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Just another UN-Manic Monday

I had the most wonderful weekend. I am in love with this weather!  (knock on wood) I feel like we are finally having a spring! This weather is perfect weather to get outdoors.

Things are changing! I am as well. I used to dread rainy days and weather. I lived for days of sun and tanning on the beach. No longer. I would much rather spend a day in the mountains taking in the scenes, BUT that does not mean I no longer like the beach. I think I am just a bit “beached out”, possibly from SC? Not sure.

I am not going to give it much thought and just accept that I currently like the mountains and the cool weather…….tomorrow I may change my mind, but for today, I am happy

This weekend I hiked at Trexler Preserve in magical Lehigh County.

I describe it as a 1,108 acre “terrarium”   that was founded by General Harry Trexler as a way to protect endangered bison and elk at the turn of the 20th Century, pretty special!

I really was hoping to catch a bison or two (ok or 50) but no such luck. (Sorry Dad) NO worries, another trip, because I will be back!

Some highlights from my trip….I cannot take credit for most of these amazing photos, that goes to Bill and Dave. They are pretty professional with the iPhone!  I definitely need some iPhone pic taking classes!


One of the many beautiful flowers


So many bridges


The rain felt amazing….
600_461619818 (1)

I felt like a miniature walking around in a terrarium 


Breathtaking views…


Apparently, this is always like this and cars enjoy riding through….




Did you know groundhogs can climb trees and hide from predators? Yup, neither did I until I spotted this little guy……Way to go bud!600_461632154600_461632182600_461632295





Information about Trexler

This blog, puts mine to shame. I give credit where credit is due. Wonderful recap and photos!

What is your favorite place to hike?


Since I began this post with “Change” I want to end on that note. Let’s continue to promote change all around ….lovely post!

I LOVE this so muchI LOVE this so much.  Not only for mothers of boys but for everyone.