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  • My mom and aunt. img_3918They have such a nurturing passion to take care of others. This reminds me so much of my grandmother.  They both have passion and expertise in cooking and baking.  I am inspired by how much time, energy, effort and most of all LOVE they put into their cooking.

I do not have the pull, and quite honestly am completely happy and satisfied eating the same old things…..this article talks about it and I am not ashamed (anymore). I am who I am, like what I like and that’s all! I think if I had a family, things would be different because I am not sure everyone would be satisfied with the same foods all the time, but, my quirks are all mine and I am quite content with them



  • My mom and aunt make pierogies 🙂Image result for pierogies
  • The sunshine for longer days!Image result for daylights saving
  • 9-5 by the Moorestown High School theater. What a great show!! So much talent! (quite funny too!)




All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

4 stars. Such a great book! Could not put it down. It was a light read with some serious topics (trigger warning: Infertility)  Follows a relationship through its ups and downs. Relationships always start out with so much hope. Is it possible to have that last?


This book was so different. It was not your typical “romance fairy tale.” It had depth and emotion. The true struggles of relationships. And the importance of communication.  The devastation of infertility and the problems it caused. I believe the couple in this book had great communication skills, which ended up saving them. So many people (myself included, I am still learning) lack this. I really believe communication needs to be stressed more than ANYTHING else in schools, life, work.  We put a lot of emphasis on other things and yet this is the most important thing for any relationship.

Infidelity was also covered.  It is difficult to say whether or not infidelity would be a deal breaker for me.  There are so many different situations and reasons for it. I personally have not seen it bring people closer, but do know it is possible.

Just a great story. Realness

Currently reading:

All These Beautiful Strangers

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Want to read:

Verity by Colleen Hoover


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  • Marriage as an institution? A friend recently went live with this discussion. Quite interesting. I have so many thoughts about this!  There are many components that make up marriage and factors that play a role. I am divorced and not sure I would ever get married again. However, my experiences have molded this and I am very aware of that (and very ok as well).  The relationships around me have not always been the healthiest, therefore my own relationships had never been healthy.  I am finally learning myself and only allowing things (and people) I want into my life. I am continuously working towards remaining true to myself and others, and this is not always well accepted. I am ok with that! I wasn’t for a very long time. Image result for i am ok with that meme
  • Something I recently heard, from the wise Ashley Ford, that really stuck with me and describes how I feel in words that I can not better express.

“I have learned to enjoy being by myself and loving myself, I have learned to enjoy those little moments by myself to enjoy my solitude.  If you are to show up in my life, you need to be BETTER than my solitude.”

YES.  That is all. 

That is going to be tough.

My entire life was spent trying to find ways to fit into THEIR life, (friends, boyfriends, family, husbands, etc) I did not have too many preferences for how I wanted my life to go. Now I do. I won’t ever give that up.


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Bad on Paper Podcast




Dream Life

Unconditional love and acceptance, of myself, for myself, by others, for others

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Picnics, books, and iced coffee 🙂

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Grateful For

  • longer days
  • My VERY clever colleague and friend for recommending speechify app.  Initially, I thought this would be great for my students AND it is, but I can also LISTEN to blog posts, emails, and much more! Love it and SOOOO easy to use!!  Check it out! So many awesome features. You can even change the voices to real people names 🙂  Clever!

Your Turn

  1. What are YOUR thoughts about marriage?
  2. West Side Story or Seussical ? which one!

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