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  • How much I learned about myself over the past 12 days of my trip overseas. I found myself in many uncomfortable situations, yet somehow I was able to make the best of them and persevere.  I am really proud of myself and my experiences.  The biggest lesson? I can do things I am uncomfortable with, and continuing to voice myself and be heard helps in so many ways.


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The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Normal People 


The Unbreakables – 3.5 stars. This was a quick and enjoyable read for me!

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Red, White, and Royal Blue

The Right Swipe

The Wild Woman’s Way

Lock Every Door

I read so much and so often, then sometimes I can’t remember a recent book that I JUST READ. This makes me so sad! Love this article and these tips and I will be doing this (Not every single book, but especially non-fiction)



To live in the United States – the conveniences we have. Sometimes stepping back and away from them is eye-opening, I always return from trips feeling so grateful ❤

For Freedom and diversity

For spending time with my family and parents in Poland (our first time all together there since I was 3!)

For having a safe flight to and from Poland

For being able to live the fairytale of Prague

For speaking up for myself

For finding and enjoying  connection (Surprise!!)

For my big, cozy, fluffy bed

Being able to stretch out


For realizing, slowly, what I truly need and want

My large shower

exploring nooks and crannies in foreign places


Inspired Byimg_1801

Loving relationships, making it known that it is possible

How little some people have, yet make the most and best of every little thing

Clear communication, standing my ground

The hospitality of others – I was SO spoiled and taken care of in Poland, something DIFFICULT for me to accept, and uncomfortable. Image may contain: food

One of my many breakfasts by “Chef Anna”

This “I Don’t” List 


My Poland and Prague Trip, Part I

I just spent 12 days traveling all over Poland and Prague. This was surely an adventure and experience I will remember for a lifetime. I really learned so much about Poland, my family and myself.

My flight from Newark to Krakow was wonderful. I had one smooth connection in Frankfurt and was on my way again!  Getting off the plane I was incredibly nervous, I had not seen my cousin Ania since I was 3 or 4 years old!  What if we did not get along? What if we were too different? What if we had nothing to talk about?  Sure enough, my nerves were put to rest as soon as I stepped off the plane and saw this welcoming sign, hahaha, Perfect, we will get along JUST FINE


Ania’s brother and his fiance joined us for the trek. We drove back a little over an hour to Ania’s lovely town of Dabrowa Gornicza, Where I would spend the next 4 days.  Ania took me up to her lovely condo, introduced me to her 16-year-old son, Michael, we had some coffee and then went to visit her parents. Here is their home (Cool clock, right!!!)IMG_1907[1]

I was feeling quite beaten, not having slept for over 24 hours, but was still going strong. We finally went back to Ania’s and settled in for the night.  I was still in awe that I was actually in Poland with my family and my cousin that I had pen-paled with all year during the school year.

The next day, Monday, we set off for our first adventure. We decided to visit Częstochowa, home to the famous “Black Madonna”.Image result for black madonna poland This brings pilgrimages from all over the world to see her beauty and glory.  Here is some information and things to do in Czestochowa. 

On our drive to Czestochowa, I was in desperate need of coffee thanks to my lack of sleep and jet lag, so we came across this adorable little Alpaca farm and coffee shop!

When we finally arrived at Czestochowa, we were greeted by beautiful songs and music as pilgrimages approached the church!IMG_1914 And of course I had to begin my **headstand challenge, so I found the opportunity and took it, sort of 🙂


**The headstand challenge was started by a fellow yogi friend of mine who recently travelled to Dubai, Croatia and Krakow, he performed headstands all around those countries and I opted to continue the trend to see how long we can keep this going

We toured the grounds and the church from the ground and in the air…


We then made our way into the quaint little town for some lunch and of course some photo ops…

Popcorn Salad @ Awokado

It was such a lovely, fun-filled day. Lots of laughs, sights and of course delicious food.

Tuesday we decided to do a bike tour of Dabrowa Gornicza, specifically the Pogoria Lakes.  There are 4 of them, each so unique and special.  It was such a fun day and especially viewing it all on a bike!  We ended our trip by having coffee at the lovely waterfront restaurant my cousin celebrated her big 4-0 !

Later that evening we wanted to spend some time with Ania’s brother and his fiance. 16 year old “Pro gamer”, decided he’d like to join us and tag along. Guess we are all still sorta cool 🙂

We went to one castle, Zamek Siewierski, and it was breathtaking. We arrived as the sun was setting, and it was just a beautiful and peaceful time to explore the grounds. IMG_1938

We stopped for a delicious fish dinner as well
And finally one last stop before heading home (and heading to bed) we stopped by my cousin’s school, where our pen paling adventure all began.

Another jam-packed, adventurous day, just the way I like it.


Finally, Wednesday arrived and it was time to drive to the Tatra mountains to Zakopane, where I would meet up with my parents and aunt and uncle at their cabin getaway……  The drive was long and filled with traffic, but we made it and I was so thrilled to see my parents smiling faces and big, huge, hug from mom

We said our hello’s and hit the famous Krupowki street in Zakopane. It is a cobblestone street filled with wonderful shops, crafts, cheeses, restaurants. I especially loved the Empik store (similar to our Barnes and Noble) and the coffee shop, Costa Coffee (comparable to Starbucks).  The Cukiernia’s (Bakeries) were scattered throughout the street as well, always able to find a great pastry or cup of coffee there



Goralski Praliny – highly recommendIMG_1956IMG_1955IMG_1953IMG_1952IMG_1951IMG_1949IMG_1948IMG_1947

After dinner my cousin and her parents left Zakopane and headed back to their homes…..part 2 of my adventure was to begin (to be continued)


Also, lunch, not pictured here , highly recommend


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