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Triggers, not always a bad thing


  • Have not read this yet, but I think we should ALL read this Especially if you are working, parenting, wife-ing, friending, breathing…
  • The Bride Test – really enjoying this! About 75% complete and I am hooked!
  • Loving this book rec from a friend as well!
  • Confess by Colleen Hoover. Yup, she did it again. Loved it, although I found it a bit triggering, although mental and physical abuse were not a huge part of this book, something struck me about it


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Very triggering but very enlightening. I read a book, Confess by Colleen Hoover, and it surprisingly was very triggering for me. Brought up many emotions I have been keeping inside. Today as I have been reflecting on my week and my anger, hurt, bitterness, pain, I can see why. The book is lovely and a beautiful story, but it includes abuse. Emotional and physical. Now, I take FULL responsibility for all of my relationships, and in no way have I dealt with what many others have, but it made me a bit sad that I allowed so much multiple times, over and over. I am SO Grateful today that I have learned lessons through all of those experiences to make me see things much clearer and make smart choices for myself moving forward. SO I am not sad, upset, resentful or upset, just RAW. The memories are painful. They are shameful and yet eye-opening.
We are constantly told to “THink positive!” “Look at the BRIGHT side of things”, “Make the best of what you have” “IF life hands you lemons….you know the rest of this”. SCREW THAT. I want to feel and see and remember ALL Those painful things because that is what made me grow and made me move forward. I LOVE this little activity I came across. If you are currently or in the past struggling with a relationship that you have ended or given space to, Make a list of all the REASONS that you made that choice! Write it, list it, hang it up! Look at it each time you feel yourself wavering and wanting to give someone another chance (Not that there is anything wrong with that) But if someone is stuck and unwilling to work on themselves too, you need to move on. You made a choice intuitively, stay with that. Trust yourself. YOU are not wrong. Your feelings are your feelings. Don’t sway. Most often our intuition steers us right. How many times have you gone back to things hoping things would be better and different this time. How many times did that last? I do believe everyone deserves a second (or third or fourth) chance, but sometimes we just know…#strong

  • Well damn, I think I could have written this…..INFJs are a unique breed. Making up only 1-2 percent of the population, this rare Myers-Briggs personality type is a paradox of traits. Called “the counselor” or “the advocate,” INFJs are fascinated by people and love serving them. However, their introverted nature clashes at times with their desire to sustain meaningful relationships.   Here are the main points the article goes into depth, which I honestly felt like I wrote myself
    • 1. Sometimes I self-sabotage my chances at friendship.

    • 2. Most Friday nights, I’d love to be left completely alone.

    • 3. I can totally destroy a hobby – yup, I am the MASTER of this

    • 4. I let people off too easily.  – Not so much anymore

Grateful For

Dreaming About

Milos, Greece. WHATTTTTTTT!


Visiting Tennessee is on my bucket list. Here is an awesome place and exhibit to visit if I or YOU go anytime soon 🙂

The best weekend road trips to take this summer. Some great ideas!

What a beautiful, feminine and classy dress! Classy girls wear pearls wears it sooo soo well. If it’s in your budget go for it sadly it is not in mine

Inspired By

  • Really want to and SHOULD read this book, The Attention MerchantsLots of people make New Year’s resolutions that focus on conserving something. Some people pledge to eat less junk food. Others will commit to saving more money.

    Columbia University law professor Tim Wu has a suggestion for something else people should consider conserving: attention. In his new book The Attention Merchants, Tim argues that our mental space is constantly being hijacked.

    “You go to your computer and you have the idea you’re going to write just one email. You sit down and suddenly an hour goes by. Maybe two hours. And you don’t know what happened,” Tim says.

    “This sort of surrender of control over our lives speaks deeply to the challenge of freedom and what it means to be autonomous.”

    Companies ranging from Google to Fox News have found ways to grab our attention, package it, and then make money off it by selling it to advertisers. On this week’s Hidden Brain, we discuss the strategies newspapers, television shows, and websites use to harvest our attention.

  • The EIGHT types of friends!  Which one are you??? Read more here
  • Timeless decor.  Yes, please!
  • Mental burnout is real. As an introvert and empath, this hits me HARD. I think my current struggle is #2 – Indecision. I make a decision then question it. I go back and forth weighing the pro’s and cons, all my options, and it is just plain exhausting. Read more here
  • More on ethical clothing. The more and more I read, the less I want to purchase anything ever again from Target, walmart, amazon, etc. We consume so much. It is ridiculous. It is so unhealthy and a search for happiness. But the only thing it is, is irresponsible Read this
  • I THINK I FOUND MY FIRST “ARTICLES CLUB” read  So many great points. Wow.
    “Men drain the emotional life out of women,”  Read it and let me know if you would be interested in an Articles Club discussion!  Date:  TBD!


  • Into the Woods performed by DIS. What a lovely show! So much talent from such youth!! (Were they really 3rd and 4th graders!) Wow, so much potential! ❤  So much fun and so much personality. I was a bit partial to an amazing little wolf in the show…<3Image result for into the woods play


A few of my favorites:

Trader Joes:  Cocoa Butter Lotion (Thank you to my cousin for introducing this to me!), fresh flower bunches, $1 cards for all occasions, peony candle, greek yogurt, horseradish hummus

Wegmans:  Salad Cheese Blend Mix, best prices on yogurt cups

Wawa:  Decaf and French Vanilla Coffee, the Wawa app (I have received numerous rewards (free coffee!)

Congratulations to my friend “A”. He is one of the kindest, caring, determined and dedicated people I know. This week he SUCCESSFULLY took his Final Exam in math and Kicked Butt!

Target:  This seaweed scrub is amazing I love how it smells and makes me feel squeaky clean, Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is amazing

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