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Boulder baby!

Wow.  Where do I begin with my mini getaway to beautiful Boulder?  I kept going back and forth about booking this trip and I am so glad I did. Colorado is unlike anywhere I have ever been

Due to a shorter spring break and Easter on Sunday I had only 2 1/2 days in Boulder,so I had to make sure I j packed it with everything I wanted to see and do!

Day 1:

after some minor delays with Delta I arrived in Boulder around 2pm. I grabbed my luggage (I was forced to check it in because I was told there was NO ROOM for my carry on, YET I did not yell and scream haha) and jumped on the AB bus to Boulder ($9 with local transfers if needed). The bus ride was a glimpse of what was ahead.  Snow capped mountains!

Image result for snow capped mountains colorado

I arrived in downtown Boulder and walked to my place right off of Pearl Street.  It was about a 15 min walk through a beautiful town!  I checked out my private Air B&B , put my luggage down and set off to see what was around! First,  I took a walk down Pearl Street. It was lovely & lively but not overcrowded.  I was a bit stiff from travel, so I decided to head to a yoga class (still on my mission to practice In every state!) This was also on my MUST DO/SEE/EXPERIENCE Boulder list, so I figured I would get it out of the way!

The walk was a bit longer than I expected but I enjoyed stretching my legs and taking on the scenery. The long walk gave me plenty of time to plan my night….. I  decided I would stop at Whole Foods to pick up some necessities and then  Zeal for dinner after class. So far so good !

Look how pretty….


Yoga.  I went to Radiance yoga studio.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I really wanted to take the hot Power yoga class, however, was a bit early and did not feel like waiting so I opted for a strength power class, which was just getting started.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I am used to and love vinyasa and flow type classes. This was a bit of flow and a lot of strength….which after my 4 am rise, traveling, walking etc. I was lacking. I liked the flow portion but the strength was a bit too slow and much for me. I did the best I could and was still glad I went otherwise I’d never know.  For what the class lacked for me the showers and changing room made up for !! It felt and looked very spa like and the shower after my day felt amazing.

The yoga studio is great. They even gave me a mat and towel to use no extra charge (I told them I was traveling, they were super accommodating), plus a teacher discount.   Total cost $17 🙂  There are MANY yoga studios scattered throughout Boulder, if you want hot yoga, try Radiance!


Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

This restaurant was recommended and I am glad I went. I had a late dinner here my first night in Boulder. It was so much fun and so much delicious.

Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

I began with a miso chickpea soup mug. It was served in a mug and I was told to help myself to the fixings at the miso bar!  How cool. I filled my mug with all wonderful things and spices then the chef poured the miso. I stirred it up and …asked for a spoon. I just can NOT drink my soup. It skeeves me out a bit.  This miso was amazing. I’d go back for it alone!

I did not get the juice flight (see above) I saw so many ordering it but I thought it was alcoholic….I should have asked. I was sleep deprived and was not really thinking straight NEXT TIME !
For my main course, I ordered the miso bowl (mushroom medley, greens,broccoli, tomato, eggplant, snap peas, chicken, chickpea miso broth over rice). I was expecting more of a rice bowl but instead, it was more of a soup.

Image result for miso mushroom medley bowl zeal

Also, I love mushrooms BUT not all kinds.  The ones in this dish….. I thought were a cruel joke ….they were slimy and the texture just did not sit with me, so the jersey girl in me politely sent it back ;). (I would have never done this a year or two ago so go me!).


Next, I opted for a BYO bowl with chicken, veggie medley, rice and a Thai peanut Sauce. Now this is blog worthy!!  There was a hint of sweetness that I was not a fan of , I would have preferred a bit more spice but overall pretty incredible 🙂

(I did not get the egg on mine)

I walked back slowly to my air b&b room to take in the excitement and live music and other performances along Pearl Street.

Image result for pearl street live music

Tulips are one of my FAVORITE flowers, so I was pleased to see beautiful displays everywhere along Pearl Street…



This was the street I stayed on

I was pretty zombie like when I finally got back to my room , I was SOOOOO happy to see and FEEL this nice, cozy, SUPER comfy bed…..Ahhhhh, lights out, rest up, BIG day tomorrow….The room provides plenty of light from the backyard.

Also, no television or lap top, so I had limited access to the “real world”, so it was quite relaxing!

To be continued..

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Wednesday Wants..

I feel like my last few posts have been pretty negative, so I wanted to lighten things up a bit with one of my Wednesday Wants posts!!


I want…………

to encourage anyone needed a lift me up, struggling with body image, or struggling with being comfortable in their own skin, to read this AMAZING (Free) Kindle read called Body Image Remix: by Summer Innanen (My all time FAVORITE blogger!)  The book is amazing and filled with self help and journal prompts. I seriously whipped through this book in one night 🙂 I still am working on the journal questions and go back whenever I need a pick me up!

Let me know what you think!!


I want…………

everyone to remember this

I want…………

to really learn MORE about yoga. The history (here) , the different types, and how to truly embrace it for what it is and let go on any misconceptions that I currently have about yoga.

I want…………

to make these again NOM NOM NOM

I want…………

to try wine ice cream (kinda)

Cherry Merlot actually sounds pretty yummy!

I want…………

to see Christmas lights. Drive around, drink hot cocoa and just get lost in the lights. Hell I want someone to take me and drive me around so I can see them!

I want…………

To share a “stare”

Each morning I have car duty at work. I help kids get out of the car, greet them and help them have a great start to their day

There is this one father, who absolutely LOVES his child more than words. How do I know this?

Well, it is now December, and he STILL rolls down the window, and stares at his son with a huge smile and watches him walk into the building

This melts my heart.

I want…………

to stop being so ashamed of my feelings and just OWN THEM

 I want…………

to listen to this udio book when I drive back to New Jersey for Christmas

Not That Kind of Girl

I want…………

These golden gals to get adopted (they are so soooo sweet!) 
I want………… 

I want…………

I want…………


 I want………… 
So cute

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Wednesday wants

Today I am #grateful for finding buried treasure like, friendship,  in unexpected places.


Wednesday Wants


I want

some inspiration and motivation back. I feel SO burnt out with life.  I really need to find a way to recharge and refresh in a meaningful way?

I feel I have had such a crazy past few months that I have not really allowed myself the rest my body needs. I am exhausted physically and mentally and that is getting me no where far.

I need to figure this out before it spins deeper out of control

I want

to do this Philly Walking Tour this Friday ❤

I want

to see a Burlesque show

strip tease orchestra at The World Cafe this Friday night

I want

to try pole dancing

I want

the lawn to magically mow itself 🙂

I want

to have more energy (again)

I want

to stop following so many blogs

They are only making me feel insufficient and lazy. I think a lot of my self worth comes from seeing what everyone else is doing and I feel like I should be doing MORE

I want

to share how I felt while mowing my parents lawn and my neighbors lawn service showing up during……



I want

my dad to continue with his artistic talent. He is so talented and made me this special surprise, which I adore ❤


I want need

a pedicure


I want

to figure out a way to read longer, withOUT falling asleep

I want

to see Paper Towns.

Paper Towns

I just finished the book last week (See my review here) and although did not really care for it much, still am drawn to see the movie. Maybe it will be better? Maybe?!

I want

some ice cream now

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Cooking Classy

My favorite? Either plain ol’ vanilla (soft serve) or Mint Chocolate Chip

This is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You

I want

To check out this NEW Polish Deli in Myrtle Beach ❤


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Un-Manic Monday 4.27.15

Happy Monday ! 🙂

It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL spring like week here in NJ! 🙂

How will your start making your week Un-Manic?


Wow. With the Bruce Jenner interview, a friend telling me about a student, and so much information about transgender….this article really struck me. It discusses what it is like to be a parent of a child that is transgender. Its beautiful and so incredible to see how a child feels stuck and so sad in their own identify. I think in a way, transgender or not, we can all relate

I am so glad that so much information and awareness is being shared , because I myself had NO clue about transgender-ism….until Now 🙂

What I Wish More People Knew About Raising a Transgender Child


Temple Grandin

CHL 0425 Autism Temple Grandin

I just want to give her a HUGE hug ❤

Ugh, I am so bummed I missed out on the Temple Grandin meet and greet session last week !  My friend and I BOTH signed up but were too late, even I think 2 months in advance!? Wow!  We were both placed on the “waiting list” which neither one of us heard anything else about.

I have read a few of her books and she really is INCREDIBLE. She has such insight and tips and shows the POSITIVE side of autism. She has also made me realize that I am the one that needs to adjust and change, so that I can help my students the best I can

Read all about her and her meet and greet HERE

Its NOT Temple, BUT it is an Autism Awareness in Schools campaign? It may be worth checking out. Its being held at Camden County College tomorrow at 6:30

Here is more info


Open Relationships

I just listened to a pod cast on Open Relationships. I will admit, I have always been AGAINST open relationships. I had a hard time seeing HOW it could work, however, now that I am not in a relationship, I can see how it can and may benefit SOME people. I say some, because I feel that BOTH parties really need to be on the same page, AND communicate, communicate COMMUNICATE.  Would I consider it? No.  Its just not for me. I am too jealous of a person, I don’t think I could ever… marriage is very intimate and special to me. I would not want to share that with anyone else, nor have my partner.  However, I can totally understand how some people feel differently.
So I have to say, after years of firm NO WAY JOSE attitude, I am going with “Whatever works for you, I will not judge”

I will say, isn’t it better to be in a open, honest relationship where you communicate, than a cheater? Lying and deceit is terrible. Trust is lost, completely. Open relationships are at least honest 🙂

What are YOUR thoughts on monogamy? Open relationship and Polyamorous relationships?


Calm ❤

Monday’s usually go either way for me. Extremely well or Extremely bad 🙂

Today was an EXCELLENT day. I firmly believe it was because of my attitude. My students ALL had a fabulous day. They were excited, happy, motivated. I was patient, and explained and expressed myself CLEARLY.  I took the time to focus on the issues at hand instead of trying to rush through and move on to the next task



My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

Wow. I love this book. It has sparked so many memories for me. I am about 75 % done and the one thing it makes me realize MOST is how much I wanted my brother to recover when he was very sick.

I did EVERYTHING in my power that I could to save him, or he his “keeper”. Yet I never stopped to think about what HE wanted or how HE felt. I thought I was doing something good, however I was doing something good for MYSELF

Loosing someone is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, we need to sometimes stop and ask what it is that THEY want.

I love you bobo and am so happy you fought for so long and made so much impact in so many lives. I am glad you are free and happy and watching over me ❤


Hmmm, I am contemplating whether or not to head to Myrtle Beach for Memorial weekend. Part of me wants to have some fun in the sun, part of me is scared!  Apparently bike week begins and the past few years things got a little craaaay cray!

What To Expect

Black Bike Week Do’s and Don’ts


6. Realize that some women don’t come to Black Bike week with the intention of riding on the back of a bike. They just come to hang out at Black Bike Week.

Festival of Violence 



I love Arman over at The Big Mans World

he posted this yummy looking Pho noodle salad

Healthy Pho Noodle Salad- This Healthy Pho Noodle salad is perfect for a weeknight light meal or served alongside your mains! Gluten free and chock full of delicious flavours, the delicious sauce used is paleo and vegan friendly- There is also a low carb version! @thebigmansworld

“S” and I have been on a “pho” kick. We talk about it all. the . time.   Yes we are obsessed. HE eats it about 3x per week, I think about it about 3x per week.

I have YET to make it. This week I WILL DO IT!


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Saturday Safes and Saves

With the weather getting warmer, longer days, I FEEL good and feel like doing things! Yay!

Beaus Dream Dog Park in Lancaster Pa

Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park

OMG a doxie tunnel?

A tennis ball tree!

Omg, puppy heaven!! I am super excited to visit this, probably more than Lily

Autism Awareness Month

Please join me in supporting Autism Awareness. If anything the past few years have taught me that WE need to learn more about autism. The fact is that many people and children on the spectrum are bright, intelligent and amazing. We need to learn how to change OUR thinking to better communicate and interact with individuals on the spectrum. Just like we have introverts, extroverts, people pleasers, ect, autism is not much differernt. How can YOU help?

Here are a few ways YOU can get involved:

Runners! Medford is having a 5k Run/walk

Read about the mom behind it all here

Sign up here

The Medford Lakes Miles of Hope Run/Walk

When: April 25

Where: Starts at 79 Tecumseh Trail at 8 a.m.

Registration: Early registration is open until April 23.

Cost: $25 for adults; $15 for children 18 and under is $15. There is a $3 sign-up fee if done online. Entries mailed in don’t include the $3 fee.

Links: To sign up for the event go to

Wear BLUE on April 2nd!

Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue celebrates autism awareness and is asking for the world to wear BLUE! Just so happens to be my favorite color!

(Just take a look at any of my clothes/style posts!)

Cherry Hill Library Book Sale!!

First I went Thursday night and picked up a few goodies, today was FILL YOUR BAG for $5, I made out really well!


My friend Robin did even better!! She also has a little sweet notion up her sleeve. I think some people will be very surprised, she always has some pretty spectacular and unique ideas! ❤

Etsy Fail 😦

Well, I love my necklace, BUT it is too short. It took OVER a month for it to arrive, I really do NOT want to send it back to get a longer chain. I may try a chain extender first, I only want it about an inch longer!! SO close but no cigar !



Something To Try

Roasting your own coffee!

I love my coffee! I want to expand my horizons a bit and explore the world of coffee. I prefer mild flavors, so I know I should gear towards Central American or Island coffee

I have also been researching methods of roasting your OWN green coffee beans. This seems pretty fascinating to me, and I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell!

You can get green coffee beans cheaper than already roasted ones, yet I do not know the availabilty as of yet, something I will need to do some research on

The freshness and quality is supposed to be pretty impressive. You KNOW you are getting fresh as can be by roasting your own. Often times even the fanciest coffees have been roasted for weeks if not months. It would be pretty neat to roast your own and drink immediately. Talk about FRESH!

I am curious as to the difference. Is it worth it? Well when I attempt it , I will let YOU know !

The least expensive way?
Do it yourself with a pan

Next, you can your a……..pop corn popper!

Most $$

This baby will set ya back $179

Read more here


These are too cute for words

chocolate peanut butter bird nest cookies

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Thankful Thursday 3.26.15


I am thankful for 


Thriller Fest

I would like to try to go to this!!! How fun!!! If you love reading thrillers maybe you should check it out too!?

LOL Nevermind, I just checked out the prices……..what!?

I am thankful for 

my house AND living alone 🙂 At first it was difficult, now I am really beginning to love it. I do not think I could ever do a “roomate” I would feel to uncomfortable. I really like my privacy 🙂

How to Live Alone without Feeling Lonely

I am thankful for 

My last observation of the year being OVER!!

It was unexpected, and just like a band aid. Quick and painless………..:)

I am thankful for 

the internet

Ha! Seriously you can find everything. Now I know what types of guys NOT to date, and I also know that I (as a teacher) am in the highest ranking for being UNFAITHFUL in a relationship! Can you believe it?! Teachers!?

I honestly would have never thought they were the highest ranking!  Did you?

10 Most Unfaithful Professions


I am thankful for 

cheap books!
I made out really well (so did my friend!) at the Cherry Hill Library book sale!

I got a few of my GoodReads picks:

Night Film

Night Film

My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper

I Know this Much Is True

I Know This Much Is True

The best $5 I have spent in a long time! 🙂


I am thankful for 

Friday’s and weekends!

and Friday Jean Days!! ❤

I am thankful for 

places like CHOP

I visited a student yesterday that recently had (successful!!) surgery, and my heart goes out to all the dedicated and amazing workers at CHOP (The Children s Hospital of Philadelphia). Honestly, some sights broke my heart, others made it melt.  The staff are so warm, caring, friendly, just want kids need to make them feel comfortable at a time that is so scary for them. As adults we fear the doctors and hospitals, children, have it even worse, because they do not really understand

I am impressed with the love and support I saw among-st workers in every area (Doctors, nurses, desk staff, security, food workers…..)


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Ten for Tuesday

1. Stop letting others define me

I have a hard time feeling good about myself with just myself. For some reason my opionion and thoughts do not seem “worthy”. I still let others define me and how I feel.
I have been feeling blah lately. I feel like my time has come and gone. I am turning my future into something dark and allowing myself to continue to beat myself up over things while pretending to the world and myself that I’m not…… I’m hurt. Over something I have no reason to be. In all honesty it means nothing to me but makes me feel like less of a person. I linger. I still think about the “what if s ” or “should haves “. I can’t seem to let those things go and really just forgive myself

I want to wake up feeling confident and good about myself, without anyone else’s input…..

I feel ugly, unless someone else tells me I am beautiful
I feel stupid, unless someone else tells me I’m bright
I feel old , unless someone tells me otherwise
I feel weird, unless others assure me I am not
I feel wrong, unless I do what others want me to

I still don’t trust myself. Which means I still do not  completely love myself.

However today I am at a much better place than I was a year ago. I also know that change takes ……time and patience. Something that truly is my biggest challenge.

2.  Books:  Outlander series

After much hooplah, I think I am going to give this series a shot. I am not really into historical fiction but you never know! I am trying to be more open to new things ❤

And for those of you into self help/self discovery, this book was recently recommended to me 🙂  I have not read it yet, but plan to

3. Feeling “Stuck”

Sometimes I feel “stuck” in my life. I feel as if the world is going and growing. People are getting engaged, getting married, having children, starting careers, changing careers, doing SOMETHING incredible……I feel like I have been there and done that and had my chance and I did it “wrong”.  I beat myself up constantly for this.

It is not that I have any regrets about the decisions I MADE, its the fact that I regret the decisions I initially made.  I want to look at this in a POSITIVE approach. If I hadn’t had those experiences, I would not know NOW what I did not know then.

However, its hard. Some days, I feel old, tired, burnt, spent. I am worried that my “time” is done. I fear I will never find that “true love” I am searching for. That person that truly accepts me for ME.  That person that gets me. I also realize I am not searching for perfection, but I feel if two people are HAPPY with themselves, they can get through pretty much anything.

Some days I feel like a bore. The world of internet dating has been very……..disappointing. No one is who they SAY they are.  Which deters me from wanting to continue with it.

Deep down, I know there is a lot ahead and to look forward to. I worry that I won’t have the “energy” to have a relationship or move forward. I am “tired”. I feel burnt out. I feel run down. I have a hard time trusting ANYONE. I feel they have hidden and alternate intentions, which stems from my previous and past relationships and experiences. I know that there are MANY MANY MANY wonderful people out there (LIKE You reading this RIGHT now!) I guess I am just scared of…….getting hurt? or losing something I love?

4. Bitter

My friendly “neighbor” came outside today and waved her finger at me (and Lily) and pretty much yelled at me for letting Lily go potty in front of her condo…..YES I get it, its crap, on the lawn, but I immediately pick it up and dispose of it, plus it is communal lawn, and there is no “rule” in our association policy stating that dogs must go in certain areas…….

She was peeking through her window at us, and thought she “caught us brown handed”

I showed her the bag. I showed her what was inside the bag. She felt stupid, but had to relay to me “You know, your dog shouldn’t be going to the bathroom here, there is a location for it”

Yes, its a 10 minute walk, and it is “rule” the neighbors have tried to enforce. I do not even know the exact location, NOR will Lily last for a 10 min walk ……she likes to go immediately (what can I say, she has a healthy colon!)

Anyway, bitterness over. I suppose I was wrong too, I will just try to have Lily do her “duty” somewhere else….

ps – there was a LARGE pile of crap there, so I understand her anger. BUT she took it out on the wrong person:

1.  THAT poop was the size of Lily

2. I pick up after her!! 

*I have even gone back to pick up , if I didnt have a bag on hand at the moment, at times!*

Ok, off my pedestal

5.  Thank you

I want to thank that special someone that complimented me today. I was really feeling down and BLAH, her comment, truly MADE my day ❤

You never know how YOUR comment will affect someone!
Be nice ❤

6.  Spring break

A friend asked me for a suggestion for a mini getaway, I recommended and suggested Biltmore Estate.

I mentioned it back in September in this blog post!

I have not been there yet myself, but it is on my MUST SEE list! Its absolutely BREATH TAKING, plus offers so much to do and see

Have you been? Any suggestions/recommendations?

7.  Love

I am reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. It is a beautiful story in so many ways. It gives me hope and fear all at once.


For someone to love ME like Dawson loved Amanda


That that kind of love only happens in fairy tales.

Trust me, I am NO fool. I do not have realistic expectations that true love MUST = perfection and happiness all the time. No, I get it. Life is life. We all have our quirks, our moments, our arguments. Staying strong, working through them and honesty, that is what my ideal of fairy tale is.

Do you have a fairy tale love? If so, would you like to be interviewed? I’d LOVE to do it!!


8. Sky Brunch

Top of the Tower

This looks so amazing! I definitely want to check this out!

Sure, Philly has plenty of brunch eateries, but how many of them can offer a panoramic view of the city?

Well, as of this Sunday, March 29, Top of the Tower can.

The Logan Center public event facility (formerly known as the Bell Atlantic Building) introducesSkyBrunch, the “highest” brunch option in the city.

Set on the 50th and 51st floors, the Sunday-only service encompasses a vast array of buffet-style options.

Chef Matt Lane’s stations include the Panorama (breakfast pastries, fruit; Metropolitan Bakery granola, yogurt parfaits); The Sunny Side (made-to-order omelets, home fries, pecan-smoked bacon, homemade pork and turkey sausage, chive and crème fraîche scrambled eggs); The Outlook (fried chicken, pecan waffles, crème brûlée French toast); The Sea Scape (oyster and crab claw shooters, smoked salmon, and Zento sushi).

Plus, there’s a table of charcuterie and cheeses with pickled vegetables and artisan mustards and a display of assorted dessert miniatures.

The cost of $50 per person ($25 for kids 12 and under; free for kids 5 and younger) covers all of this plus a brunch cocktail.

Even better: Top of the Tower will donate $1 from every cover at SkyBrunch to Clean Air Council, ensuring that that very pretty view stays clear for future generations of brunchers.

Reservations for this soaring Sunday meal are available online.


When: Starts Sunday, March 29
Where: 3 Logan Center, 1717 Arch Street
Cost: $50

9. Hot yoga

Ahhhhhhhh, just what I need.
This cold weather, my achy back and shoulders.

My massage therapist recommended I incorporate some Hot Yoga back into my routine. I hate dislike Bikram, but love Shine Power Yoga. They are incredible. They are amazing. I always feel SO great while I am there and after.

The best part ? Ending with a cool, peppermint enhanced scented towel. I love to place it over my eyes for the final 5 minutes of relaxation. The heat, ahhhhh, just opens me up and feels so great!

My favorite pose of the evening….


10.  Still Positive

Although some of my posts may seem negative, they are only how I feel AT THAT MOMENT. They pass. Writing and blogging helps them pass. For the most part, the past two weeks have left me feeling the BEST I have in many ways, since many many years.  I am accepting myself, my flaws, my emotions. I am accepting that I am not perfect. I am accepting that I do judge. I am accepting and aware and trying to be the best I can be for me. I know I have a lot to offer to the world, and the world equally has a lot to offer me ❤