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“Everyone’s always going through something, aren’t they?…..

That’s life, basically. It’s just more and more things to go through.”

― Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends


Conversations With Friends – 4/5 stars.  I really enjoyed this book SO MUCH. Perfect length, great topics and REAL.  The beauty and ugliness of friendships. Reality. The unconventional


The Wives – hooked. Only a few chapters in, but find myself excited to get back into it!

Want to read:




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About intimacy…..How do I (and YOU) push love away?

  • I push people away when I start to feel down on myself for being……..myself.  I doubt myself, my likes, my needs, because I feel they are not right, then I distance myself from others out of fear. Fear they will not like/love me as I really am.  I try, I experiment, and I come back to my true self. Putting myself out there right away is always a struggle and difficult. It is not in my nature.  Yet those that stick around get to experience all of the things I do love about myself.  Love this article in NYT about How to Have Closer Friendships.  A few key points:
    • Quality over quantity (absolutely)
    • being and allowing myself to accept help from others (so hard)
    • accepting we are ALL a work in progress, we are allowed to make mistakes, change our minds
    • choose to focus on friendships that truly serve CARRP
    • accepting that what I need/want in a friendship, is not the same for everyone
    • being a better listener myself
    • taking risks, not worrying about losing friendships
  • I push people away by being “busy”.  Its easier to be busy doing my “thing”. That is SAFE. Going out of my comfort zone = scary = possibility of rejection.
  • I push people away by dating/letting in the wrong ones. That gut instinct is right and smart, I need to listen to it more. Allow more of the right in, although they may not be as exciting
  • I push people/love away by not letting down my guard.  I protect myself. Act like I am tough, independent and do not need anyone. The truth is? I do. I need people. I want to be taken care of (in ways). This is extremely difficult for me to let go of and allow. There is so much shame/guilt involved in needing or wanting.


I love:  Coffee shops/cafes, book stores, libraries, yoga classes/workshops, museums.

Swoon ❤

Vegetable Chowder – Yum, maybe when it is not 70 degrees out 🙂

This and this sound delicious!


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Positivity.  I love surrounding myself with positive people. They work so hard, play harder and try to genuinely enjoy life. One thing I find in common with this “type” of person, is their gratitude

By those who offer and give themselves and their services. They genuinely want to spend time with you and share their secrets  (“K” this is YOU!!!)



introvert time

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(I choose mermaid)

cozy reading

Ski time

Travel:  Austria (check THIS place out!!! Thank you K!), Las Vegas, Southern France, Iceland, Southern California, just to name a few spots

A yoga retreat

the perfect coffee (for me) that I can make at home




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