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Four Faves for the 4th

Happy 4th of July weekend! I Cannot believe it is finally here!  it felt like a long (but great) winter and now, believe it or not, fireworks!

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I want to share 4 things I am currently LOVING:



Mama’s secret products are SO indulgent. I tried for the first time this week and I am hooked (and oh so soft and smooth!) Mama’s secret Dry Skin Healing Treatment is amazing!  It was perfect for my after the sun (burnt) skin.  It was so soothing and made me glow. I felt like this was the perfect companion to a gentle tan.  I rubbed some on my arms and chest and was glowing. It lasted so long and really worked great on my dry spots (heels, elbows, etc)  I am super excited to try the other products!


Love this beach survival kit idea. Perfect idea for summer birthday gift!


Another favorite I discovered this week (which also happens to be a favorite of my friend, Meghan) is The Naked Bee Hand & Body Lotion.

it has a very spa-like scent to it.  Made me feel so fresh, smooth and pampered! Not greasy and kept my skin hydrated while smelling so Ahhhhmazing.  I used the Nag Champa scent which I felt was very “organic, earthy and aromatic”.  I would love to try out the other scents to see which is my favorite. They offer this cool sampler pack on Amazon (Here)  The Orange Blossom Honey definitely piques my interest!



Visit:  Southport, N.C. (travel blog will be up soon!)

This is the perfect and quaint little town for a romantic or single getaway. So much to see, do and ……relax!   I love exploring and finding beautiful hidden gems, like Southport (Southport is located between Wilmington N.C. and Myrtle Beach S.C)


From left to right (top row)

  1.  Yoga at the dock (highly recommend) & Bike rental at Adventure Kayak (Super honest, friendly and I received so many compliments on my “ride” Loved the color!)
  2. The street that my Airbnb was located on………indeed I have many amazing memories from “Memory Lane”
  3. Lee the Lizard (yup I named him) during my nature trek at Southport Marsh Walk . I learned so much about salt marshes and their importance!
  4. Southport Marina. Beautiful views, boats and nature trails
  5. The view at Oak Island Beach. Going?Check out Top Ten Things to do at Oak Island
  6. Best name ever for a pet store…..(Read Animal Farm) “Four legs good, two legs bad”Image result for four legs bad two legs good



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I have been trying to get inspired with some creativity in my life. I do not watch much T.V., listen to music, or create. Most of my creativity comes in the form of movement (and not in a graceful sort of way)  So I am trying to expand my creativity a bit and open up to some more things.  I have difficulty “feeling” passion for things (like music)  So I am so thrilled that during a recent bike ride with some old biker buddies, I heard this song (instrumental) that I cannot seem to get out of my head! I immediately “felt it :)Slow and small BUT….Progress



This past week has taught me that I really need to allow myself to rest and relax.

When I transition into something new, I react, with FEAR.  I was terrified of the newness and change to my routine yet I pushed through it and ended up having the most amazing time with some wonderful friends I have made over the years.  I realized so many things this past week about myself and others.  The ones that stand out the most:

1.  I have the most amazing support group of friends and family

2.  Fear, doubt, anxiety, loneliness are only feelings. They will pass when you open yourself up to allow change to come in.  The things we fear are exactly the things we need to be challenging ourselves with. I had some great conversations this week that really allowed me to see myself and the good in others ❤

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Boulder baby!

Wow.  Where do I begin with my mini getaway to beautiful Boulder?  I kept going back and forth about booking this trip and I am so glad I did. Colorado is unlike anywhere I have ever been

Due to a shorter spring break and Easter on Sunday I had only 2 1/2 days in Boulder,so I had to make sure I j packed it with everything I wanted to see and do!

Day 1:

after some minor delays with Delta I arrived in Boulder around 2pm. I grabbed my luggage (I was forced to check it in because I was told there was NO ROOM for my carry on, YET I did not yell and scream haha) and jumped on the AB bus to Boulder ($9 with local transfers if needed). The bus ride was a glimpse of what was ahead.  Snow capped mountains!

Image result for snow capped mountains colorado

I arrived in downtown Boulder and walked to my place right off of Pearl Street.  It was about a 15 min walk through a beautiful town!  I checked out my private Air B&B , put my luggage down and set off to see what was around! First,  I took a walk down Pearl Street. It was lovely & lively but not overcrowded.  I was a bit stiff from travel, so I decided to head to a yoga class (still on my mission to practice In every state!) This was also on my MUST DO/SEE/EXPERIENCE Boulder list, so I figured I would get it out of the way!

The walk was a bit longer than I expected but I enjoyed stretching my legs and taking on the scenery. The long walk gave me plenty of time to plan my night….. I  decided I would stop at Whole Foods to pick up some necessities and then  Zeal for dinner after class. So far so good !

Look how pretty….


Yoga.  I went to Radiance yoga studio.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I really wanted to take the hot Power yoga class, however, was a bit early and did not feel like waiting so I opted for a strength power class, which was just getting started.

Image result for radiance power yoga

I am used to and love vinyasa and flow type classes. This was a bit of flow and a lot of strength….which after my 4 am rise, traveling, walking etc. I was lacking. I liked the flow portion but the strength was a bit too slow and much for me. I did the best I could and was still glad I went otherwise I’d never know.  For what the class lacked for me the showers and changing room made up for !! It felt and looked very spa like and the shower after my day felt amazing.

The yoga studio is great. They even gave me a mat and towel to use no extra charge (I told them I was traveling, they were super accommodating), plus a teacher discount.   Total cost $17 🙂  There are MANY yoga studios scattered throughout Boulder, if you want hot yoga, try Radiance!


Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

This restaurant was recommended and I am glad I went. I had a late dinner here my first night in Boulder. It was so much fun and so much delicious.

Image result for zeal restaurant boulder

I began with a miso chickpea soup mug. It was served in a mug and I was told to help myself to the fixings at the miso bar!  How cool. I filled my mug with all wonderful things and spices then the chef poured the miso. I stirred it up and …asked for a spoon. I just can NOT drink my soup. It skeeves me out a bit.  This miso was amazing. I’d go back for it alone!

I did not get the juice flight (see above) I saw so many ordering it but I thought it was alcoholic….I should have asked. I was sleep deprived and was not really thinking straight NEXT TIME !
For my main course, I ordered the miso bowl (mushroom medley, greens,broccoli, tomato, eggplant, snap peas, chicken, chickpea miso broth over rice). I was expecting more of a rice bowl but instead, it was more of a soup.

Image result for miso mushroom medley bowl zeal

Also, I love mushrooms BUT not all kinds.  The ones in this dish….. I thought were a cruel joke ….they were slimy and the texture just did not sit with me, so the jersey girl in me politely sent it back ;). (I would have never done this a year or two ago so go me!).


Next, I opted for a BYO bowl with chicken, veggie medley, rice and a Thai peanut Sauce. Now this is blog worthy!!  There was a hint of sweetness that I was not a fan of , I would have preferred a bit more spice but overall pretty incredible 🙂

(I did not get the egg on mine)

I walked back slowly to my air b&b room to take in the excitement and live music and other performances along Pearl Street.

Image result for pearl street live music

Tulips are one of my FAVORITE flowers, so I was pleased to see beautiful displays everywhere along Pearl Street…



This was the street I stayed on

I was pretty zombie like when I finally got back to my room , I was SOOOOO happy to see and FEEL this nice, cozy, SUPER comfy bed…..Ahhhhh, lights out, rest up, BIG day tomorrow….The room provides plenty of light from the backyard.

Also, no television or lap top, so I had limited access to the “real world”, so it was quite relaxing!

To be continued..

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Wednesday wants

Today I am #grateful for finding buried treasure like, friendship,  in unexpected places.


Wednesday Wants


I want

some inspiration and motivation back. I feel SO burnt out with life.  I really need to find a way to recharge and refresh in a meaningful way?

I feel I have had such a crazy past few months that I have not really allowed myself the rest my body needs. I am exhausted physically and mentally and that is getting me no where far.

I need to figure this out before it spins deeper out of control

I want

to do this Philly Walking Tour this Friday ❤

I want

to see a Burlesque show

strip tease orchestra at The World Cafe this Friday night

I want

to try pole dancing

I want

the lawn to magically mow itself 🙂

I want

to have more energy (again)

I want

to stop following so many blogs

They are only making me feel insufficient and lazy. I think a lot of my self worth comes from seeing what everyone else is doing and I feel like I should be doing MORE

I want

to share how I felt while mowing my parents lawn and my neighbors lawn service showing up during……



I want

my dad to continue with his artistic talent. He is so talented and made me this special surprise, which I adore ❤


I want need

a pedicure


I want

to figure out a way to read longer, withOUT falling asleep

I want

to see Paper Towns.

Paper Towns

I just finished the book last week (See my review here) and although did not really care for it much, still am drawn to see the movie. Maybe it will be better? Maybe?!

I want

some ice cream now

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Cooking Classy

My favorite? Either plain ol’ vanilla (soft serve) or Mint Chocolate Chip

This is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You

I want

To check out this NEW Polish Deli in Myrtle Beach ❤


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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful

For my friend that cleared off my car today for me at work (snow!). It was so kind of her and greatly appreciated

I am thankful

for my students because they make me smile and happy, when I need it most. I can always count on them to brighten my day, whether they realize it or not

I am thankful

For realizing that “skinny” and “fat” are just words. Not feelings

I am so tired of hearing people say “uhhhh I feel so fat!” “I want to feel skinny for just one day”

No. You don’t.

Skinny is NOT a feeling.

This is what skinny is:
Feeling cold all the time (mentally and physically)
Feeling hunger for food , people, affection, attention
Feeling empty physically and mentally
Feeling guilt for not exercising, or eating
Feeling “fat” NO matter how “skinny” you are. “ED” brings out the worst. What we see is not what you see
Not feeling much of anything because of a preoccupation of the “how long until the next time I can eat”
Worry. Did I eat too much? Did I make a bad choice? Did I do enough? Did I make others happy?
Feeling tired. Physical tiredness and mental . Thinking , obsessing , hating
Hating your body and your brain
Feeling like you will never be good enough for yourself or others
Feeling empty. In my stomach and in my heart
Feeling fake.

I am thankful I am NOT feeling “Skinny” because skinny is not a feeling. I feel pretty amazing, because I AM.


I am thankful
This diy travel journal idea. Weekend project! Can’t wait to start recording my travels! Now ….I need to start traveling. Lol

DIY Travel Journal

How I use my Travel Journals:

I separate my trip into days (Day 1, Day 2 etc) and give them a page. On those pages I mark down what I did, making sure to include details about restaurants, hotels, transport, and also all the favorite places I visited like neighborhoods, streets and parks.
I include tickets, maps and other flat items that will remind me of my trip, and also jog my memory for when I come back!
I include things I didn’t enjoy that much or would do differently ( that’s travel, isn’t it?).
I also use the journal as a place to store creative ideas I have while I’m away. you know what they say don’t you? You have your best ideas when you’re not thinking about it.
At the end of the trip I do a little review and make a note if I think I missed anything, because it’s not always possible to do everything is it?

I am thankful
For this beautiful cake. Wonder if lily would like this for her birthday party….:)


I am thankful

being heard.

It means SO much to me when I get a message, email, or text about something from my blog. It means I am being heard, something I felt like I was not accomplishing in the past. If YOU want to be heard, you have to have a voice

Your Turn

1.  3 things you are thankful for today?

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Saturday Saves and Safes

Happy Labor Day weekend!! Mine started off LABOR free, but not driving free. This morning mom and I had a realllllllllllllllly nice breakfast, then hit the road, back to NJ.  10 hours later……..we are home 🙂   Ahhhhh. I am SOOO Happy that I de-cluttered and organized the house BEFORE I left. I absolutely LOVE walking in to a nice, clean, and neat home!  Diana and Christine (aka Thelma and Louise) are HOME (for now)!

Where will our travels take us next? If I do move, I am trying to convince mom to take a solo trip to Myrtle Beach herself, making all the little stops she would like along the way!

Arriving in NJ felt “weird”.  It was so much”homier”, and prettier in South Carolina. Everything looks so boring, dull and blah here!  :*(  I miss it there already.  I am going to miss my roommate (my mom).  We had a blast!



Here are a few Saves and Safes I would like to share with y’all (ugh oh! Been in SC too long!)


Safe:   Breakfast at Shacks in Cherry Grove Beach, SC.



 Seriously.  This place was amazing.  It is quite possibly the best WESTERN omelet I have ever had, even beating my fritatta.  It was absolutely perfectly prepared. Extremely fresh ingredients, not over done, and slathered up with unnecessary things. It was a nice thin omelet, not wet, mushy, etc. Perfect texture, consistency and just the right amount of onions, peppers, swiss, ham and mushrooms, Not too much and not too little JUST RIGHT!


The grits were delicious too!  As well as the fruit salad. Very fresh! I can honestly say I have had the best melons this week in Va Beach and Myrtle Beach! Go figure!?


My mom had the pancakes, eggs (scrambled) and sausages.


We both ended up with clean plates. SOOOO you know the deal.





Safe:  Enterprise rent a car (Maple Shade Rt 73 Location)

They were phenomenal! Very accommodating, friendly and even gave us tips on places to go in Myrtle Beach.  Very nice, friendly, terrific customer service. I would use them again in a heart beat!!!


Save:  Barefoot Landing


Big Barefoot Landing Map

Next time (soon!)  Just was not in the mood for shopping this time!

Safe:  Walking – I walked, walked and WALKED in Myrtle Beach, so did Lily.  I walked on the beach, I walked to yoga, I walked to the pool, I walked around the “resort”.  Walking is good AND walking is exercise. In fact, today I was SORE, from walking. Along with being sore, I also felt…….good.  No terrible “ripping” pains, my feet feel so much better, my legs feel better, I have MORE energy.  Plus, the best part.  Lily gets to join me.  I love walking.  I get to slow down.  Look at things, explore.  If it werent for walking, I would have missed so much… ….starfish, stingrays, and hermit crabs

walking IS a workout


Save:  wow, this looks incredible! I will let you know the verdict!! most likely I will attempt this tomorrow


Baked Spaghetti

Safe:  Moms and teachers! It is THAT time. Time for back to school. Parents help teachers by participating and being involved in your children’s school day!  It is fun!

**It would be cute to print these and put them in a little pencil-case/box at home.  Each day during after school snack, or dinner, pull a card out and discuss it!!

25 ways to ask your kids about their day


safe:  I absolutely LOVE Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  It brings so many wonderful memories and times.  There is a wonderful write-up in the Courier Post today (Sunday August 31)

Surfs up in Ship Bottom


Also check out blogger Robin, from NY wishes Chicago Dreams top 5 picks for LBI here!!

Save:  Bradford, PA.  The Lodge at Glendorn, according to courier post , this is one of the TOP us places to getaway!  A mini, more luxurious camping retreat.  I really want to go!!!

Save:  This dress for back to school. Super comfy looking and cute!! (Gah its on sale too!! )


Save:  Happy Thoughts $62 ouch 😦


Save:  nifty notebooks, cute for journaling, notes, etc

You can customize your notebooks and planners. How cute.  From $14-$22

May Designs

I am kind of liking this one


Save:  B. Good at the Promenade in Marlton

This place looks interesting!! i am excited to try it out. They even have milkshakes. Will my Panera have competition??


Safe:  Thinking out loud…..jealousy/envy

“Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love take no pleasure in others people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.”

Do you get jealous of other people? their relationships, financial situation, status?  Jealousy and competition and COMPARING yourself are so unhealthy.

I am really trying not to compare my food and exercise to others, I also have been trying very hard to look at things from different angles and perspectives and not be quick to judge situations. Every one and every situation is unique.


So try to remember, do not judge. Talk about it, ask questions, communicate. Do not falsely accuse someone of something. IT can be very hurtful.  I know….


Envy to Joy

YOU are better than that

feeling judged?


Safe:  Do you have daddy issues?


I love this chart!


Safe:  I stayed in the WRONG marriage for 11 years

Your Turn

1.  What are YOUR Labor Day plans?

2.  Back to school shopping.  For kids only, or adults are just as fun?

3.  Give someone a compliment today.  Someone you know. A stranger. IT FEELS SO GOOD!


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for being able to see another beautiful Myrtle Beach sunrise


I am thankful for this vacation.




I am thankful I get to spend time with my mom. I am overly happy and thankful that we get to talk, explore, and relax together. Something we both have difficulty doing. Like mother….. Like daughter



I am thankful for being able to identify my feelings. Good or bad. I feel torn. I love it here so much. I really could see myself living here. I would be five minutes from the beach, and I absolutely love my morning walks with lily. It's my perfect retreat. I love waking up and having my coffee on the porch and feeling excited about the day ahead. I always say it because I always feel it…. Early mornings are my most favorite part of the day. I could really see myself living here and being happy. Not that I am unhappy back in NJ , I just get a different "vibe" here. It feels more "me" if that makes sense. So easy. Move here , right? Not so fast.

Here are pics of the two condos I really like. One is upstairs the other down. I am leaning towards the lower level for many reasons





Here is why I am really leaning towards the lower level…..
1. I could walk or jump to my aunt and uncles
2. A screen in balcony on the lower level. Perfect for lily. (No more carrying her upstairs!!!!). My back would love it!!


I am thankful for being able to admit I am not having a good day. I am thankful that I am also able to acknowldege that this will pass and a great day will be right ahead!
I am torn and I am scared. I scared if leaving my comfort. I have a comfortable job, home, family , etc. I am comfortable. I know that moving will not make me happier, but I feel the experience may be good for me. I am single. No children. I am the perfect candidate. Yet I am so scared.

I am scared of failing. I am scared of leaving my comfort zone. I am scared of being new. Yet all those same things excite me

I love being alone yet I am scared of being alone. I want to just relax. Take things as they come and stop stressing myself out over nothing

My anxiety is high today. I need to make a decision. A decision for me. It will affect me and be a lot of work to carry out. I am scared I won’t be able to do it. Just like I was scared of peanut butter, french fries or ice cream (all of which I eat now, some more than others (my peanut butter addiction!)

I am thankful for my wonderful fellow teacher and friend Denise, she has given me is much support, comfort and encouragement, I do not think she knows just how much. She showed me that she cares. By reading my blog, enjoying it, giving me tips, and being so sweet to accept me for me. I am excited for the new school year. I am in such a better place . I am excited to let that shine through to my students and coworkers

You go girl!


I am thankful for Denise’s tips on proper “shark tooth hunting”. Just like she suggested , I squatted down to ground level and waited for the water to recede then looked for the jagged appearance that could possible be a shark tooth. When I spotted one I would run over and lily would be right beside me, excited to help me dig. Lol


Here I am looking at the water line:)

I think I found one!!!


I am thankful to be alive…..unlike these guys.


Your turn

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?

2. Have you taken any risks lately?

3. What is one thing you are thankful for today!?


Wednesday wants

I want….. To move to North Myrtle Beach. (Seriously).


I want……more space in the kitchen. I love to cook. I need to work on making my kitchen more comfortable for me. Does your kitchen have these ?

I want…….to remember how good, relaxed and content I feel RIGHT NOW on the beach. I ate my lunch on the beach and didn’t care if anyone saw me, or my belly that I , for the first time in a long time, forgot about. I actually breathed in and out. Not holding my breath tying to make my tummy look smaller so people around me didn’t think I was a “pig”. I do not care anymore. Today I don’t care that my stomach is not perfect, I care that I enjoyed every bite of my delicious sandwich. Finally seeing it as good nutrients for my body, and caring about myself, NOT fat and calories.

I spent so many years worrying about what others thought about me……I see it now. No one cares about my belly or my sandwich (well maybe the seagulls do) they care about……the fact that I told a mother and her three kids sitting on the shoreline they are the perfect opt for a beautiful picture. They care about telling me about the dog, a Doxie and yorkie mix…..making it a DORKIE!! They care that I threw my trash in the trash bin and kept the beach beautiful and clean.


I want……to share how happy my mom is. She is finally letting go and being herself. I am proud of her. She deserves this…..


I want….. To share that reading other blogs that feature WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) gives me anxiety. I feel I eat so much. I need not to compare. I may be hungrier than you today. That is ok!


I want….. To make these chicken Parmesan meatballs

I want… say I have the best dog ever. I absolutely love her and seeing how happy she is. Running on the beach, digging in the sand. Splashing around in the water. Saying hello to other people and pups! She’s my BFF!!!





I want ……. More dog friendly trips in my future. It is so much fun !! Love exploring, trying new restaurants, hiking/biking new areas

I want……to see the sunrise again tomorrow and Friday and Saturday…..



I want
… continue practicing yoga in all the states!!!! South Carolina…..check!!!







I want…… To make this for my desk. Back to school!

I want……to check out these hotel vacations recommendations. Maybe one day

I want……you to read It’s ok

I want ….. To share this beautiful story. Size does not matter it is all about health

I want… dad to read this

I want…. To say this has probably been the best beach day ever. The weather , sand, sandwich, company, breeze, and sounds. I NEVER stayed on this beach this long. Ever. And I thought I wasn’t a beach person! Could it be? Am I actually……relaxing??????????


I want….. To be like Mike, if I could be like mike.

Ok so I’ve been wanting to do that each time I write “I want” lol.


I want……everyone I know in a relationship (or not) to read this. Then take the quiz for yourself. It has taught me sooooop much about myself and others

I want… thank Melissa for really making me smile. Out of nowhere I received a text today that she thought of me so made me something!!!! It is beautiful just like you Melissa!!!!!