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Thankful Thursday


For fresh fruits and veggies in season
Omg look at this recipe for spaghetti stuffed peppers!




For my “roots”

I love being Polish 🙂

Check out this Polish dad’s newborn baby pics! BRILLIANT and super cute!



Being more present in the moment

and remember that PEOPLE (Children included!) ARE NOT MIND READERS

Stop assuming people just should “KNOW”. No, they don’t explain and express yourself clearly! 🙂


for striving towards independence for MYSELF as well as OTHERS

It is hard, but so important to give your students, children, parents, partners INDEPENDENCE. Stop trying to control everything and everyone. Allow mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow. Begin to let go a bit…….and start re-focusing on YOURSELF!  That is the only control you truly have!

Are You A Helicopter Parent?

Don’t do THIS



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Wednesday Wants 4.29

I want

to make this Diy bike basket

Yup yup yup!!


I want

Another wonderful use for mason jars!

Start an herb garden!



I want

to stop self sabotage

I know. I know. I KNOW. I talk a lot about self sabotage on my blog. Yes, I am quite aware that this is my tactic and coping mechanism in life. YES I also know I am the ONLY one that can change it. It is just so HARD.

I get myself so upset because I really want to be happy and enjoy things. I am slowly starting to enjoy moments, but I still dread the anticipation of it. I want to feel EXCITED when I make plans to do something, instead of filling my head with anxiety, fear, worry….

When I plan something, I initially have intentions of gaining fulfillment, pleasure, and enjoyment from them, then the evil ED arises with self doubt

“What if you want to leave after only a few hours Diana, WHAT will people think?”
“What if people do not understand that you do not really enjoy going out during the week because your brain dead and mentally exhausted from work?  They will NOT want to be your friend”

“What if you say the wrong things, or are boring? Your friend may never call you again”

“What if you just stay home, alone, or go somewhere ALONE because then you won’t have to worry about ALL those things!”

so this is where I stand. I am making an effort to try to stop self sabotaging myself TODAY. I am working hard and strong looking for the positives AND I know its my own thoughts. My true friends and family understand me and my needs/personality and will get over things, even if they do not like it. Just as I dislike some qualities of people, BUT since I care about them I am willing to compromise.  🙂

I want

to enjoy things MORE often

I want

to stop dreading those “unplanned” moments

Instead of being upset that I do not have a plan or schedule. I WANT to just “go with the flow”


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Un-Manic Monday 4.27.15

Happy Monday ! 🙂

It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL spring like week here in NJ! 🙂

How will your start making your week Un-Manic?


Wow. With the Bruce Jenner interview, a friend telling me about a student, and so much information about transgender….this article really struck me. It discusses what it is like to be a parent of a child that is transgender. Its beautiful and so incredible to see how a child feels stuck and so sad in their own identify. I think in a way, transgender or not, we can all relate

I am so glad that so much information and awareness is being shared , because I myself had NO clue about transgender-ism….until Now 🙂

What I Wish More People Knew About Raising a Transgender Child


Temple Grandin

CHL 0425 Autism Temple Grandin

I just want to give her a HUGE hug ❤

Ugh, I am so bummed I missed out on the Temple Grandin meet and greet session last week !  My friend and I BOTH signed up but were too late, even I think 2 months in advance!? Wow!  We were both placed on the “waiting list” which neither one of us heard anything else about.

I have read a few of her books and she really is INCREDIBLE. She has such insight and tips and shows the POSITIVE side of autism. She has also made me realize that I am the one that needs to adjust and change, so that I can help my students the best I can

Read all about her and her meet and greet HERE

Its NOT Temple, BUT it is an Autism Awareness in Schools campaign? It may be worth checking out. Its being held at Camden County College tomorrow at 6:30

Here is more info


Open Relationships

I just listened to a pod cast on Open Relationships. I will admit, I have always been AGAINST open relationships. I had a hard time seeing HOW it could work, however, now that I am not in a relationship, I can see how it can and may benefit SOME people. I say some, because I feel that BOTH parties really need to be on the same page, AND communicate, communicate COMMUNICATE.  Would I consider it? No.  Its just not for me. I am too jealous of a person, I don’t think I could ever… marriage is very intimate and special to me. I would not want to share that with anyone else, nor have my partner.  However, I can totally understand how some people feel differently.
So I have to say, after years of firm NO WAY JOSE attitude, I am going with “Whatever works for you, I will not judge”

I will say, isn’t it better to be in a open, honest relationship where you communicate, than a cheater? Lying and deceit is terrible. Trust is lost, completely. Open relationships are at least honest 🙂

What are YOUR thoughts on monogamy? Open relationship and Polyamorous relationships?


Calm ❤

Monday’s usually go either way for me. Extremely well or Extremely bad 🙂

Today was an EXCELLENT day. I firmly believe it was because of my attitude. My students ALL had a fabulous day. They were excited, happy, motivated. I was patient, and explained and expressed myself CLEARLY.  I took the time to focus on the issues at hand instead of trying to rush through and move on to the next task



My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

Wow. I love this book. It has sparked so many memories for me. I am about 75 % done and the one thing it makes me realize MOST is how much I wanted my brother to recover when he was very sick.

I did EVERYTHING in my power that I could to save him, or he his “keeper”. Yet I never stopped to think about what HE wanted or how HE felt. I thought I was doing something good, however I was doing something good for MYSELF

Loosing someone is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, we need to sometimes stop and ask what it is that THEY want.

I love you bobo and am so happy you fought for so long and made so much impact in so many lives. I am glad you are free and happy and watching over me ❤


Hmmm, I am contemplating whether or not to head to Myrtle Beach for Memorial weekend. Part of me wants to have some fun in the sun, part of me is scared!  Apparently bike week begins and the past few years things got a little craaaay cray!

What To Expect

Black Bike Week Do’s and Don’ts


6. Realize that some women don’t come to Black Bike week with the intention of riding on the back of a bike. They just come to hang out at Black Bike Week.

Festival of Violence 



I love Arman over at The Big Mans World

he posted this yummy looking Pho noodle salad

Healthy Pho Noodle Salad- This Healthy Pho Noodle salad is perfect for a weeknight light meal or served alongside your mains! Gluten free and chock full of delicious flavours, the delicious sauce used is paleo and vegan friendly- There is also a low carb version! @thebigmansworld

“S” and I have been on a “pho” kick. We talk about it all. the . time.   Yes we are obsessed. HE eats it about 3x per week, I think about it about 3x per week.

I have YET to make it. This week I WILL DO IT!


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Bored with…!

Bored of ………myself

I don’t think my real issue is that I am bored with myself. Its easy to say, but its much deeper. I have to dig deeper to identify what I really am. Depressed? Unchallenged? Hungry? sleepy?  Those feelings manifest for me, as boredom.

I am tired of the never ending roller coaster of emotions. On a random day in a random moment, all these thoughts go through my head. its hard constantly battling them. It depletes me of energy and life:

 negative thoughts

 what will I eat?

What do I do if I feel hungry ?

Is what I am eating the right thing?

How much should I be eating?

when am I full? When am I still hungry?

What is it that I actually want or need to eat?

Why do I feel so alone?
Why do I feel like I want to be alone, but then hate it at the same time?
Why do I need to exercise everyday and make it a task and something NOT enjoyable

Why do I think about the future (which is out of my control)?

Why do people annoy me?

why do I feel that most people are “fake” or putting on an act?

What is it that truly brings me pleasure and enjoyment in life?

what is it that makes me feel so unfulfilled?

Why do I eat a lot of the same things daily? Do I really enjoy them ? Or am I just formimg another habit/routine?

Why do I feel unexcited about things that used to excite me?

Yes I realize these all sound like depression. I know what I need to do, I am doing those things and I do have wonderful days and moments. Its just these dark times that get me down, and I know I can not allow that

My biggest struggle is trying to determine what it is that I truly want, love, enjoy. What excites me? What motivates me? What gets me happy/excited?

I don’t know. That is the problem.  I think its one thing, then I resort to forcing it upon myself and depleting myself of all enjoyment and pleasure.

I can’t seem to focus and be in the moment. My mind is often times wandering

For example.

Last night I was having a great time with my friend. We were having a great conversation, THEN it hit me. “I am kinda hungry”

I wanted to go home and eat my yummy yogurt with fruit and just chill out on the couch. Nothing against him, just the fact that this popped into my head and I became obsessed. I could not think of anything else but my yogurt. It was like a sudden hunger pang hit me. I could not focus on anything else?

How could I have resolved this?  I could have ordered something to eat  from the bar, but it was a bunch of greasy “bar” food that I was not craving or in the mood for.  I could have packed some snacks in my bag to munch on while there. I could have just went home and ate my snack, which I did. However I feel this is in some way “wrong”

I spent a decent amount of time with my friend, and I felt guilty just wanting to pick up and leave. But it was enough for me. I wanted to go home. The thing is. It does not matter WHO I am with, often times the hunger strikes and I immediately want to flee.  Have I had enough? Or am I just hungry?

Then the guilt hits me “I am a terrible person, friend”  “Why would ANYONE want to be friends with me when I cant even give them my full attention. I think about FOOD when I am with them.”

How do I resolve this? How do I not allow it to continue to interfere with my life, especially my social life

When I am busy, I do not think about food or eating. I can enjoy moments and times, but as soon as the excitement deteriorates, I start to think about fleeing and food


I can not figure this out?

Is it because my body is truly hungry? Or is it because I am bored and am turning to food for comfort
I HAVE NO CLUE. I can not seem to figure this out and it drives me bananas (Mmmm, bananas, did someone say bananas?)

I often times will say that others annoy me. No, its not others. its ME. I annoy myself. I dislike myself. I can not accept myself

It’s a brand new week and another Un-Manic Monday. Time to keep trying, pressing on and enjoying this short life. I will try to make my impact and be the most honest person I can be. to myself and to the others in the world around me.

Maybe one day I will get my answers. Right now I just have to be ok with knowing that I need to keep trying ❤

Thanks for listening/reading!


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Weekend Update and Week Ahead

Weekend Warrior. This is what best describes me this weekend. For some reason, I have been filled with many ups and downs, highs and lows. I suppose that is pretty normal BUT I DON’T LIKE IT. I just want to be happy and excited ALL the time….

At least I am getting pleasure and enjoying activities, whereas before this was even difficult. So this is a big step in the right direction 🙂

So here is my weekend Update 🙂

I felt down before practice but immediately felt great once I started. I was enjoying it. I was having fun. I was not dreading something. 

Soccer practice with “L”.  Brrr, a bit cool this morning, but still tons of fun!  I accompanied my cuz and his little ladies to soccer practice. “L” has been having a hard time with it for a few reasons, and today I saw how overwhelming it must have been for her. It was overwhelming for me. A daze of orange shirts running all around, falling, tripping, dribbling, scoring. YIKES!

We lightened things up a bit with ME playing soccer. I also got to practice my “stunt man” skills and practice a few falls (Was hoping to show “L” there was NOTHING to be worried about)

She did get into the practice and really enjoyed it, just had some difficulty getting involved with the kids. I get it!  Time and confidence will help 🙂

I remember as a kid CRYING hysterically for my mom EVERY SINGLE TIME I went anywhere without her. I was always ok during the day, but once the sun set, the tears rolled down my face. I was such a BABY! 🙂

After practice I felt sad again. I hate these ups and downs. They are exhausting.  I just felt “alone”. Not alone as in “I have no one” but more alone like no one truly gets me….or cares. I know this is ME, in no way do I truly think people feel this way towards me. Its how I feel about myself. I know this.

I often times feel like this….

Roller coaster. Ups and downs


A bout of tiredness hit me right before my massage. My immediate thought “Hmmm, how can I cancel, how can I run away? What excuse can I make NOT to go”

I forced myself to go as much as I did not want to and ended up having the BEST massage I have ever had!

I highly, highly , highly recommend Rebecca (Becki) from the Marlton Hand and Stone. She is incredible and amazing. She asks all the right questions before, during and after. She KNEW what she was doing. She was well informed, passionate and you could tell she enjoyed her job. Her passion seeped through her fingers (and elbows!)

I had never had a hot stone used on me before and my jaw hit the floor. It is incredible! Warm, cozy, perfect. It really worked wonders on those tight spots.

She uses a fantastic blend of scents, lotions and “potions”. She even made me a little sample bag filled with incredible creations (I already tried the lip balm and it was so tingly on my lips!)

I truly felt pampered and like so much stress has just lifted from my back and shoulders.

Please go. You deserve it.


Drinks and coffee talk 🙂

I met “S” last night for drinks and to catch up a bit on our crazy weeks. Its pretty insane how we are on the same page with so many things! Also, I told him last night as well, I am certainly impressed with his knowledge of people, life and they way things “work”. Overcoming an eating disorder and having met (and loved) many addicts in my life, this never came easy to me. It took me MANY MANY years to realize the things I know now about myself and others. YES I heard all the wonderful sayings “You can not change people, YOU can not make others do anything, YOU can not make others see the light”……..However I thought I was different. I thought I could change people for the better IF I TRIED HARD ENOUGH. All that led to was failure and disappointment.

You can not help anyone that is not ready to see the light and accept that help. Admittance is truly the first step. Can you say things out loud that you yourself avoid?

I HAVE/HAD AN EATING DISORDER. Yup, I was finally ready to face this…..

What are you FINALLY ready to accept and face?

I FINALLY went to the newly renovated PJ’s in Maple Shade!! IT is so nice!! I love the outdoor area and the many televisions, its a bit overwhelming (WHERE DO I LOOK!?) But overall great updates and changes!


What gets YOU motivated. I have tons to do today. I gave up the thought of going for a hike today and opted to stay home and get stuff done!  

Nope, I do not feel like doing much of anything on my list which includes:


Meal prep

Lesson plans


writing/paying bills

But it needs to be done. Hopefully I can get a lot done and have enough energy to read “My Sisters Keeper” a bit this evening…..lately I have been zonking out quite early, unable to get my reading time in!

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Saturday safes

Happy weekend!

Ahhh finally.  Nothing feels better after a long week than a beautiful sunny Saturday!


Walks with lily. These arey saving grace.  Seriously. It feels so good to walk and clear my mind. She loves it too…..until she needs a break.  Then she does this 



I love to listen. I love to learn. I want to try out some podcasts to see if I enjoy them as much as my audiobooks

I really have no clue about them I just downloaded the app and and going to browse the selection to see what catches my eye



 Yum! My first time here to celebrate special friend Robins birthday. It’s located in Westmont on haddon ave and pretty fabulous.  I loved the ambience.  It was dark and sexy (great date spot) but yet comfy and casual not stuffy at all. The service was excellent as was the food. I had their minestrone soup and a delicious candied walnut apple chicken salad.  Some girls opted for pizza (meatball, margaretta and short rib) as well as a salmon plate.  All looked amaZing. the ladies all seemed happy!

We then celebrated the birthday girl with special cupcakes from my little cupcake in haddonfield.  Holyoke these were gorgeous  


 The birthday girl had a tough choice.  She seemed very happy with her choice.  A funfetti look alike 😉


 Such a great night with some great ladies.  All teachers!! 🙂 


Beautiful baby 

And mama moment  

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Wednesday Wants 4.23.15

I want

To say how proud I am of my father. For the first time I actually seeing him making an effort to change his old habits. He made me so proud the other day when he called me and told me he is interested in taking some classes to improve his reading!IMG_5079

I am so proud of this man.<3 I hope he continues to allow his wonderful, amazing , true self shine through. He really is wonderful person, I hope he starts believing it himself!

Ha! Check this out! Dad, is that you??

I want

To thank my beautiful and lovely assistant, “A” for her help with something so simple yet so smart that I would have NEVER came up with. My mind is a crazy mess some days. I try to balance and keep everything going, making sure each student gets their time with me, that I work on specific goals with everyone, etc, etc, etc. In turn, my head feels like a TWISTER!

I made a schedule for a student. She broke it down and made mini schedules to place around the room and in her id badge. Brilliant! Seriously how did I get so lucky! She completes my thoughts!

I want

To stop feeling like it is “groundhogs day”. Seriously I need change

I want
To say that lately food has not been on my mind much. I can not believe that I am saying this. What I eat or what I weigh means so little to me. It’s about what makes me feel good, happy, energized and content. That’s what my focus is on 🙂

I am in a happy place today I realize the struggle and battle is still ahead. The ugly demons still lie within and often creep up but today , I am content, Every day gets better or I learn from it

I want

To say my mom gives a fabulous manicure! Holy moly she is good!

I want

To share a guilty pleasure of mine. BLOGS
I love reading them nightly. This is what I do, instead of TV!

I love the new ideas, thoughts , creativity, advice.
My blog feed has been changing and I am ever so proud because that means I too am changing

I am growing. I am becoming more than just one thing or one label(eating disorder). In fact I am so tired of reading about eating disorders, body image, health….I am starting it eliminate some of it from my feed and adding new interests!

I used to obsess with running, health, fitness. Now I am a different person. Yes health is extremely important to me. Part of being healthy is being diverse….in every aspect. Even blogs 🙂

I want
To stop tip toeing around uncomfortable issues I’d like to address or say to others. Yes it may be hard initially, but the payoff is priceless. Determination, satisfaction, relief ….

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Ten for Tuesday 4.21.15

1.  Priceless 🙂

2.  ISO Snuggle Buddy 🙂

I really do not think I am ready to date. I am just loving finding myself and being a bit “selfish”. However I love friends and building that “trust”. I am looking for someone to cuddle up with on the couch and read, talk, laugh, etc, no strings (or sex!) attached ❤

3. squeaky clean

Lily has now had 2 baths in ONE week. After a recent hike that ended up in her rolling around in unidentified feces, she needed another bath
I love love LOVE this self serve pet wash!

Its so easy, leave NO mess in my tub and its quick, plus Lily is LESS panicked since I am there (poor thing!)

4. local hikes/walks

I am looking to broaden my horizons with other places to walk and hike that are local. I am tiring of the SAME Ol’ walk. I stick to it because it is close, and after work, WHO feels like driving any distance (aka TRAFFIC!)

So if you know of any local areas to walk and hike PLEASE let me know!

Ps- Looking for 3 ++ miles

5. Massage

Scheduled! For Saturday! Ahhhhhhh can NOT wait.  I (and my back) deserve it!

Hopefully this will make me feel LESS of an old lady!

6. Books

I am currently reading

Outlander:  Dragonfly in Amber <3<3<3


My Sisters Keeper (Jodi Piccoult)

I have accepted and come to terms with the fact that I love good old fashioned BOOKS. I just cant seem to get quite as excited, engaged or motivated to read it on kindle. Yes it is cheaper. Yes it is more convenient. BUT IT IS JUST NOT THE SAME!

I am so old fashioned!

7. History

Thank you Outkander for turning my my least favorite (history) into something of interest for me now! Wow if I only knew about this series in high school!

I’ve learned about Jacobites, prince Charlie, various clans and wars….and the best part!? I’m into finding out MORE about them. So after reading I also do some searching!

Scotland is definitely on my must visit list:)

Wonder is Jamie Fraser will be there???:)

8. Tina! And those of you heading to Disney…

Have you seen the latest line? You totally need this add these to your luggage 🙂

9. And because of Minnie and mickey I now want….

One of these!!


Awe man the good ol days!

10.  Bookshelf ideas

Ah-ha! I will try something like this! A place to sit & read, but not a place I can easily fall asleep, and definitely not a place where people will steal my office for a guest room :) EDIT: This is now my most popular pin!

My latest project. Searching for ways to organize and make my bookshelf look awesome!!

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Un-Manic Monday 4.20.15

Happy Monday CoffeeChalker readers!! 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing weekend. I most definitely did!


Baby Showers

I usually do NOT enjoy showers. Any kind, even my own. However I actually ended up enjoying a baby shower over the weekend. Long time family friends, Erin and Derek, are welcoming their first baby boy (Liam!)Due in May. It was a blast helping out with the games and writing down the gifts. I NEED to be busy. I like being helpful and doing something. It made my time so enjoyable! ❤




Cannoli Cake from Sweet eats! YUM!


Oh my gosh! Those cheeks!! What a sweet heart! ❤


Princess L , all grown up sitting nicely with her legs crossed (for now!)


Surprise!!! 🙂


The happy and expecting parents, sorry for my terribly blurry photo 😦





Where are the kids? Oh, by the candy table……..


and of course the awkward , hated “hat” shot 🙂  Still looking beautiful as ever, Erin! (will this tradition ever die!?)


After 2 pieces of chocolate cake, snickers, gum, chocolate covered pretzels, m&ms and god knows what else….


Walk and talk session with a friend 🙂

Ahhhhh, felt so great to be outside, venting and talking in good company. PLUS Lily loves it!

What makes YOU feel un-manic? for me, its my walks!


Snorkelling in the Yasawa islands / Image by Marco Simoni / Getty Images

I WANT to go to Fiji!

Now, which island…..hmmm

Fiji for First Timers

Snorkel coral reefs away from the crowds. Image by Larry Dale Gordon / Getty Images

Happiness is riding a natural water slide on the island of Taveuni. Image by  Justin Lewis / Getty Images




You do NOT want to miss these pictures!! 🙂

Photographer Dad makes his son with down syndrome FLY! 🙂


Is he/she the ONE?

All these love stories I am reading……..ahhhh true love, what an inspiration

do you think YOU have found your true love??

Here are a few signs….

PS- I will not settle for anything less than “Jamie” from the Outlander Series. JUST SAYIN’!


I had Veal yesterday for the FIRST time, and loved it!!


Healthy Lifestyle

Weekend Update 4.19.15

Happy Birthday to my angel up above ❤


IMG_5064matthewThere is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you. You taught me so much and continue to teach me. You gave me my passion and helped me find my “niche”. You were and are the most amazing brother a girl could ever have. I am lucky to have had you in my life. I know you are watching over me and helping me make the best, right choices. You are and will always be my angel.

Friday Night Feelings

I met my “niece” and was instantly in love ❤  She made my smile, especially holding her little football like body all bundled up! I could just kiss those cheeks! She really has the most perfectly shaped head and the most kissable cheeks. She was so well behaved 🙂  Not a peep , just a few smiles (gas!)


After I came home, I felt great seeing the newest addition, but immediately started looking for reassurance from OTHERS to make myself feel better

I was reflecting on my week, my experiences and felt pretty craptastic about myself.  Why?

Well for starters, work.  I just never feel I am doing enough, or the right thing. Some days I am at a loss, others I am full of hope.  It is mentally exhausted coming up with new ideas, trying to understand how others thing, trying to express myself clearly, trying to meet everyone’s needs. So , I was a bit down thinking about the week, HOWEVER I started noting all the wonderful (even if they were small) positive things that occurred. It made me feel better, but I still hate that I seek assurance from OTHERS to ensure I am doing well

Next, was friends. I turned down a few requests during the week because I just felt tired. I felt BAD that my friends hated me, or thought I did not like them, etc. I need to stop worrying and just continue to make my choices. I was honest. I have nothing to hide. Sometimes I just want to be alone to unwind and think and it is no one else fault!  I need to stop feeling bad that I hurt someone. I know that I would NEVER intentionally hurt someone. If you feel hurt, ask. Do not just assume your thinking is RIGHT, because most likely you are wrong

People tend to be very self centered. They feel everyone’s choices and decisions revolve around them. NO, they do not. People have ulterior motives for their actions. It does NOT have to always involve YOU!

This led to me beating myself up “What if I never want to spend time with others, what if I turn into a hermit and just want to be alone for ever?, What if others avoid me or are hurt by me? ” I am who I am, as I get healthier, I am finding balance 🙂


My life is at a stand still right now and I absolutely HATE it. I hate hate hate NOT having control over things!

This is how I feel

I need to accept that what is to come will come. I need to remain positive and good things will happen ❤


I wish I could shake some members of my family to get them to “see” clearly, or do what I think is best for them. BUT I need to accept and realize that I can NOT. It is a waste of my time and energy and an un-needed cause for anxiety and stress. I can only control my own actions. What I want and what others want is two completely different things.

I am sure my family members want to shake ME in return, but I am pretty firm on where I stand these days 🙂

I WISH my dad would start enjoying his retirement and find hobbies and interests of his own, instead of relying so much on others. Here are a few suggestions I have for him. I can show him and tell him and the rest is up to him 🙂

How to Create a Welcoming Garden for Butterflies and Birds Using Native Plants — Monarchs Will Thank You!”
Sunday, April 19 (12:15-2:15 p.m.) at Unitarian Church of Cherry Hill, 401 North Kings Highway, Cherry Hill NJ 08034. COST: $10 per person. Speaker: Pat Sutton. REGISTRATION required, email with the name(s) of the person(s) attending).

Or this

Plant Exchange

Or this

Our next meeting is Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm. The program is “Growing Mushrooms at Home” by Mike Mudrak. Meetings are held at the Barrington, NJ VFW which is now called the Senior Center, 109 Shreve Avenue.

Contact Gwenne Baile 856-858-6644

While I am at it, I also wish my mom would start doing things SHE enjoyed and for herself….

I can only suggest and then like I tell my students……….



I think these are the CUTEST 

Coiled Paper Snails