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Reading has been SO difficult for me during this time of “stillness”.  I have been even struggling with audio-books, which normally are my guilty pleasure. However, the past week or so my anxiety has finally ceased (coincidence that it was also spring break? Hmmm)  and I have really gotten into some great books!! I am finding easy, breezy, uplifting light reads to be my go to right now.

  • In Five Years by Rebecca Serle
    • This was FABULOUS. I gave it 5/5 stars!  It was definitely a little sad and a tear jerker, but still uplifting!
  • The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley
    • Super cute, light, fun and a little sad, but AGAIN in an uplifting way! 4/5 stars
  • The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell
    • This had so many great reviews but I just could NOT get into it. I ended up trudging through it and gave it 2/5 stars. I am surprised because it is a psychological thriller, RIGHT up my alley, but many at this time, NOT what I need/want
  • My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell
    • Ugh, this book, I hated and loved it all at once. It was VERY dark. It was definitely depressing and a bit annoying, but I believe that is the point. It is a fictional story of  a teacher/student relationship. Deals with abuse, so if it is a trigger , stay away. Although this book was DARK, I feel it would make for a GREAT book club discussion! So many topics and points of views! IF YOU READ IT WOULD LOVE TO CHAT WITH YOU!! ZOOM date?? 🙂
  • Catch and Kill:  Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators
    • DNF (Did not finish) I Was supposed to have a real life book club for this book BUT then Covid happened. We intended to do a virtual book club BUT no one had finished or seemed to enthusiastic. I had to force myself to sit and read. Maybe now I’ll pick it up again….maybe
  • My friend, “A”, recommended this UNIQUE read by Lena Dunham!  She decided to write a “Chapter a Day” and release it daily. It was SO much fun and a light, trashy read to get lost in during this uncertain time. If you are looking for an easy distraction, something that you can easily spend 10-15 per day on, I highly recommended checking out “Verified Strangers”By Lena Dunham.  The books is complete, chapter 20 was posted on Friday, and it was really fun to read and chat about!

Currently Reading/Want to Read


Some days are better than others. I find myself feeling completely “OK I have got this! I am going to enjoy every moment and minute I can!” to the extreme of wanting to just break down and cry.


Trying NOT to think so much, when I begin to think ahead too much or about the future I freak myself out.   I start telling myself stories and need to bring myself back that these are just STORIES

I am doing MUCH better than I thought I would be. Change is so difficult for me. My old routine has been completely displaced and upturned, and I am OK with it!  Yes, I have many moments of tears but I also have many (more) moments of shining bright

Thinking about creating my own yoga flow video and sharing it with whoever would like it 🙂


  1. I am feeling so emotional and vulnerable right now. Things I have not felt in FOREVER are surfacing. This stillness is really forcing me to look inside. Which is hard but so, so , SO necessary.Feeling Vulnerable Quotes. QuotesGram
  2. I have always prided myself on being independent and strong , “I don’t need anyone but myself”.  Well , although, YES that is definitely me, guess what ? I am accepting and acknowledging that somethings I need and want attention, people, love and to feel cared for. I Need You Pictures, Images, Graphics
  3. I am in the process of sharing some of this LOVE that I have to offer with a fluffy friend.  Stay tuned……fingers crossed!
  4. I have rearranged my furniture in a way that is MUCH more comfortable and practical for me. I am a reader, yogi, and journaling enthusiast. I have changed my living/family room area to create a space for all of my needs. Currently working on my meditation corner 🙂 Quick Tips to Creating Your Perfect Meditation Space | Joybird
  5. I have gone into self project mode and am doing some much needed home renovating that I have not really had the time to do!  Last week I ordered and hung some black out curtains in my bedroom, to help me get a more restful night’s sleep! (Its been helping!)
  6. Cooking and baking! I have made bread, vegan stuffed cabbage, and next up will be a vegan cheesecake 🙂  Classic Cheesecake Recipe | Sally's Baking Addiction
  7. Did you know you can check how busy places are by googling ” How busy is (Wegmans, shop rite, etc)?  in your iphone google search?  Its worth a shot 🙂Google Maps for iOS Shows How Busy a Location is in Real-Time ...


Technology and internet

E-books, audiobooks & podcasts

My T.V. where I can stream my yoga videos and spotify playlists! (yup still not really using it to actually watch television )

My incredible parents.IMG_3378

My health (had a scare last week with a terrible stomach “thing”. I was down for 2 days and really appreciate my health and do not want to ever take that for granted

Amazing friends that are wiling to play my silly virtual games or hold chats with me

Fresh produce pick up

My amazing yoga community and teachers for all their dedication and hard work in posting videos for us!

These beautiful days filled with sunshine and warmth, and equally grateful for the rainy days that remind me to SLOW DOWN


People and connection (Message me to set up a zoom/google hangout/facetime “date”)

My yoga classes, teacher and fellow yogi’s

Wawa coffee, self serve. I miss the brown cup and little red straw…..

Attention. ME! ME! ME! ME!! I am feeling quite needy at the moment. No shame!

A walk along the beach

Sun beating down on my face

Highlights and a haircut

Hugging my mom and our Friday night “dates”


Your Turn – Tell me!

  1.  What are you reading/read?
  2. How are you keeping yourself busy and occupied?
  3. How are you doing, REALLY?
  4. What are you enjoying about this quiet time?