones, but names will never hurt me……

Inspired by

Artists and creatives. People that shine and sparkle and warm your presence. I am fortunate to know a few of these people.

Travel room/office inspiration

I want to create a travel themed office area including photos of places I have already been and want to go. Relics, meaningful pieces, anything that will add my “Space”

31 Cool Travel-Themed Home Décor Ideas To Rock

My brother. He reminds me why I do what I do and why I fell in love with it in the first place, teaching. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him or feel inspiration from him in some way. I wish you were still here with us but I know he’s with me in my heart

My cousin for doing her intensive yoga teacher training, WHILE working time in a VERY challenging and draining career! So proud! Image result for yoga teacher training

Thinking about

My biggest bullies. I had many throughout elementary school and middle school and even into adulthood. I was an easy target with a lot of shame. Now I find myself with even a bigger bully, she’s a lot bigger and stronger than all of the previous ones……”She” is me

    She is always there. Sometimes I can ignore her. Sometimes I can forget about her for a brief time. Yet she is so strong, stronger than me at times. My biggest bully, she has been around for so long that sometimes I feel invisible.

    She is there when I wake up. She drags me out of bed. She tells me I better get moving and going. She tells me to do some form of exercise or movement. Sometimes I agree with her, other times I want her to shut up. When I move, she says “You better make the most of this workout, you have to leave soon to get to work on time, well at the same time that you normally do.” She prevents me from truly enjoying and engaging and being in the moment of something that I really love. She tells me I should be able to get my “movement” in and still get to work on time! “Only a lazy person wouldn’t be able to do that, so get moving, oh and by the way, give it all you got! This may be your only chance to get your workout in today (even though that’s pretty pathetic because you don’t have kids or any plans for this evening you should be able to get in a walk or another class”.

    I tell her to relax and that I am listening to her. When my mind settles and begins to wander and get lost (as it should), I am quickly reminded not to get too lost in it because I need to get a shower and get to work. So I obey,I quickly get a shower and feel annoyed with everyone around. The way they are talking about mundane stupid things. “She” makes me roll my eyes at them. She makes me get angry. How can they talk about these simple things when people are dying, sick, hurting. Ugh…. I need to get to work on time.
    Then I get angry and upset with myself for having those feelings and for listening to that bully and doing as she says. Finally, I dry my hair and I grab all of my stuff. I rush out the door to my car. Finally, peace and quiet, some serenity. I don’t get many of these moments throughout the day. I feel like I can breathe. I crack a smile I feel happy she’s gone for a little bit. I Excitedly listen to my Podcasts and grab another coffee before getting to work. The ride is so lovely, delicious coffee in hand, one of my favorite podcasts is blaring,  she is gone for a little while.
    Then slowly the thought creeps back knowing “she” will be back and then ……she’s back. She reminds me I’m running late. If I didn’t go to the gym this morning I would’ve made it to work earlier. “What can you do differently to make that happen?” No matter how hard I try I can’t get there at the same time I normally do. It’s impossible. Traffic interferes, Red lights, no parking spots. There are never any parking spots. Finally, I find a spot, grab all of the things that I so carefully packed and planned the night before. I have my boring but easily prepared lunch, the same lunch day in and day out, and an almost empty cup of coffee, oh and of course my bag and keys. I rush into work, put my lunch away (Dreaming of when we can be reconnected ) and head up to my classroom.
    Now it is time to try to prepare everything before the students arrive. In the meantime thinking I should be able to somehow focus a bit on myself (Write in my journal for a few minutes? ) and clearing my mind before starting my day, but there’s too much to do to prepare for the day ahead. “COme ON! Can’t you MULTITASK, what is WRONG with you”.  Also, I feel hungry. She tells me I shouldn’t I already ate breakfast ” what kind of glutton are you?” The students arrive, they annoy each other, they finally get to work. Most of the students can’t read or understand the directions, so my assistance is required. I go to help them and then another student needs my help so I help them. I have decided to break the students into smaller groups so that I can work with them more intimately on their needs. We begin our work and I have carefully selected independent work for my other students that they can complete, however, there really is no independence.  I am constantly interrupted with questions that genuinely need explanation. So I stop and try to focus and try to answer in the most helpful and thoughtful way possible. I breathe, I smile, I do the best I can. Finally, I get through the first period. Some days I feel very productive and can see the smiles on my students’ faces, sensing self-accomplishment. Other days I feel just as lost as some of my students. This continues for the next few hours until I get my break. There are many moments I am engaged and lost in the moment with my students.  Other times, time stands still.  It is now lunch and food is all I can think about. It’s something I look forward to and enjoy and can’t wait to get into my body. After I finish still feel hungry “she” questions me and says “why are you still hungry that’s what Diana packed for you why can’t you just be satisfied. That is all you need bitch, be grateful”. So I ignore that hunger and continue to work in preparation for my next classes. After school, I can’t wait to go home, prepare my dinner and pack my next day’s lunch and have a little snack( some nuts, yogurt fruit, something to hold me over until dinner time). “She” is not happy with this new routine. She thinks I should not get to eat. But I ignore her and don’t care because food makes me happy and smile and I need it.
    I am always on a strict schedule rushing here and there carefully and strategically planning. I know how long things will take. Everything is calculated. Everything is pre-planned. If I go off track I will pay the consequences. She finds out, she always finds out. I can’t hide from her. My body tries to tell me that I’m hungry or that I’m tired, but “she” tells me to listen to her instead. “I have been there for you through thick and thin, trust ME. What does your body know? It is just selfish and greedy and just wants to feel good all the time. YOU  haven’t done enough to deserve feeling good all the time.” So this continues day in and day out from morning till night. Moments of happiness, moments of pleasure, but a lot of moments of struggle and discomfort. I can’t trust myself or my body because “she” is always there. Many days she is stronger than me. I realize this needs to change. I realize she does not have the final say or power or control over me. I realize she will run me to the ground. She is not my friend.  She’s using me and using my body and sucking all the life and pleasure and joy and creativity for me.
    There’s no one to report her to. There is no one that can help me, Besides myself. Someway and somehow I need to find the strength and courage to shut her down and rise above. By voicing myself, my shame, my guilt, I am learning and gaining that courage and strength. I don’t want to live my life like this anymore in this Prison. It hurts too much and stands in the way of me living my life and experiencing joy and creativity and being my beautiful self.  I will NOT keep quiet.


One Day in December by Josie silver

Love this so much! More than halfway done. Simple. Easy read, yet some very beautiful thoughts about love

The Artists Way. Chapter 3

  • Of course, I am struggling with taking myself out on an “Artist Date”.  I am trying too hard to plan that “perfect” self-date. I need to remember to keep it simple, for example, just writing RIGHT NOW while my lovely peppermint oils are filling the air, should be my “artists date”.
  • I am on day 8 of my morning pages. It DOES make me feel better to write things out first thing In the morning yet, I struggle to do this and it ends up being mid-morning By the time I get around to it. I think it would be more effective if it genuinely was the first thing upon awakening.


Nature. There is so much beauty around us. Put the iPhones down and just look and see

Two geese arguing (at Smithville Park)

Listening to

Old podcast

Forever 35 podcast

This weeks episode:   welcome writer, podcaster, and educator, Ashley C. Ford, who discusses love as the driving force for survival, being more open about her feelings, self-love, the benefits of couples therapy, and her recent wedding

Friendshipping podcast

Grateful for

  • coffee dates
  • meaningful conversations
  • my “work wives”
  • warmer days and longer days (more sunlight)
  • a 2-hour delay last week at work
  • Presidents Day Monday
  • walks with friends

Dream Life

Acceptance, of myself and others

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Your Turn

What are you reading?
What has inspired you this week?
Who have YOU inspired?

BOOKS, Healthy Lifestyle, Travel

Love is…..


As one of my teachers says “Love is messy”  Love is not perfect, love is getting annoyed with others. Love is not perfect and happy all the time. Most importantly what love is NOT, is a box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box, a dozen red roses or a shiny piece of new jewelry.  Love means something different for everyone. To me, love is showing up, really listening, allowing me to be heard.

Perfect timing for love since Valentines Day is a few days away. How will you show love? Will you bide into consumerism (which is fine!) and buy those overpriced cards,

Image result for valentines day giftschocolates and flowers,

or will you just be there, listen and accept?

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Inspired By:

  • People that practice minimalism in life
  • my friends’ strength
  • my mom’s patience


  • others interactions around me…….without judgment (Hard!) – Have you ever tried this? I have been allowing myself some extra time to just really be present and focus on others around me, especially how they interact with one another. I have seen some selfish acts, some beautiful acts, some questionable acts. My favorite:  The couple in my yoga class this week, in their 60s, lying beside each other before class, facing each other, holding hands,  discussing how to celebrate their daughters 30th birthday.  It was beautiful interaction and communication.Image result for hands side by side


  • Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult – LOVING this so much
  • The Artists Way – an excellent book to help you with creativity!  A week by week assignment. This week? I have started my daily “Morning Pages”  when I wake up, I just..write. Everything. Anything. Nothing. Big. Small. This is a great way to release anything negative that is standing in my way, in hopes of allowing my creativity into my life!  Very helpful with my anxiety!  Also, date myself Finding ways to change up the things I enjoy doing alone, taking myself on a few dates
  • Good and Mad:  The Revolutionary Power of Women’s AngerYUP, I am angry and MAD!


  • volunteering in Thailand, either at an elephant sanctuary OR helping build a temple school.  This is my type of trip! Culture, learning, getting down and “dirty”
  • I am going to miss my parents SO much when they leave for Poland for THREE months
  • I am going to have to bond with Lucy, the German Shepherd
  • actually looking forward to mowing the lawn again!


O.L.D. Podcast

Forever35 Podcast

  • I absolutely LOVE Kate and Doree. Their podcast is amazing. I enjoy every. single. minute of it.  They have everything I need and believe.

My body’s hunger


Dream Life:

Oh so much. I am not comfortable sharing……yet 🙂

Grateful For:

The lovely day I spent with my mom.  It was PERFECT. Why? I Was calm. Relaxed. Myself. Took my time. Listened. Enjoyed and Appreciated every single moment

my friends – They truly are amazing

My peace and quiet

Amazing authors and their books

And of course, COFFEE (Wawas $1 days have ended, I am sad, sad, sad)


Your Turn:

How will YOU use your creativity this week?  

Would love to hear your comments!!!

Healthy Lifestyle

Let It Be …..Me

Happy February! Some inspirational people in my life are challenging me to get myself back I to blogging. Whether no one reads and follows or millions do. This is for me. This is about me. Maybe it will resonate with you as well

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one of my yoga teachers reminded me that as a children we have no fear.

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We don’t tell ourselves stories that we aren’t good enough or compare ourselves to others. When we are beginning to walk, if we fall we get right back up and try it again. Determined. Resilient.

Then we begin to grow up and hear and believe stories. Friends. Family members. Teachers. Television. Social media, magazines, books and the list goes on.

Image result for how we are influenced

We lose ourselves. We lose that determination and most of all we lose Listening to our intuition. So how do we get back there? With all of these roadblocks in the way. It takes time and practice and failing. It means being uncomfortable. It means being wrong. It means feeling hurt. It means doubting ourselves, no longer listening to our truth.

So I am trying to just let it be and accept myself and others around me. We all have different beliefs, values, and ways to handle things. We all have things that are important to us, that may be insignificant to others. How do we deal and cope?  The answer is not clear cut.  I think it depends on your own self. What is a trigger for you? What are you very passionate about? What are you able to look past about others? What are you able to understand, even if you don’t agree, about others? What is it that prevents you from speaking your truth?  Fear. For me, that is what it has been. Fear that others will not accept me, or think I am weird, or wrong. I have spent years thinking I was wrong, only now am I seeing, that I am right for ME.  I will be diving in and exploring values that are important to me. I will fight for what I feel and believe. I don’t want to sit back and just ignore, nod my head or say “Well I am not going to change their mind, so why bother”. What I think and have to say IS important.  I will speak up when I feel I need to .

For now…..


Inspired By:

  • People that speak up for what they believe in
  • beautiful words and stories
  • my current 8th-grade students. I cannot believe how FAR they have come since 6th grade. It is amazing to see the growth
  • tiny houses and those who choose to live in them
  • independence
  • social media detoxes/breaks
  • those that have the courage to start anew, or keep going
  • those that have suffered a huge loss and still remain positive, and give or fight for others



Nothing.  Still, do not own a television. Nor do I have any desire to.

Image result for do not own a television


Running On Empty 

How to Date Men When You Hate Men  – (COMPLETED) 2/5 stars. You can click the link for my review

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (RE-READ)

Thinking About:

  • There are just some days I do not feel like doing anything. I don’t feel like going to yoga. I don’t feel like being with others. I don’t feel like going outside. I don’t feel like staying home I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING, and I don’t feel like FEELING like that……This is a struggle.  I think the fear sets in and I panic, “What if I always will feel this way?”  This is a story. This is untrue. This passes. This is what I need to remember
  • Image result for i dont feel like doing anything but want to do something
  • Black History Month – How can I recognize my privilege? What can I do? How can I teach my students? How can I speak up or stand up?
  • deleting/hiding some people/sites I follow on social media that push and focus on weight and exercise in an unhealthy manner.
  • The guy that came to a yoga class late, walked on my mat and hit me in the head with his mat…..I am trying to understand that he just did not know any better. BUT I have a hard time not understanding how people can be so oblivious to personal space? I also know that I am very sensitive to this issueImage result for personal space

Listening To:

O.L.D. Podcast – I love these so much! I listen to the latest episodes DAILY !  THey have 5-6 different categories. Health/Fitness, Personal Development, Finance, Relationships (Currently on a break, as the host is on maternity leave), and I believe a new dating podcast.  My personal favorite…..Personal Development. There is a minimalist Monday which is always great.  The episodes are actually blog posts and articles that are read aloud by the hosts!  It is an awesome way to begin my day with some Positivity

Forever35 – awesome podcast about self care WITHOUT the focus on weight, exercise, etc.  Relatable topics and guest hosts!  ALways excited for the latest episode!  (Plus product reviews)

Friendshipping – Great podcast with callers/writers asking for friendshipping advice!  Love hearing the problems and the creative ways the hosts offer ideas and solutions!
Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult – Really enjoying this so far!


Dream Life:

Letting go of all the guilt I hold and just being “happy and free”.  It is slowly happening, so I know this dream is becoming more and more a reality.

Image result for letting go of guilt

Grateful For:

My mom’s return from her trip!  I missed her and am excited to hear all about it (and see pictures)

My friends – that actually listen and let me have a voice.

$1 coffee at Wawa……until Feb 14th!

Your Turn

  1.  What is something YOU are passionate about?
  2. What do you do when you “don’t feel like doing anything”?
  3. How have you recently spoken up/out or said your truth?