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“Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It doesn’t make me mean, selfish, or uncaring just because I don’t do things your way. I care about me, too.” ~Christine Morgan

  • My Needs Matter Too 
    • It continues to be a work in progress for myself. Setting boundaries have always been difficult. Telling others no or exactly how I feel, always caused anxiety. It is scary not knowing how others will react, but what is more telling is how they DO. Been learning a lot about myself and others, if you struggle with boundaries, read this
  • Rejection sucks! Whether it be in your love life, family members, a new (or existing) job opportunity. The only way to get better at rejection? Do it, then do it again. It’s exposure therapy. The more comfortable you feel being rejected, the less you’ll fear it……Ouch, yes,  BUT A much needed “Ouch”. Read about it here: You Win Some, You Lose Some. 
  • Purge untrue thoughts. You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.  Behind every stressful feeling is an untrue thought.  Before the thought, you weren’t suffering, but after the thought, you began to suffer.  When you recognize that the thought isn’t true, once again there is no suffering.  When you change your thoughts, you change your life.  So next time you catch a thought stressing you out, ask yourself these four questions:
    • Is it true? – This question can change your life. Be still and ask yourself if the thought you’re dealing with is true. Can I be absolutely, 100% certain that it’s true? – This is another opportunity to open your mind and to go deeper into the unknown, to find the answers that live beneath what you think you know.
    • How do I feel when I think this thought? – With this question, you begin to notice internal cause and effect.  You can see that when you believe the thought, there is a disturbance that can range from mild discomfort to outright panic and fear. 
    • What do you feel?  How do you treat the situation (or person) you’re thinking about, how do you treat yourself, when you believe that thought?  Be specific.
    • Who would I be, and what would I do differently, if I were not thinking this thought? – Imagine yourself in your situation (or in the presence of that person), without believing the thought.  How would your life be different if you didn’t have the ability to even think this stressful thought?  How would you feel?  Which do you prefer – life with or without the thought?  Which feels more peaceful?


  • “Work at learning to have fun. Apply yourself with the dedication to learning enjoyment. Work as hard at learning to have fun as you did at feeling miserable.”Image result for have fun


The turtles coming out to sunbathe in the warm sun!Image result for turtles sunbathe





Dream Life

  • I love bookstores and libraries. How cool is this library travel guide! I hope my parents get to check out the one in Poland while they are there!
  • Most adorable comics of introverts. I think I can relate!


  • That I have not stayed in any of these hotel fails!! Dying!
    • Check out the sink………..The Sink In My Hotel Room (Helsinki)


  • What did heck did we/I do before the internet!
  • Healing Emotional Triggers
    • Some of my emotional triggers:  Food and diet talk. Appearances. I have made great strides in these areas, these are more along the lines of people still caught up in “backward” concepts about the diet and health industry. Compliments are actually what REALLY trigger me. I hate it and dread when someone tells me something nice. I don’t take it that way. I take it as pressure UPON MYSELF to continue to keep up with that image. It’s a trigger to me because I’m trying to do the opposite I’m trying to rest and relax more and not keep pushing myself. Yet others see this is such a positive trait. I agree it can be positive and work towards my benefit but it can also be debilitating

      I was an easy target in elementary middle and high school. I already had a “different” family, Polish traditions, Polish language. I was ashamed of this for a long time. I wish I could travel back and time and tell myself to let those things SHINE. Those are what make me unique and set me apart. I had a brother who was on the severe end of the autism spectrum and nonverbal. This was unknown at the time and people were “Scared” I had many other things going on as well. I took it upon myself to be the perfect daughter, student, and everything. When I couldn’t live up to that I felt like such a failure. I became a very easy target I was picked on and teased and came home upset more often than not. It resulted in school avoidance and really struggling in social and academic ways. I am very angry with those who bullied me. I do understand that they had their own issues and it was easier to take the focus off them and put it on me. Yet I am very bitter that they have caused so much pain in my life. Maybe deep down angry with myself for allowing it to affect me as it did. I was a child. I thought there was something wrong with me. Now, I see it clearly….It was not me that was the problem. Today I am building and growing strong. In a way it was a blessing, I would’ve never gotten to where I am today if it were not for my previous experiences. Maybe this is the reason why I teach….
      Other emotional triggers: my choice to be child-free, single (and happy), being an introvert, and people abusing drugs and/or alcohol

  • Sometimes the reason we struggle with stress and insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes circumstances with everyone else’s public highlight reel.  Give it up.  Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 15.  Follow your own path, write your own life story, and never give up on yourself.

    Next time you catch yourself comparing your life situation to someone else’s, refer to these two formulas:

    Happiness formula = Do YOUR very best and feel good about it.
    Unhappiness formula = Compare yourself to everyone else.

    • Thinking so much about this lately. I feel pretty confident in myself and CAN say I am really content with who I am. Do I think I’m perfect? NO WAY.  Far from it. Yet the one thing I have not done for quite some time (and trust me I have many things I do instead that are not very desirable), is wish I were someone else. I like who and what I am so much, I want to keep it all to myself. I fear someone will “steal” that away from me. This is something I am working on, so in a sense, this is my way of comparing myself. Maybe deep down I think my uniqueness will be taken away?  I don’t know. I know it is irrational and silly. It is not a pleasant feeling. Yet I want to keep it all to myself, like a selfish little toddler.  I like who I am and I like the uniqueness in the choices of the foods that I eat the activities that I do the way I do things etc and want YOU to come up with your own uniqueness.

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