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“In the stillness, everything happens.

In the silence, everything is said.” ― Drew Gerald


Just finished this, and it was a great mystery, breezed through it

So excited that I just began this one, it takes place in….Philadelphia!!  Later this month I plan on seeing the author (Liz Moore) speak AND guess what? I am hosting my FIRST official book club and guess what we are reading! You guessed it. Long Bright River!Image result for book club

 14 books by black woman you have to read


Love these cool and unique date ideas and will be partaking in a few for sure!

I hate not understanding or not being good at something. Hate is a gentle word. As how I really feel is @#$&*%=-+#*2!!!!!!! My head is spinning! Trying to gain an understanding of stocks and options but there is just so much information. Will need to schedule another coffee chat with my brilliant friend soon to guide me !

Focus. Focus. Focus. I feel so overwhelmed. There are 50 plates spinning ahead of me and I don’t know which one to stop and tackle first. Ever feel that way? So many wonderful and exciting things in my present and future. How do I enjoy and give my 100% to all? Need to figure out a plan for myself ….. start small. Form a plan. One step and minute and hour at a time.

  • Fun: plan one fun thing to do each week with someone (movie. Art museum. Dinner. Coffee and talk. Game night. Puzzle night, etc)
  • Work: work on a schedule for my meetings and what I need to prepare for each. Then prepare for one meeting at a time
  • Health. Schedule the doctors appointments I need to
  • Networking. Schedule one meeting this week to talk and brainstorm

When I write it out it becomes clearer and more manageable. Small steps. The anxiety and excitement still overcome me. Yet it seems real and doable.

Would love your tips on balance ? How do you manage?

Tired. About hearing about couples. Singles. Partners. That choose to remain childless. It is quite annoying, the commentary, the judgments.  I love that our society is headed in the direction of”no norms” but we still have a long way to go. We do not tell people to NOT have children. So why do we feel the need to tell them they should??. Their lives will be happier and more fulfilled with them? Can we accept that this may just not be the case for many? Without question and judgement ? Diet culture (don’t get me started) Children. Marriage. Success. Job security. Etc etc etc. It is time now to accept that times are different. There is no “norm”. Please let’s stop feeding into it.

Myths and stories we continue to tell:

  1. Something must be wrong with his/her/them for choosing not to want to have children -false
  2. Fat is unhealthy and lazy- false
  3. Believing we are all equal – false.
  4. Everyone has the same opportunity to become successful. false
  5. Fit = healthy. False
  6. Not being married makes you a flirt, not-ready to settle. Etc. False
  7. You should like everyone False
  8. We should do and say things that make everyone happy. False
  9. Insert your own here … get the idea

What are some of your old beliefs that you can challenge and think about differently ?


This time last year, I would NEVER have done as much socially as I have in the past few months. I owe this to 1) Myself, for being open 2) the right people that accept and encourage and make things enjoyable

By the brilliant people that surround me. It’s exciting and invigorating to see how others can help me work towards my goals and create new ones I never knew were possible.



This morning I was drinking my coffee , gazing out the window and just ……….relaxing. Wow, if you know me, or know me by now, you know that this is something I severely struggle with. Partially I think if I ease up or relax a bit, that I am being……lazy. Not sure how this arose, and oddly enough, I don’t judge others for resting and relaxing (in fact I often encourage it) Yet for myself, I push and push, and if I don’t, I fill my head with guilty “thoughts”, so THINKING about this, I am so “hard” in all areas of my life. I feel it , the constant push, the masculine side of me, pushing away the feminine. I struggle with the softness and more gentle approach, even though I (secretly) prefer it most times.  So I am looking for ways to be softer in all areas of my life.  Including the foods I eat, the movement I do, the attention I give others, the self judgment, the strength in my musles.  find times when I do NOT feel strong, I am miserable and agitated and feel like I can’t cope. A constant reminder that this is just one aspect of me. The weakness, tiredness , lack of motivation. It will pass and balance out with strenght, energy and motivation. Without feeling the softer side, the strong side wil never be at its best .Image result for we all have a feminine and masculine

I always have journaled. I love how it makes me feel and I love leaving something behind. It’s fun to occasionally go back and read things. Sometimes I feel like a stranger within my own body ! (Did I really write that?).

Recently came across a post where the authors mother had journaled every day for her entire life. Even if it was a little something about what she ate for dinner or how the weather was. Now that her mother is no longer around she has this wonderful memory to go back to! I love this idea and concept and wish others in my family (hint hint mom!) would try this! It’s incredibly therapeutic! No matter how down I feel a little bit of journaling always makes me feel better too! ***do it for at least 5 to 10 minutes and don’t give up! I am currently using a paper journal as well as this app. This has been the best no frills app for journaling. I have tried many! Simple and to the point. Easy to navigate.Image result for journal entries from 1950

This weekend I went on a mini-retreat. Just to rest and relax out of my typical environment (Sadly, this is the only way I can relax, when I am OUT of my current environment)  It was a quick 2 hour trip to the pocono mountains, and as great and needed as it was, I was disappointed with my choice of hotel and spa.  I am not going to bad mouth on here, if interested reach out to me personally for info, but I was not a fan and will NOT be back for many reasons. Lesson learned, so no harm done!

A few POSITIVE things about my trip were :

  • won a few $$ playing roulette (go me! First-time newbie)
  • had the most fabulous drink (smoked Paloma)Smoked Paloma Cocktail Paloma Cocktail, Refreshing Drinks, Smoke, Vape, Smoking, Actingand meal (falafel) at The Frogtown Chophouse
  • Amazing veggie burger @ GUY FIERI’S MT. POCONO KITCHEN
  • did some outlet shopping
  • was actually able to relax
  • tried a new yoga class and LOVED it



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“That’s the part I was stuck in,

the part where you accept the apology because it’s easier than addressing the root of the problem,”

― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo


Image result for reading

I am coming off a total book coma. I just read two EXCELLENT books (actually THREE) and am now struggling to get into my current reads.   I guess things could be worse 😉



A little bit of everything……(and in NO particular order)

The Wives  Really enjoyed this thriller too!!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo  So far my favorite read of 2020! Not at all what I expected. Beautiful story, and NOT at all what I expected (Honestly I expected “fluff” But it was so, so much more!

  • “People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’- that’s intimacy.”
    ― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Mrs. Everything So good! Got my momma reading it now (Contemporary fiction)

A Madness of Sunshine – Excellent read!  Kept me so engaged the entire time!  The ending felt a bit rushed IMO , but still really LOVED this one!

Currently Reading

Defending Jacob(SO GOOD!)

Started this one

Sitting on my coffee table….



I love to write, the idea of being a “writer” gives me goosebumps. Surrounding myself by inspirational people that encourage me = can’t get any better than that!  Something I am considering. This retreat ❤  Oh my….

Advancing my acro.

Struggling – so much- with being present. I could NOT sleep last night. My skin was crawling, I was tossing and turning. My mind was on overload and I felt like “I” wanted to claw myself OUT OF my own body. Image result for emotional distress art I find myself living constantly in the “What’s next” instead of being present in the Right now.  I am realizing that this exactly is the cause of my anxiety, discontent, fear.   I am not fully present anywhere. So in turn, I find myself feeling MISERABLE, annoyed, irritated, and just waiting for the “next thing”. Clearly, this tactic is NOT working for me or anyone, so I realize the right action is the OPPOSITE action, Yet it is so hard to retrain your brain after so many years of living this way.

Of course, I want a quick fix. I want things to happen overnight. (or sooner). I want to feel happy all the time.  Who wouldn’t?  Yet a constant reminder that I need to continue to tell myself is ONE STEP AT A TIME.  My goal is to look for small opportunities and begin there.

  • enjoying and tasting my cup of coffee instead of just downing it
  • breathing, feeling and listening during yoga classes, instead of thinking about what I need to do after
  • listening and really hearing my students, when they try to tell me things, more importantly HELPING them verbalize those feelings
  • allowing myself to feel comfortable, even if I have other things to do. Allow myself that glass of wine, a cup of coffee, a slice of cheesecake, even if it were not a planned part of my day
  • leaving the set plan and itinerary i set for myself daily and living more intuitively, not just with food but in ALL areas of my life


By Intuitive Eating. If you are not familiar, I HIGHLY recommend you read this and START practicing, January is over, stop the diet talk and start actually living life for what it is, it is NOT a size or a number or how “clean” you can eat.

  • My own journey is a constant struggle and battle. I have felt a lot of shame around this issue. Yes, I had an eating disorder, yup it defined me for quite some time. Yes, I allowed others to judge me (and let it get to me) Yet, I am intuitively realizing its not about anyone else but myself. People are free to judge and think about what they want.
    • This morning, I WAS hungry, in fact, I would say “starving”, yet of course I questioned my own body and mind. “How could I justify being hungry? I just ate, I am not supposed to be hungry, etc, etc, etc,” The story goes on. Well, guess what? I turned OFF my audiobook, sat in silence and began screaming the thoughts that came into my mind. I realized I was denying myself. I was hiding my feelings and emotions, I was ignoring and dismissing myself. Feelings are just that, feelings. We (I) Need to better accept them for WHAT THEY ARE instead of constantly trying to make sense of them, or dissect them or determine answers. I spend so much time and energy being my own detective and so little time actually …..feeling, Maybe there are no answers. In fact, I KNOW there aren’t any because trying to “Figure things out” has gotten me nowhere! Time to try another approach
    • Another excellent post on diet culture

Content-ness – How do you do it? How are you so content and positive? I love it and it is so inspirational! I strive for that, instead of my serious, driven mind going all the time.  Love seeing how others can really just take it one moment, one breath at a time and just love life, no matter what is currently in it. I find myself gravitating towards these people more and more lately!


I watched a few episodes of “Cheer” on Netflix and….not feeling it.  Although I am at a healthy place, it was quite annoying and triggering and sad seeing young people focused on weight and image.  Next! May try this suggestion(Thanks Jer!)

FINALLY ordered my buffet table for my dining area!!! I am super excited to put it together and organize it (Update! It is here , just need to assemble……..)

My weekend project (one of them) Was organization!  I ordered these velvet hangers and got rid of all my mismatched, ugly, plastic hangers that were driving me nuts

Registered for NY Acro Fest with my amazing partner and friend! Can’t Wait!!

Getting close to accomplishing a headstand! woooo

OMG, this coffee, is incredible! Thank you “M” for recommending it!!!! Now I need to gift myself a perfect (BIG) mug for my cozy weekends!any suggestions ? (No Yeti or travel thermals please, a MUG)

I am ANGRY. So so so angry with myself. Instead of accepting this anger I have been avoiding it and trying to deal with it or tell myself to quiet and hush up. Yet by not voicing my thoughts and feelings, I am hurting myself and causing pain.

So excited I have booked a mini getaway for myself. I plan on introverting, reading, yoga-ing, hiking and getting pampered


What are you reading? What have you read?

How do you deal with the busyness of your brain?


Healthy Lifestyle

“Everyone’s always going through something, aren’t they?…..

That’s life, basically. It’s just more and more things to go through.”

― Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends


Conversations With Friends – 4/5 stars.  I really enjoyed this book SO MUCH. Perfect length, great topics and REAL.  The beauty and ugliness of friendships. Reality. The unconventional


The Wives – hooked. Only a few chapters in, but find myself excited to get back into it!

Want to read:




Image result for intimacy

About intimacy…..How do I (and YOU) push love away?

  • I push people away when I start to feel down on myself for being……..myself.  I doubt myself, my likes, my needs, because I feel they are not right, then I distance myself from others out of fear. Fear they will not like/love me as I really am.  I try, I experiment, and I come back to my true self. Putting myself out there right away is always a struggle and difficult. It is not in my nature.  Yet those that stick around get to experience all of the things I do love about myself.  Love this article in NYT about How to Have Closer Friendships.  A few key points:
    • Quality over quantity (absolutely)
    • being and allowing myself to accept help from others (so hard)
    • accepting we are ALL a work in progress, we are allowed to make mistakes, change our minds
    • choose to focus on friendships that truly serve CARRP
    • accepting that what I need/want in a friendship, is not the same for everyone
    • being a better listener myself
    • taking risks, not worrying about losing friendships
  • I push people away by being “busy”.  Its easier to be busy doing my “thing”. That is SAFE. Going out of my comfort zone = scary = possibility of rejection.
  • I push people away by dating/letting in the wrong ones. That gut instinct is right and smart, I need to listen to it more. Allow more of the right in, although they may not be as exciting
  • I push people/love away by not letting down my guard.  I protect myself. Act like I am tough, independent and do not need anyone. The truth is? I do. I need people. I want to be taken care of (in ways). This is extremely difficult for me to let go of and allow. There is so much shame/guilt involved in needing or wanting.


I love:  Coffee shops/cafes, book stores, libraries, yoga classes/workshops, museums.

Swoon ❤

Vegetable Chowder – Yum, maybe when it is not 70 degrees out 🙂

This and this sound delicious!


Image result for inspiration memes

Positivity.  I love surrounding myself with positive people. They work so hard, play harder and try to genuinely enjoy life. One thing I find in common with this “type” of person, is their gratitude

By those who offer and give themselves and their services. They genuinely want to spend time with you and share their secrets  (“K” this is YOU!!!)



introvert time

Image result for introverting meme

(I choose mermaid)

cozy reading

Ski time

Travel:  Austria (check THIS place out!!! Thank you K!), Las Vegas, Southern France, Iceland, Southern California, just to name a few spots

A yoga retreat

the perfect coffee (for me) that I can make at home




Healthy Lifestyle

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction


Turtles All The Way Down – This was a YA Fiction (not typically my style) but I tore through it.  Quick read

Image result for turtles all the way down

The Most Fun We Ever Had This one is very LONG, which means it will REALLY have to grasp and hold my attention for me to continue reading it. We shall see!

UP NEXT:  My holds are almost available for several books at the library (Ugh, this ALWAYS happens) Then I’ll have to choose which of these to read:a05129e0-f171-4b40-8e30-8dd8ad0c19a3

The Rest of the Story


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo( I Have been waiting very long for this one as I heard so many wonderful things about this one, although it does not jump out at me , I may give this one a shot first)


The Chestnut Man


Mrs. Everything



12 Truths I learned from Writing – very powerful and inspiring read!  People always struggle to write (I do too!) and my advice is…..just sit down and START writing. This is beautifully written and something I encourage EVERYONE to read 🙂

Here is my spin 🙂

First Truth: Life really is contradictory! It’s difficult to see our own faults, yet we can easily point them out in others…..this is where I am turning the finger back on myself and looking deeper. Yes, I already am extremely hard on myself, can I do this in a gentler way?  hmmmm

Second Truth: Sometimes I do just need a break. When things overwhelm, feel dull, or lifeless, stepping away always works (Even when I swear it will NOT help Its amazing how I feel when I finally DO give in and take a break, yet I struggle every day with self-guilt if I am not “As good or better than I was yesterday”IMG_6123

Third Truth:   Nope, nothing and no-one will solve your problems, unhappiness, discomfort.  There is not the perfect relationship, job, destination place to live, thing to say.  We live our lives, make our mistakes, and learn from them.  That is all.  If you seek something or someone it will surely lead to a life that is unfulfilled or a lie to yourself. Many times I think people push through life telling themselves and the world everything is wonderful.  Sometimes you just need to sit back and sit in it and say “My life is SH*T right now”.  Ahhhhh, refreshing. Admit it. Feels good. Yes, it sucks being single and alone at times, YES it sucks being a parent and having to cater to selfish little humans. Yes it sucks that you have to do certain things at your job that ” But that’s not MY job!”, yes it sucks we have to do the dishes, laundry (and yup PUT IT AWAY ugh)  Admitting these things allows us to move forward.Truth is? Sometimes I love being single, sometimes I don’t.

Fourth Truth: Seriously, stop thinking others have it so much better than you.  Just stop. Everyone has their own genuine set of problems, issues, and demons they are working through. We really are NOT that different

Image result for they have it so much better than me!

Fifth Truth:  Peanut butter is > Almond butter. There! I said it 🙂   Peanut butter and oats are MY food.Image result for peanut butter love

Food. Ugh. The bain of my existence. The NewYear. Goals. Diets. Yuck. Just stop. Please.  Or at least keep it to yourself.  Don’t tell ME how or what to eat and I won’t tell you.   We ALL know what we should do.  I also need to get better and just ignoring and not allowing others input and insights and own issues affect me. I know what I want, I know the role food plays in my life, it is my choice and I am behind it 100%.

Sixth Truth:

writing. Just do it.  Sit. Write. Think. Vomit in paper or on screen. Writing is therapeutic. Writing is always good if its from the heart. Try it. I love it. Often times I sit and think “I have nothing to write about or share”  Yet I continue to write and words flow and I get deeper in my head and soul.  It starts to spill, maybe not everything is beautiful, moving or life-changing, but for me it is, and that is all that matters.  Whether it is an outlet or release for myself, sharing a new book that someone may like, or an article that you find useful.  Writing is never a bad idea.

Seventh Truth: Do things for yourself, not for recognition.  Question. Why are you posting that facebook or Instagram pic?  Why are you holding the door for a stranger? Why are you helping or supporting a friend that needs you?  Do things because you want to do them. Be selfish. That’s my 2020 goal 🙂 I am guilty of it. I have posted pictures that flatter me. I have deleted ones that didn’t. I often post when I am happy, not when I am sad or hurting.

Eighth Truth: Families. Yup. Hard.  Just like everything else in life. I am fortunate to have an amazing family that loves me unconditionally. I think that is all I can ask for.  Everything else, I can not change or control.  It is exhausting. I will never get them to see things MY way because they are their own person with values and beliefs.  What I want is acceptance, not approval or agreements, but agree to disagree. I think what gets me through times of anger or resentment is knowing that they and I will NOT be here forever.  It is more important to me to get over little nuisances and live the best life I can for myself and those I love. Does this mean I don’t have boundaries or expectations? No, but they are a work in progress, constantly changing, what can and can’t I accept.img_0349

Ninth Truth:   food. see number 5 and STOP trying to get me to eat certain foods or a certain way. Thanks

Tenth Truth –grace. I have been told I am graceful with my yoga practice and guess what? I am totally going with that. Yes. Instead of not accepting or honoring this. I am, I am taking it, owning it and bringing it to the next level. Yes, I am graceful as hell. I am like a gazelle 🙂 I try to be graceful in other areas of my life, maybe this is a great word for 2020? img_0564

Eleventh Truth: God. God is individual to everyone. What you believe and do and feel spiritual from is your concern.  If we could all just accept this, it would be a much better world.

Twelfth Truth:   Death. For me, I worry more about the death of others over the death of myself.  We all will leave this world, and that is a really tough reality to accept. I often find myself preoccupying myself when these thoughts pop up. It is difficult to discuss, face and envision, and I don’t want to. Truth.

Inspired By

You know when you just find someone that you really connect well with? They seem to have clarity, insight, and yet still accept your views and input?  Well, I am fortunate to have that. I wish our distance were not so far away, but it is so inspiring listening and conversing with my “guru”.  Haha. I think this would be the best way to describe it.  I am amazed by people that follow their hearts and soul.  Live simply. Live well. Love others, never give up hope.


Ski trip. It is coming….very soon 🙂  Excited

I have not remembered my dreams in a VERY long time. This has made me sad.  After my brother passed, I felt like much of me numbed.  This was one of the things. The past few nights, I have been dreaming. I can actually remember parts of the dream too, which make absolutely NO sense, but i love it (a pet lizard that gets 50% larger each day, what?!)


to continue trying new things, meeting new people, growing


better than I did earlier this week. Fighting a cold/sinus infection? something felt ick. Finally beginning to feel better.


Excited. To meet and connect with others. It is FUN!

Nervous. I have been trying new foods. It is scary.  I often revert to what is comfortable Going outside that comfort zone is SCARY. Yet I am pushing myself and realizing each time it is not so bad 😉


Impossible burgers – I am changing my mind. I had a terrible one in NYC , however last night, I had an impossibly delicious one 🙂  So, I change my mind. They are good. I still prefer a good veggie or black bean burger but……

I sat at a restaurant bar last night and read. It felt amazing. I was able to get totally into it and quiet the noise around me. I felt like the only person in the room.  I also ended up meeting 2 interesting people, we had a great conversation 🙂 Go me. Now I can introvert 🙂

I have two major things in my life I am contemplating. I am not ready to share yet, but after some clarity, I will share 🙂

I am in LOVE – with this new yoga mat. Wow. I did not realize how much I needed a new one. It is amazing how much more stable I feel in my practice now (and life?!) (THANK YOU K!!!!)  I am pleased to say that the color is more gray than white! ❤  Love it even more

I am happily surprised by my new ski pants!  They fit perfect and are so comfy, hopefully, will be the same when I actually SKI in them 🙂


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New Year Same Me 2020

It has been quite the hiatus, but recently a friend encouraged me to begin writing again.  I love to write, it is my passion, WHY am I not doing it more? Fear? Writing brings me clarity, inspiration, and power. I like to hope and feel that the year 2020 (a few days away) is NOT behind my restart because I hate to be a cliche and follow the “New Year New Me” motto that we will hear so much about the next few weeks.  So NO this is not New Year, New Me, this is New Year, Same Me….



Flowers in the Attic– Oh how I love this re-read so much! Brings me back to childhood when my cousin and I would skim through and read (Searching for the naughty parts, haha) I forgot so much of this book, and the characters are so cruel but well developed, it is bringing me all sorts of feels! I will have to watch the movie after

Image result for flowers in the attic

A few of my favorite and surprising reads in 2019

The Night Circus – beautifully written, surprising love for me, as it is out of my typical genre. When I read this, I felt like I was transported to a magical world, can’t say many books give me that “feel”

Curious – have you read this? Would love to hear your thoughts

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Another surprising one for me (Thanks to Jeremy for the recommendation, or inspiration?  Have YOU read it yet??)

Daisy Jones and the Six

I really enjoyed this and would recommend listening on AUDIO, one of the best audiobooks to listen to as each character has their own voice (and I believe quite a nice line of famous peeps that read aloud!)


I read this in one day/night!

The Light We Lost

This is How it Always Is

All The Ugly and Wonderful Things



Depression is SO hard. I have been fortunate to feel great the past few years minus a few ups and downs of mild depression.  Nothing like what some are experiencing or what I have experienced in the past. A time of my life I hate thinking about it because it makes me feel sad and dark. This brings me back to when I was going through my major eating disorder spirals, where I was down for weeks and just stopped eating. I wanted to make myself small so that I could just “disappear, I struggled to get out of bed, off the couch, find a reason or purpose for my day. Felt like things would NEVER get better and I DIDN’T want them to. I enjoyed being in my safe misery.  I loved the empty feeling in my stomach, it matched my life. Empty.

I feel like we are constantly looking for that high, whether it be with people, conversations, alcohol, food, etc. Going hard, because you seek that feeling, you crave that fix.  I find myself in that cycle when things change, for example, having time off work and living a different schedule. The adjustment for me is SO HARD.  It’s frustrating. Instead of enjoying and loving it, I often feel down.  A friend recently mentioned and got me thinking about the concept of living your life in the “green zone” This is excellent and NOT just for diet and exercise. I think it can be any category of your life. It would work.  Work, relationships, friends, etc. Take relationships, for example, if you are there TOO much for someone it’s not good, TOO little is not good either, but being there as best you can (Green zone –  A moderate to vigorous-intensity zone) and then (red zone -A vigorous or high-intensity zone) When its something really important you can be there for them too? I don’t know just thinking and it seems to make sense at the moment to live your life this way. I like it. Not for the exercise but for overall life in general. I find it to be about balance.  A great goal for 2020

Image result for training zones

I hate feeling less than my best. It is so difficult for me to listen to my own body cues, I want to control it and tell it how it SHOULD feel or be, and am realizing I cannot. I get irritated when I am hungry when I don’t want to be. Sore or tired when I want to feel great. Sad or insecure when I want to feel confident.  ((((Sigh)))) Better accepting the feelings I have and experience and even giving in to them is quite challenging for me In a sense, this is great as I can

I have always felt like I was “weird” or different in many areas of my life. Especially when it came to eating. Now, I am realizing, accepting and proud of my eating patterns. I enjoy what I eat. I am finding balance and exploring and trying NEW, delicious foods. I am trying them to taste them, bring back memories, experience them with others NOT to stuff myself or my feelings and emotions. For many years of my life, I have been told my eating was “WRONG”. Nope, I am just fine. Sure, I struggle with thoughts and feelings, but so do YOU.  In fact, I think my eating issues are better, easier and more manageable than yours. So before you go telling someone else how or what to eat, re-examine yourself.  We should never judge what others choose to put into their bodies. They know what is right and wrong. They may be dealing with shame. It is not up to you to comment on it, because you just never know what you may trigger. So shut up and eat your own cake, or don’t 🙂

Image result for mind your own business

I have always described myself as an extroverted Introvert. Lol. I can and will be an extrovert when needed but it is so exhausted and leaves me depleted. How I wish it revived me. But …. Love this article which explains things in detail. Love the idea of identifying your hours and seasons of extroversion. For me morning and winter seem best. It’s when I feel full of energy. There is less to do outdoors because of the cold. I find myself craving and needing interaction during the day. I feel on. Energized. Clear. As the day progresses things become foggy and I find myself going back inside my head.

Dream Life

Travel and explore. There are so many places I would love to go. Some things I know for sure are that I do not like crowds or “touristy” destinations. I like unique and authentic and of course, something involving the outdoors and being active (Hiking anyone!??)

Next up:  this place is high up there on my list. Wow. Fascinated by these pools!



Grateful For

Friends and family, getting to spend another Christmas with them. Flawed or not 😉

My new French Press – looking for your favorite coffee recommendations PLEASE!

Yoga & Acro Yoga


my health – mental and physical

A much-needed break

Being able to sleep in (yes, this means 6:30 or 7 am )


Inspired by

Those that have completed their 200-hour yoga teacher training. That is TOUGH!  Living your life and committing to 200 hours to learn about yourself and others.  Wow.  I am wavering with when to do it. I know I will, just when……

My own understanding of others. Some say its a curse, I feel it is a strength.   I am able to see people how they are and accept them. Sure would I wish things were different? Yes, but I also understand YOU have to be ready when YOU are ready.   I feel the past year has really brought my anger down to an all-time low.  I like this. I think it’s a healthy way for me to live.

People that make you feel warm, cozy and comfortable with them.

My own openness to connect with others. Acro has taught me that I CAN trust others. Interestingly enough, something I should be scared of (Like getting dropped) is not a fear. I trust my partner and those I practice with. It is a wonderful and exciting feeling to know I can trust and others can trust me


I LOVE being alone, I HATE feeling alone. Two very separate and different feelings. Feeling alone is unsettling, sad and scary.  I oftentimes feel alone, something I am going to work on in 2020, not allowing that feeling to take over my day

The girls did my make up for me. Too bad this is not closer up for a view of my blue eyeshadow ;).

A few photos from Reding Market Terminal. #imsickofcrowds


To find a series to watch (Any recommendations??)

to continue to feel my best

I want to get yoga teacher certified. Not necessarily to teach but or the experiences.  I am held back by two things, the cost, and the commitment. Fear

this bag

these sneaks in black

Ski stuff and this

Healthy Lifestyle

Each Day is a Gift


  • About taking a social media break
  • How sad I am for those that have lost their lives during the terrible storms on the Tatra Mountains, where I just was several days ago…… I am praying that there are no more deaths and my heart and prayers are with those people and families that have lost their lives or family. EVERY DAY IS A GIFT. Read about it here
  • Where do I want to go next?
  • About my school year ahead, I am excited!
  • Pen Paling with my cousin in Poland again
  • I want deeper connections
  • I could use a hug
  • How to spend my last free weekend before the school year begins



Things You Save in a Fire

Just Completed:

Lock Every Door – Typically I have loved all of Riley Sager’s book, but this one?  I don’t understand the high ratings and raves. I thought this was completely unbelievable and not well written. I could not wait for it to be over. It was not scary or thrilling in any aspect.  I give it 2 stars.


That my parents return today!

That I no longer have to go between two houses

The bonds I have formed with my parent’s pets

That I was able to get to know my family in Poland on a more intimate level AND that we connected so well!



Those that live each day and moment as if it was their best day yet

To travel more

To maintain closer relationships with my family, no matter how far they are

To step away from social media a bit and see what it can open up for me

Old pictures


Sharing myself with others, in a way that is comfortable to me

To find love again, I have lost faith and hope over the years, but I am finally realizing that there is plenty of love out there to give and receive.  Thank you to my cousins “M & T” for showing me this. After 16 years of marriage, they still act like newlyweds. Of course, they have their moments and disagreements but what they also have is loyalty, trust and each other ❤   I am so happy for them and their family



Poland – Part 3 “Zakopane and Krakow”

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 2 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

I had been to both areas of Poland, Zakopane, and Krakow, before. Not much had changed BESIDES the fact that it too, felt so much more touristy 😦  This makes me so sad because I feel like everywhere is turning into repetitive McDonald’s and quirky t-shirt vendors.  I want neither.

However, that did not put a damper on the amount of beauty, fun, and history I had experienced! I felt like I had my own personal tour guides in Poland, thanks to M & T.  I was so happy and fortunate that we were able to spend a few days together and really get to know each other and grow our bonds.  I hope that they were able to get a better feel of me and know that I love them truly and they will always hold a place in my heart. Again, it had been 16 years since our last escapade, and it felt like no time had passed us by at all. I love this feeling!

We spent our Monday hiking the beautiful and challenging Tatra mountains. (recent tragedy there today)  We ate, rested and set off for Krakow.  Krakow holds a very special place in my heart. Krakow is one of the only cities in Poland that were not completely destroyed by the war(s).  Many original buildings, cobblestone, and castles remain. This adds to the magic of the city.

My cousin, when not forcing up a dangerous mountain (haha), has great knowledge and history of Poland. I loved hearing all the wonderful facts and of course tales, Poland has to offer (“The sleeping giant,  The dragon’s cave, etc).

Our drive to Krakow from Zakopane was beautiful.  I was very quiet as I wanted to take in the beautiful scenes. So many beautiful creatures just wandering around (cattle, sheep, goats)  The rolling hills, the beautiful Goralski Folk homes (They are very unique) Image result for goralski homesImage result for goralski homes

It was a very enjoyable ride, with a great mix of Polish and American music might I add!

We arrived at our hotel/student housing in Krakow and still had plenty of the day left to explore. We unpacked our things and the rooms were VERY clean and just what we needed. Babylon is considered “Student housing” or a “hostel” (NO do not watch the movie) and we had a shared room, meaning we each had our own bedroom (with two dorm room style beds and desks) and we shared the bathroom and kitchen.  It was clean and comfortable. The wifi was not the greatest, as you were only able to use it for an hour at a time, then had to sign back in, but we made it work.

When we were settled we headed out to catch the train into the heart of Krakow 🙂  The location was good, far enough that we did not hear the hustle and bustle of the city BUT in turn, we did hear the hustle and bustle of college students…..all night long 😦  It was still doable 🙂  Image result for frat party

We, of course, were starving so we found a place to rest and eat.  I love all the outdoor dining options, we needed something MEAT for “T” and vegan for me, what a great trio we were!

Image result for threes companyimg_1808

Fortunately, this combination was never really a problem. We came across a Gregoria restaurant and quite honestly, I do not remember what we even had. But every meal I had in Poland (except for ONE In Zakopane) was delicious. img_1803img_1809

We later ended up watching some Georgian dancers perform and had a seat at an outdoor cafe and ordered some drinks.  img_1813We wandered about the beautiful city some more and found ourselves returning to our rooms to rest up for the next day.

Near Wawel Castle and the dragon (Breathes smoke on the hour, but today it was not breathing  lol)

Fairytale setting

Inside Wawel Castle

I am glad I took advantage of the dry weather to get my headstand in 🙂


I woke up my last morning to the sound of rain. “T” wanted to sleep in a bit, so “M” and I grabbed umbrellas (She is SO prepared) and strolled over to a nearby cafe for some coffee and breakfast.  It was so nice to sit and chat as the rain fell 🙂  Honestly the mood was a bit solemn for me, as it was my last day in Poland, with a family that I loved and felt very close to (I wish we were closer).  Yet I was not going to let this day and weather “Rain on my parade”.

We headed back to our rooms and “T” was up, we brought him back some breakfast and started to think about our day.  Since it was rainy, we decided a movie at the famous Kino Pod Baranami  (Cinema Under the Rams) would be a great idea, but it was not until 3 pm.  “M & T” thought about pulling up a movie on their laptop for us to watch, rest, and relax until the weather lifted. I thought this was a lovely idea for them, and it would give them some time alone in this romantic city. I, on the other hand, wanted to go and explore. The idea of coffee shops and book stores along with people watching and walking in the rain, sounded fabulous to me. I told them of my plan and they decided to join me as well, which I think they were extremely happy they did.  This day, without a plan, ended up giving us so many treasures!  We walked around to a few book stores, had coffee, purchased our tickets for our show, and my cousin “M” found a little underground pub that we decided we would take a walk down to and explore. I am so grateful that we did because I think this was possibly the most beautiful bar I have ever been to. What treasure and a find!  We scoped it out, did some headstands (Because WHY NOT) and decided to have a small bite to eat before coming back to see our show.

Rainy day? Still, play

She loves me ❤


We found our way to Chimera, which had vegan and non-vegan options (SCORE)img_1827img_1832img_1829


“T” happy with his non-vegan meal and Compote (non-alcoholic)

We purchased tickets to see “Minding the Gap”, (available on HULU if interested!) it was a documentary that followed 3 men trying to “Skate free” of their addictions. The seats in the cinema were so comfy, it was so damp and rainy out, that we figured, even if it is terrible, we could at least catch a snooze.  The movie ended up being excellent!  Very touching and sad, even brought tears to my eyes.  We dried our eyes and decided to grab something to eat before settling down for an evening drink at our newfound pub.  I wanted Vegan, so vegan it was!  We made our way to the Jewish section of Krakow, which I really wanted to see.img_1841 There were some beautiful synagogues and a little town center to explore. We, well I, decided on falafel, so we found a wonderful Israeli restaurant, Hamsa. I currently am obsessed with falafel and hummus, so this again (As in Paris) was my favorite meal of the trip!  img_1842img_1844img_1843

After dinner, we wandered a bit in the shops and outdoor markets……


Sukiennice (Or Cloth Hall) in Krakow




These colorful pysanky eggs brought back SO many childhood memories for me 


art wall


Here are a few photos of the lovely Piwnica Pod Baranami 


This “basement bar” is the most beautiful and eclectic one I have ever been in!



Our bartender was fabulous! We told him what we liked, he created individualized drinks for us, we were all pleased!


We stumbled our way back to our rooms for a few hours of sleep before getting up at 3 am to get ME to the airport in time for my flight home.

It was an amazing adventure filled with food, fun, and most importantly FAMILY.  This is a trip and adventure I will always remember, and I hope it can bring our two worlds closer together.  I plan on keeping communication quite frequent. I would love to continue to Pen Pal with my cousin “A” and her students. I would love to visit each other more often, and most of all, I would love to continue to get to know my family and have them get to know me.

Until my next adventure…..


Healthy Lifestyle

Then and Now


  • What is next for me?  Where will I go, what will I do? I have a few things up my sleeve, we shall see
  • I really want to be loved, feel loved and give love ❤
  • How beautiful the Polish language is, essentially all European languages. There is just something about the way it sounds. Even the simplest words and phrases sound songlike.  I feel very harsh as an American!
  • When you connect with people, time apart really does not matter, you seem to pick right up where you left off



How things change, yet still remain the same….Then and Now 🙂

Photos are from 1983, 2003, and 2019


Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, outdoor and natureimg_1974


Image may contain: 3 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoorimg_1975


To slow down.  Between jet lag and running around the past two weeks, I have also done the opposite. Slowed down.  Took my time to eat, walk, read.  It is sensational yet still quite difficult to master. I hope to practice this more often and take in everything at every moment.


That I will be reunited with my parents shortly, and that I will not have to tend to the “farm” any longer! I have learned so much about the outdoors and animals the past 3 months, I might even say I enjoyed it if you catch me at a good moment 🙂


Poland Part 2

Zakopane (Tatra Mountain region)  and Prague

A few more photos from when before my cousin departed…..

Image may contain: 2 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, outdoor

Blueberry Perogies, yup

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: dessert, table, food and indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, people standing, sky, tree, plant, bridge, mountain, outdoor and nature

Goodbye, my beautiful cousin! 

After my cousin Ania and her family departed (Sniffle, sniffle) , I was with my parents and aunt, uncle and cousin.  I planned on staying in the same cabin BUT it was jam-packed as is, and not one but TWO snorers…..So I was on a mission for accommodations. It was an unsuccessful night one and had to sleep next to the snoring monster…..

Image result for famous snorer

The next morning, I found accommodations about 1.5 miles from my parent’s cabin, it was perfect! It was far enough I would not be able to hear their snores…….(hahahaha)

This was our view from the cabin, of Mount Gievont (read about the tale of the sleeping giant hereSee how it looks like a sleeping giant!?!??!!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

And here you can see Mount Gievont in the background as well (and I wore shorts this time 😉

That evening I wandered around town on the famous Krupowki street. I wander in stores and markets and gathered a few things I needed. I also found a great coffee shop with Almond milk, Costa coffee 🙂  So I was pleased!

The next morning I set off with my aunt to hike the beautiful Morske Oko

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: Diana Christine, smiling, standing, outdoor and nature

My aunt is an accomplished hiker! I was beyond impressed!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and waterAND then the highest peak in Poland read about the Trail to Rysy here

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: cloud, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

And of course…..

Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, shorts, sky, outdoor and nature

The next day I did my own mini hike up to Dolna Gubałówka

I wandered around the shops and took in the breathtaking views before meeting my mom, aunt, and cousin for a stroll through town.

Later that night, we left (at midnight) For our Prague adventure.  We booked our trip with Strama

The bus was very comfortable and our tour guide was phenomenal!  He was so kind and sweet and even fist bumped us several times!  He always made sure we were comfortable. On the trip, we received sandwiches and bottled water. We also received some chapstick!

Here is the official itinerary:

TRIP Schedule

The first day (Saturday)

  • 00:01 Leaving Zakopane
  • 09.30 Arrival at Prague – meet the guide, sightseeing (5 hours):
    • Starhov Monastery
    • Pohorzelec
    • Loreta
    • Prague Castle
    • Garden Valdstein
    • Charles Bridge
  • 14.30 Free time
  • 16.30 Tranfer to the hotel – accomodation
  • 18.30 Dinner in the hotel
  • 19.45 Departure for a Cruise on the Vltava River
  • 21.00 Cruise on the Vltava
  • 22.30 Return to Hotel

The second day (Sunday)

  • 07.30 Breakfast in the hotel
  • 08.30 Departure from hotel
  • 09.00 Meet the guide (4 hours):
    • Wenceslas Square
    • Lucern Palac
    • Church of Our Lady of the Snows
    • New Town Hall Prague
    • Josefov
    • Old Town Prague
    • Municipal House
  • 13.30 Free time
  • 15.30 Departure from Prague
  • 00.00 Planned return to Zakopane


It was a 9-hour bus ride, which we all tried to sleep, but it is similar to trying to sleep on a plane….

We arrived in Prague at 9 am and began our 5-hour tour, wandering around the fairytale setting of Prague. it is such a beautiful and romantic city!  Image may contain: sky and outdoor

We had a few hours of light drizzle, then the downpour. Image may contain: 4 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, outdoor

We were able to find some ponchos and remained fairly dry for the rest of our tour.  I spotted many places I wanted to visit but time was a constraint. I was able to get a feel of what I would like to visit when I return.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Diana Christine, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

My favorite part of Prague? Charles Bridge. Just stunning.

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes, sky and outdoor

Charles Bridge to the left

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and water

view from the Charles Bridge

Image may contain: sky

After our tour and some free time to wander, we headed back to our hotel and had dinner. Later we were to depart for a night cruise to see Prague at Night, but I opted out of it as I was barely functioning, like a walking zombie. My parents went and said it was beautiful. I am sorry I missed it but I think I made the right choiceImage may contain: Diana Christine, smiling, outdoor


The next morning we had early breakfast and left at 7 am for our next tour. Today was the complete opposite of the previous day. Sun and warmth.  Perfect weather for Prague. This perfect weather also brought the crowds. My beautiful Charles Bridge was barely accessible with the amount of volume on it.

We continued our tour and on our free time, my parents and I found a great little cafe and had a bite to eat.


Later we found ice cream and had to try this concoction out!

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

We ended our tour around 3 and piled back on the bus to return back to Zakopane. It was wonderful and beautiful but way too short for such a captivating city. I will be back 🙂


After a few hours of sleep, my cousins T & M were ready to take me on a hike!  Sleep-deprived as was, what was another 8-9 hour hike?

At the start of our hike, I tried to turn back several times. lack of sleep and balance was scaring me. Plus the constant uphill trek on rocks and boulders…..did not look good to me.  However, my slave driver cousin managed to persuade us many times to keep going forward. This would play out several more times throughout our hike.

We hiked the Czerwone Wierchy of Zakopane. This was a heavenly hike. Quite literally. We were so high up, most of the hike was in the clouds!

We started off sweaty and sticky. It was HOT, that was soon to change ….

It started to become so windy that at times, I was getting pushed over and lifted up!  I was terrified, but quickly found out that stopping only made it worse!!  Again, Cousin “T’  told us to keep pushing forward… we did!


Low Visibility + Crazy winds …..

My cousin pretending to get blown away…..

After our hike, we ended with a Polish beer at the bottom of our trek. It was a cute little outdoor pub on the trail!  After our beer, we had another hour or so hike, but it was all downhill…..which caused us to wobble and hobble down.

We later went to our favorite street in Zakopane for some dinner. We were starved!  Finally, we settled in for the night, rested, as we were off to Krakow the next morning!

To be continued…..img_1360

Healthy Lifestyle

Passionately Poland


Image result for quotes about being home

  • How much I learned about myself over the past 12 days of my trip overseas. I found myself in many uncomfortable situations, yet somehow I was able to make the best of them and persevere.  I am really proud of myself and my experiences.  The biggest lesson? I can do things I am uncomfortable with, and continuing to voice myself and be heard helps in so many ways.


Currently Reading:

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Normal People 


The Unbreakables – 3.5 stars. This was a quick and enjoyable read for me!

Want to Read:

Red, White, and Royal Blue

The Right Swipe

The Wild Woman’s Way

Lock Every Door

I read so much and so often, then sometimes I can’t remember a recent book that I JUST READ. This makes me so sad! Love this article and these tips and I will be doing this (Not every single book, but especially non-fiction)



To live in the United States – the conveniences we have. Sometimes stepping back and away from them is eye-opening, I always return from trips feeling so grateful ❤

For Freedom and diversity

For spending time with my family and parents in Poland (our first time all together there since I was 3!)

For having a safe flight to and from Poland

For being able to live the fairytale of Prague

For speaking up for myself

For finding and enjoying  connection (Surprise!!)

For my big, cozy, fluffy bed

Being able to stretch out


For realizing, slowly, what I truly need and want

My large shower

exploring nooks and crannies in foreign places


Inspired Byimg_1801

Loving relationships, making it known that it is possible

How little some people have, yet make the most and best of every little thing

Clear communication, standing my ground

The hospitality of others – I was SO spoiled and taken care of in Poland, something DIFFICULT for me to accept, and uncomfortable. Image may contain: food

One of my many breakfasts by “Chef Anna”

This “I Don’t” List 


My Poland and Prague Trip, Part I

I just spent 12 days traveling all over Poland and Prague. This was surely an adventure and experience I will remember for a lifetime. I really learned so much about Poland, my family and myself.

My flight from Newark to Krakow was wonderful. I had one smooth connection in Frankfurt and was on my way again!  Getting off the plane I was incredibly nervous, I had not seen my cousin Ania since I was 3 or 4 years old!  What if we did not get along? What if we were too different? What if we had nothing to talk about?  Sure enough, my nerves were put to rest as soon as I stepped off the plane and saw this welcoming sign, hahaha, Perfect, we will get along JUST FINE


Ania’s brother and his fiance joined us for the trek. We drove back a little over an hour to Ania’s lovely town of Dabrowa Gornicza, Where I would spend the next 4 days.  Ania took me up to her lovely condo, introduced me to her 16-year-old son, Michael, we had some coffee and then went to visit her parents. Here is their home (Cool clock, right!!!)IMG_1907[1]

I was feeling quite beaten, not having slept for over 24 hours, but was still going strong. We finally went back to Ania’s and settled in for the night.  I was still in awe that I was actually in Poland with my family and my cousin that I had pen-paled with all year during the school year.

The next day, Monday, we set off for our first adventure. We decided to visit Częstochowa, home to the famous “Black Madonna”.Image result for black madonna poland This brings pilgrimages from all over the world to see her beauty and glory.  Here is some information and things to do in Czestochowa. 

On our drive to Czestochowa, I was in desperate need of coffee thanks to my lack of sleep and jet lag, so we came across this adorable little Alpaca farm and coffee shop!

When we finally arrived at Czestochowa, we were greeted by beautiful songs and music as pilgrimages approached the church!IMG_1914 And of course I had to begin my **headstand challenge, so I found the opportunity and took it, sort of 🙂


**The headstand challenge was started by a fellow yogi friend of mine who recently travelled to Dubai, Croatia and Krakow, he performed headstands all around those countries and I opted to continue the trend to see how long we can keep this going

We toured the grounds and the church from the ground and in the air…


We then made our way into the quaint little town for some lunch and of course some photo ops…

Popcorn Salad @ Awokado

It was such a lovely, fun-filled day. Lots of laughs, sights and of course delicious food.

Tuesday we decided to do a bike tour of Dabrowa Gornicza, specifically the Pogoria Lakes.  There are 4 of them, each so unique and special.  It was such a fun day and especially viewing it all on a bike!  We ended our trip by having coffee at the lovely waterfront restaurant my cousin celebrated her big 4-0 !

Later that evening we wanted to spend some time with Ania’s brother and his fiance. 16 year old “Pro gamer”, decided he’d like to join us and tag along. Guess we are all still sorta cool 🙂

We went to one castle, Zamek Siewierski, and it was breathtaking. We arrived as the sun was setting, and it was just a beautiful and peaceful time to explore the grounds. IMG_1938

We stopped for a delicious fish dinner as well
And finally one last stop before heading home (and heading to bed) we stopped by my cousin’s school, where our pen paling adventure all began.

Another jam-packed, adventurous day, just the way I like it.


Finally, Wednesday arrived and it was time to drive to the Tatra mountains to Zakopane, where I would meet up with my parents and aunt and uncle at their cabin getaway……  The drive was long and filled with traffic, but we made it and I was so thrilled to see my parents smiling faces and big, huge, hug from mom

We said our hello’s and hit the famous Krupowki street in Zakopane. It is a cobblestone street filled with wonderful shops, crafts, cheeses, restaurants. I especially loved the Empik store (similar to our Barnes and Noble) and the coffee shop, Costa Coffee (comparable to Starbucks).  The Cukiernia’s (Bakeries) were scattered throughout the street as well, always able to find a great pastry or cup of coffee there



Goralski Praliny – highly recommendIMG_1956IMG_1955IMG_1953IMG_1952IMG_1951IMG_1949IMG_1948IMG_1947

After dinner my cousin and her parents left Zakopane and headed back to their homes…..part 2 of my adventure was to begin (to be continued)


Also, lunch, not pictured here , highly recommend


Healthy Lifestyle

Clarity is Cloudy

Image result for clarity is cloudy


Annoyed. With unclarity and lack of communication. Yup, I am guilty of this too, and it is quite apparent that I am when I find myself getting irritated and annoyed with others and their lack. There is nothing more frustrating (to me) then asking something, and not getting a straight forward answer, or even worse, ignoring my question or dancing around it.  I am trying to be understanding that this may be a sense of uncertainty and unclarity on the other person’s end as well, as usual, so in my case. I find myself needing TIME to respond to things, otherwise, I jump into things that I may not really want to do/say/feel.

As Madonna would say “Express Yourself, hey , hey!”


Something is missing. From my life. From me. I can’t pinpoint it or figure it out. I try and try and try to put it into words, journal about it, talk about it, but I just can’t figure it out.  I go through a list:
Is it that I don’t have children?  No

Is it that I am not married? No

Is it your relationships that don’t quite feel right? Maybe

When you’re out and about in your town, does it just not feel like the right fit for you?  No

I know some things I do want:  stability, respect, communication, unconditional love.  I guess that is a start

So, I plan to take this journey in steps, here is the first one:

Getting Clear

As you’re going through your days, and even weeks, start to keep a log of what you’re feeling and when. The more details, the better.

It’s incredibly important to be able to pinpoint the moments, people and experiences that trigger these feelings. Even if your whole life feels like it’s in a funk, you have to start noticing more specific moments that cause that feeling in order to start making positive changes


My friend is currently overseas on his travel adventure. Croatia, Dubia, Krakow (YES!) he has decided to do a headstand in each country he visits. He is returning to the US the day I arrive in Poland. I thought it would be fun to “take over” his headstands. Let’s see how long we can keep this chain going!?

Image result for headstands around the world

Who will be traveling after me??  Join us!



By the dedication of all the volunteers at the animal shelter, I am volunteering at. Wow. I am so inspired and GRATEFUL for kind-hearted people in this world. They walk the dogs, advocate for the animals, clean up their crates, and so much more, the best thing? They give them love xox. We all need a little love

Look at some of these guys/gals:

Thank you to ALL that have donated to my fundraiser on Facebook 🙂

Thinking of a new pet? Please consider adoption, here is a great link



Image result for grateful

That I have the opportunity to spend 12 days in Poland and Prague. I am SO excited to meet and spend time with my cousins, who have already planned all sorts of adventures for us.  I am excited to see my parents again (it has been over 2 months since I saw them last) and maybe most I am excited to NOT have to mow the lawn, and take care of the animals for a few days! haha



Image result for reading by candlelight

What I did during the recent power outage we had

Miracle Creek  – I am back at it.  I am actually REALLY into it now. The first few chapters for me, were, s…..l…o….w…., but now? Now I am in!

Ask Again, Yes.  Disappointed. This had so much hype, and I was really excited to read this, but it just fell flat for me. Had difficulty connecting and empathizing with the characters.  It is amazing, how one persons “BEST READ” can be unremarkable for another

Fleishman is in Trouble  About 85% complete and it is reminding me so much of “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”

Would LOVE to check out these Literary inspired bars/restaurants!:

Writers Block Rehab

writers block rehab

The Library 

Image result for the library bar rittenhouse


I have “heard” that Trader Joe’s has a “dupe” for the famous Anthropologie “Volcano” candle, so I tried it. Yup. It’s pretty amazing and for $3.99 a steal!  Here it is (don’t buy from Amazon, it’s $3.99 at TJ)

Sort of obsessed with this song, it just makes me…………HAPPY!

Skip to about 1:30 if you want to hear just the song 🙂

Loving my new hair cut, its the simple things, and what a difference layers do. Love my stylist 🙂 Excited to try out my new Revlon brush, let’s see if I can replicate a “Blowout”  ….who am I kidding


Some photo’s from Poland!

From top left to bottom

  1.  Toron, Poland. Buildings dating to 1400s
  2. Toron, Poland
  3. Sopot, Poland
  4. Mom is in trouble
  5. Dad found some mushrooms, yes he is still alive (they ate them)
  6. Baked perogies, OH MY!

Dream Life

Pain-free. I have been struggling for years with hamstring/lower back pain. I have been to Physical therapy multiple times, and this last time has been so helpful.  I feel stronger and more stable when I am moving and using my legs, yet, sitting for me, is a real pain in the !@#$%^!  Worried about my upcoming long flight 😦  I will not take any medication for this, or have surgery, so I am determined to figure this out on my own 🙂

Healthy Lifestyle

My Life, I realize is suddenly July,

Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July.
— Rick Bass


Dream Life

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A world free from worry, hurt, pain. A sense of full body and mind freedom.   As I spent a lovely night and a remarkable day at the beach, I was watching and observing. I walked to get my early cup of coffee as the sun was rising and I noticed two children riding their bikes with their surfboards in tow. The excitement on their faces was priceless.  The only thought they had? Get me to the beach so I can have fun, soak up some pleasure and joy. Excitement. They most indeed were NOT thinking about the calories spent or burnt to ride their bikes, or if their adventure would burn off their breakfast. They were not trying to ride faster, or an extra mile in hopes of “earning” a special treat at lunch, or a second helping at dinner. They were free. Free from the worry, free from the pain, free from the thoughts that consume so many of us.

As adults (and with the help of our society) we have taken joy and pleasure away from ourselves. We grew up happy and free without a care in the world, then the pressure came. To look a certain way, to wear certain clothes, to be a certain weight, to have glowy skin, (Insert your ideas here).   How often do you do things for pure joy and pleasure? Move in a way that naturally feels good? Or is there something hidden behind your intention? No one is judging, I am not asking you to shout it out to the world, but, ask yourself the next time you are heading out to the gym, or for a run, or taking the steps instead of an elevator. WHY?

I know I want to try to live my life like those two little boys I saw this morning. Happy, carefree, and full of pleasure.

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Lately, I have been intrigued by the sky. I love the colors, the clouds, the magic.  It looks so artistic like someone just painted some strokes in the air. Beautiful and breathtaking. Dreamy.

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  • Why would you ever choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? In my teens and twenties, I struggled with this. Seeking approval, trying to get others to like me. Yet, WHY? If someone does not like me for me and my quirky ways, why invest and waste your time (and theirs)  There are so many people on this planet, we connect with some, we collide with others. Spend time with those that lift you up and vice versa.  Mark Manson writes this incredibly straight forward article The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.  Read it here
    • This excerpt was also interesting!  The first problem is people who never feel a “Fuck Yes” for anybody they meet. If you are lukewarm on absolutely everyone you meet, then either your demographics are way off, or you suffer from a lack of vulnerability and are protecting yourself by remaining indifferent and unenthused by all of those around you. Hmmmm….
  • How to stop talking yourself out of things.  Guilty!  Yet, every time I did not think or plan something, it ended up benefiting me in so many ways.


  • How being decisive leads to success. Oh, the struggle is real!  Do I want an omelet or oatmeal? Yoga or walk? stay in or go out? For me, this all leads back to listening to and following my gut.  Ultimately no decision is a bad decision, you will always miss out on something but the beauty is appreciating what you gain from your choice.  Excellent article and tips here
  • Date yourself, first. Image result for date yourselfI love this idea and have been practicing it a bit here and there.  So many times we crave connection and affection, and what do we do? Try to get it from others. NO!  So many people fear to be alone. Yet, this is the best way to find yourself and someone you are compatible with. What better way to discover YOU, what YOU love, what you need, what you enjoy? Without any distractions. It is intimidating, it is uncomfortable, it is scary, but it is so worth it.  I have been doing this in spurts here and there for quite some time, however, would like to set up a more consistent approach.  While at my little shore retreat, I had the BEST date with myself. I did everything and anything I wanted to do. I wore what I wanted, went where I wanted, spent what I wanted, and guess what? I had a smile on my face the entire time.  My date? It started off with my morning coffee, just the way I like it.
    • I read, journaled a bit and made my way to beach yoga. Turns out, I was the only one that showed up, so I had a private session 🙂  We flowed beautifully together, on the beach, while the sun shone down on us. Wow.  Hearing the waves and the ocean in front of me, priceless.
    • Then I walked a bit and did some internal journaling. I found some amazing creatures that I stopped to check out (Something fascinates me about slimy things).
    • I showered, put on comfy clothes and hopped on my bike (with a basket to carry my wallet ) and went off to explore. I took my time, looked at and appreciated what I wanted to.
    • When I got hungry, I stopped at the cutest cafe for lunch.  I had the most fabulous date and I am really getting to know myself and fall in love. I am kind of smitten. I am kind of awesome 🙂
  • Stuck? Sit down with your tea or coffee, and start compiling a list of things you like or LOVE. This can be your go to. It can be simple (In fact the simpler the better).  Commit to it, commit to yourself. Commit to learning about you, being free and enjoying the shit out of yourself!


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Brigantine July 2019

Friendship bracelet dates with my nieces 🙂

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Girl in the Rearview Mirror. Suspense/Thriller. I am hooked, really enjoying the suspense so far!

The Unbreakables – Contemporary Fiction, loving so far

Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret . Classic. I loved this so much. Judy Blume is forever in my heart.  Looking for an adult summer read, check out her Summer Sisters, always a favorite!

The Mother In Law – Meh, I rated it 3/5 stars. I have read some really great thrillers this year, so this is nothing remarkable

Did you read, The Art of Racing in the Rain? My mom and I listened to this audiobook on a drive to South Carolina one time, I CRIED MY EYES out. Did you know that the movie comes out August 8?   Read it. Go see it. Be prepared to cry.


  • Thanks to my love of yoga, my poor feet suffer. Sure pedicures help, but the dryness and cracking are inevitable. I have heard wonders about AmLactin Foot Repair, going to give it a try 🙂
  • Two friends recently mentioned and introduced me to jalapeno infused drinks! Yum!  Never would I EVER think I would enjoy them! I have NOT made this yet, but plan on it  spicy-ginger-jalapeno-kombucha-mule-cocktail
  • Finding humor in REAL family life, this is hilarious!!