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“In the stillness, everything happens.

In the silence, everything is said.” ― Drew Gerald


Just finished this, and it was a great mystery, breezed through it

So excited that I just began this one, it takes place in….Philadelphia!!  Later this month I plan on seeing the author (Liz Moore) speak AND guess what? I am hosting my FIRST official book club and guess what we are reading! You guessed it. Long Bright River!Image result for book club

 14 books by black woman you have to read


Love these cool and unique date ideas and will be partaking in a few for sure!

I hate not understanding or not being good at something. Hate is a gentle word. As how I really feel is @#$&*%=-+#*2!!!!!!! My head is spinning! Trying to gain an understanding of stocks and options but there is just so much information. Will need to schedule another coffee chat with my brilliant friend soon to guide me !

Focus. Focus. Focus. I feel so overwhelmed. There are 50 plates spinning ahead of me and I don’t know which one to stop and tackle first. Ever feel that way? So many wonderful and exciting things in my present and future. How do I enjoy and give my 100% to all? Need to figure out a plan for myself ….. start small. Form a plan. One step and minute and hour at a time.

  • Fun: plan one fun thing to do each week with someone (movie. Art museum. Dinner. Coffee and talk. Game night. Puzzle night, etc)
  • Work: work on a schedule for my meetings and what I need to prepare for each. Then prepare for one meeting at a time
  • Health. Schedule the doctors appointments I need to
  • Networking. Schedule one meeting this week to talk and brainstorm

When I write it out it becomes clearer and more manageable. Small steps. The anxiety and excitement still overcome me. Yet it seems real and doable.

Would love your tips on balance ? How do you manage?

Tired. About hearing about couples. Singles. Partners. That choose to remain childless. It is quite annoying, the commentary, the judgments.  I love that our society is headed in the direction of”no norms” but we still have a long way to go. We do not tell people to NOT have children. So why do we feel the need to tell them they should??. Their lives will be happier and more fulfilled with them? Can we accept that this may just not be the case for many? Without question and judgement ? Diet culture (don’t get me started) Children. Marriage. Success. Job security. Etc etc etc. It is time now to accept that times are different. There is no “norm”. Please let’s stop feeding into it.

Myths and stories we continue to tell:

  1. Something must be wrong with his/her/them for choosing not to want to have children -false
  2. Fat is unhealthy and lazy- false
  3. Believing we are all equal – false.
  4. Everyone has the same opportunity to become successful. false
  5. Fit = healthy. False
  6. Not being married makes you a flirt, not-ready to settle. Etc. False
  7. You should like everyone False
  8. We should do and say things that make everyone happy. False
  9. Insert your own here … get the idea

What are some of your old beliefs that you can challenge and think about differently ?


This time last year, I would NEVER have done as much socially as I have in the past few months. I owe this to 1) Myself, for being open 2) the right people that accept and encourage and make things enjoyable

By the brilliant people that surround me. It’s exciting and invigorating to see how others can help me work towards my goals and create new ones I never knew were possible.



This morning I was drinking my coffee , gazing out the window and just ……….relaxing. Wow, if you know me, or know me by now, you know that this is something I severely struggle with. Partially I think if I ease up or relax a bit, that I am being……lazy. Not sure how this arose, and oddly enough, I don’t judge others for resting and relaxing (in fact I often encourage it) Yet for myself, I push and push, and if I don’t, I fill my head with guilty “thoughts”, so THINKING about this, I am so “hard” in all areas of my life. I feel it , the constant push, the masculine side of me, pushing away the feminine. I struggle with the softness and more gentle approach, even though I (secretly) prefer it most times.  So I am looking for ways to be softer in all areas of my life.  Including the foods I eat, the movement I do, the attention I give others, the self judgment, the strength in my musles.  find times when I do NOT feel strong, I am miserable and agitated and feel like I can’t cope. A constant reminder that this is just one aspect of me. The weakness, tiredness , lack of motivation. It will pass and balance out with strenght, energy and motivation. Without feeling the softer side, the strong side wil never be at its best .Image result for we all have a feminine and masculine

I always have journaled. I love how it makes me feel and I love leaving something behind. It’s fun to occasionally go back and read things. Sometimes I feel like a stranger within my own body ! (Did I really write that?).

Recently came across a post where the authors mother had journaled every day for her entire life. Even if it was a little something about what she ate for dinner or how the weather was. Now that her mother is no longer around she has this wonderful memory to go back to! I love this idea and concept and wish others in my family (hint hint mom!) would try this! It’s incredibly therapeutic! No matter how down I feel a little bit of journaling always makes me feel better too! ***do it for at least 5 to 10 minutes and don’t give up! I am currently using a paper journal as well as this app. This has been the best no frills app for journaling. I have tried many! Simple and to the point. Easy to navigate.Image result for journal entries from 1950

This weekend I went on a mini-retreat. Just to rest and relax out of my typical environment (Sadly, this is the only way I can relax, when I am OUT of my current environment)  It was a quick 2 hour trip to the pocono mountains, and as great and needed as it was, I was disappointed with my choice of hotel and spa.  I am not going to bad mouth on here, if interested reach out to me personally for info, but I was not a fan and will NOT be back for many reasons. Lesson learned, so no harm done!

A few POSITIVE things about my trip were :

  • won a few $$ playing roulette (go me! First-time newbie)
  • had the most fabulous drink (smoked Paloma)Smoked Paloma Cocktail Paloma Cocktail, Refreshing Drinks, Smoke, Vape, Smoking, Actingand meal (falafel) at The Frogtown Chophouse
  • Amazing veggie burger @ GUY FIERI’S MT. POCONO KITCHEN
  • did some outlet shopping
  • was actually able to relax
  • tried a new yoga class and LOVED it



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