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Wednesday Wants

April showers bring May flowers!
Let’s hope 🙂

1. Spring cleaning

MOM! Perfect for when we clean out your closets!!!!!
No excuses!

2.  DIY spring project

This yoga DIY carrying strap!

3.  Make life “easier”

How to overcome and ask for help when you are feeling down

What are YOUR tactics?

Remember, try to respect everyone’s wishes. Some people prefer to text vs. the phone, for comfort reasons. Don’t judge. Everyone handles things differently.Let them cope their way, you just need to Listen


4.  Scared

What are you scared of?

Right now for me it’s currently change.  It is so easy for me to get comfortable and stop seeking challenges.  Change scares me because I worry if I will succeed or fail. Ultimately I know it what you choose but I am still afraid of so much. I also know if I don’t take risks I’ll never know my true potential or challenge myself.  I know that is what I truly seek.  Challenge

And why not? Right now it’s just me.  No children.   No spouse.  I can challenge myself and see what I am capable of.  Before my challenge was restricting foods and pushing myself to the limits with exercise. Now my challenge is living life and taking risks ❤

5.  Happier with boundaries

I like to set boundaries.  Especially with people.  I have been hurt and “burnt” so many times that I have a hard time trusting people. If they are truly being genuine or just being nice for the moment….

I  am happy keeping my space.  I am happier not letting others consume my life and all my time.  I have never been able to find that balance in relationships.  I either give too much or nothing at all

I have fought this and myself for so long.  The honest truth? I really like my space and distance.  I have moments where I feel and want that closeness but it’s very short lived. I don’t  want to hurt anyone in the process because it really is internally my own feelings nothing about them.  I  still have much difficulty finding that balance. Maybe I’ll begin craving and seeking more interaction time ,maybe I won’t.  I do know that I will no longer fight my feelings and give in to what others want.  It’s my choice.

Be Yourself!

6.  Too private and personal

I love to write.  Especially my current thoughts and feelings, which often times change as quickly as they come.  I find myself hiding and keeping a lot of those things from my blog, STILL. Yet this blog is meant for me. It is meant to be an honest depiction of my thoughts. Yet I worry that others won’t accept them, or like them. I am just not ready. I may upset some people.  I make hurt someone.  I would never intentionaly hurt anyone or their feelings but it hurts hiding mine so much


I’m beginning to accept that my thoughts and I, myself am FAR from perfect.  I never wanted to accept this before.  I wanted to be perfect to everyone else.  To the world.  If they saw me as perfect it must be true! Right?.   Not so.

 I need to believe I am perfectly ok.  Mistakes.  Flaws and all

7.  Friends with a calling

Do you have that certain friend that just has a knack for something in particular? I do, my friend “R” really needs to consider a job as a “Book Recommend-er” lol (Is there such a title??)

She has SUCH a talent for describing books and finding the perfect book that FITS you. I seriously can tell you that she has NEVER disappointed. All her recommendations are RIGHT ON. She has not known me too long, yet, she can always seem to find and recommend the  perfect book
Current Recommendation I am reading:

Unbearable Lightness:  A Story of Loss and Gain

by Portia de rossi

Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain

8.  My last want……

Tomorrows spring festival to be OVER with at school . I really do not enjoy or like “party days”. Its crazy enough, and through in special ed, and complete chaos.  My students would actually prefer a normal day, (So would I!) BUT we both have to deal with the uncomfort of changes life throws at us. We also need to enjoy to learn new things. My students, and myself ❤

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Un-Manic Monday 3.30.15

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM Ever!

I hope you have an amazing, incredible, special day, because YOU are all those things and SO MUCH MORE!



This cake was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Yes, I too had a piece!! I did not even really think about it, just ate it. I also did not beat myself up over it. I enjoyed it. I dissected it. I critiqued it. It was fun as well as tasty!  My mom loved it!! ❤  Great choice!

This birthday is special, our lives just went through some major changes. Changes are scary but changes are GOOD. It is what you make of it. Life is a choice. You CAN choose to be happy, you can choose to be free, you can choose to do what is best for you ❤

Un-Manic wants

Cute to dress up at night (date night!)

Primary Image of Pleated Romper with 4 Inch Inseam

Great work pants

Primary Image of Tabbed Wide-Leg Trousers in Marisa Fit

This looks pretty haggard in the picture, but trust me its super cute (and cool/comfy) looking! Perfect summer dress!

Primary Image of Wallpaper Floral Sleeveless Shirtdress


Dirty Dancing LIVE

I can NOT wait! We have tickets for Thursday evening! What a perfect way to kick off Spring Break!!


A warmer week!
50s and 60s!! Woo hoo


coping with anxiety

I could NOT sleep last night. This morning I feel very anxious 😦 However I am NOT going to let it ruin my day! I will journal, breathe, relax, and I will be ok


get well cards


This made me smile. it made the kids smile. It made little man smile.
I love teaching pratical skills! that is what teaching is ALL about. We stopped focusing on “Writing on the line, multiplication facts, subtration with re-grouping” and took the time to talk about a classmate in the hospital. How does HE feel? How do YOU feel? How can we MAKE HIM feel better?

We came up with these….

We also sent little video messages ❤



Coffee Fix?

ha! I thought this was hilarious. 4 teachers showed up for a team meeting, LOOK what we brought! One of each size (Can you guess which one was mine?  Yup 24 oz)



Healthy Lifestyle

Weekend update & week ahead 

I had a lovely weekend.  Friends.  Family.  Feeling good

  • I feel good physically.  A quick body scan and overall I feel pretty good. I have decreased my    affeine as well as artificial sweeteners and feel such a difference.
  • Emotionally I feel good too.  Of course I still struggle with things daily but who doesn’t.  The difference is I am learning how to cope with those feelings as well as accept some.
  • Tomorrow is my moms birthday so today we celebrate!!!  She is such an inspiration and amazing woman. She is so comforting and loving and my best friend.  I hope she enjoys her special day. She deserves it

I am really looking forward to our little getaway coming up SO SOON! ❤


  • I found out I  going to be an “aunt” pretty soon! “M & C”are 2 cm dilated!
  • I have tons to look forward to this week!  A week filled with assemblies and author meets, egg hunt and “no body puts baby in the corner “

  • Also ahead.

    Coach bag bingo in Westampton!  Who is in!???

What:  Coach Bag Bingo!
When:  Friday May 8, 2015

May 08, 2015 at Crescent Shrine in Westampton Township, NJ.

Friday May 8th! Play for your chance to win a Coach Bag with 16 exciting games of Bingo. In addition to Bingo we have an exciting Basket Raffle with such goodies as a KitchenAid Mixer, a trip for 2 to the Carribbean, a round of golf for 4 and so much more!Tickets are $30 per person and must be paid for in advance. Tables seat 10 so get your friends together for a fun night of Bingo and chance.
  •  remember my Etsy problem?

    My necklace is TOO short. I do not want to wait another month or two for it to return then resend, SO I got myself a chain extender!  This little baby from Charming Charlies did JUST the trick!IMG_5325

  •    let them eat Birthday CAKE

My mom picked out the Dr. J cake (Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Chocolate Icing) from Classic Cake Company in Cherry Hill, NJ!

They really did such a beautiful job!! Hopefully it tastes just as good. I am positive it will NOT disappoint!

Displaying photo 1.JPGDisplaying photo 2.JPG

  • Sharp Object

I finally got around to getting my knives sharpened! Woo hoo!!  Sur La Table is currently running a promotion until April 4th.  Your first knife sharpened is FREE, each additional is $5. Not bad! If you have some really good quality/expensive knives and are afraid to sharpen them yourself, stop by for your sharpening !

Displaying photo 3.JPGDisplaying photo 4.JPG

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Saturday Safes and Saves

With the weather getting warmer, longer days, I FEEL good and feel like doing things! Yay!

Beaus Dream Dog Park in Lancaster Pa

Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park

OMG a doxie tunnel?

A tennis ball tree!

Omg, puppy heaven!! I am super excited to visit this, probably more than Lily

Autism Awareness Month

Please join me in supporting Autism Awareness. If anything the past few years have taught me that WE need to learn more about autism. The fact is that many people and children on the spectrum are bright, intelligent and amazing. We need to learn how to change OUR thinking to better communicate and interact with individuals on the spectrum. Just like we have introverts, extroverts, people pleasers, ect, autism is not much differernt. How can YOU help?

Here are a few ways YOU can get involved:

Runners! Medford is having a 5k Run/walk

Read about the mom behind it all here

Sign up here

The Medford Lakes Miles of Hope Run/Walk

When: April 25

Where: Starts at 79 Tecumseh Trail at 8 a.m.

Registration: Early registration is open until April 23.

Cost: $25 for adults; $15 for children 18 and under is $15. There is a $3 sign-up fee if done online. Entries mailed in don’t include the $3 fee.

Links: To sign up for the event go to

Wear BLUE on April 2nd!

Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue celebrates autism awareness and is asking for the world to wear BLUE! Just so happens to be my favorite color!

(Just take a look at any of my clothes/style posts!)

Cherry Hill Library Book Sale!!

First I went Thursday night and picked up a few goodies, today was FILL YOUR BAG for $5, I made out really well!


My friend Robin did even better!! She also has a little sweet notion up her sleeve. I think some people will be very surprised, she always has some pretty spectacular and unique ideas! ❤

Etsy Fail 😦

Well, I love my necklace, BUT it is too short. It took OVER a month for it to arrive, I really do NOT want to send it back to get a longer chain. I may try a chain extender first, I only want it about an inch longer!! SO close but no cigar !



Something To Try

Roasting your own coffee!

I love my coffee! I want to expand my horizons a bit and explore the world of coffee. I prefer mild flavors, so I know I should gear towards Central American or Island coffee

I have also been researching methods of roasting your OWN green coffee beans. This seems pretty fascinating to me, and I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell!

You can get green coffee beans cheaper than already roasted ones, yet I do not know the availabilty as of yet, something I will need to do some research on

The freshness and quality is supposed to be pretty impressive. You KNOW you are getting fresh as can be by roasting your own. Often times even the fanciest coffees have been roasted for weeks if not months. It would be pretty neat to roast your own and drink immediately. Talk about FRESH!

I am curious as to the difference. Is it worth it? Well when I attempt it , I will let YOU know !

The least expensive way?
Do it yourself with a pan

Next, you can your a……..pop corn popper!

Most $$

This baby will set ya back $179

Read more here


These are too cute for words

chocolate peanut butter bird nest cookies

Healthy Lifestyle

Friday Faves 3.27.15

This was a long week. I am sure MANY can agree ❤

However it was a productive and overall “happy” week! 

Hope yours was too!

Some of my favorites….

Feelings:  Realization

I have finally realized, or accepted, the fact that anxiety and fear of certain situations (pretty much anything including confrontation) makes me want to run. Confrontation, anxiety and fear, make me feel…….FAT

When I feel scared, uncertain, unsure, anxious, I go back to what comforts me. Feeling FAT.  I can tell myself I am fat and unworthy and have something to BLAME the situations on.

Nope, not gonna happen!

I am confronting my fears and people as uncomfortable and difficult as it may be, this is the only way. In the end, I end up feeling so much “lighter” . That “FAT” feeling goes away….

Pretty amazing discovery ❤

Feelings:  Productive

I got so much accomplished in work/school this week! Report cards, progress reports, IEP goals, present levels, planning, printing….so on and so on. It feels SO good to be productive.

Feelings:  The bad will pass

I always fear that those negative/bad feelings will NEVER go away. Yet, every single time I have them, they DO go away.

I was on the way to visit a student at the hospital and was really beating myself up over not exercising for 2 days…..Those terrible thoughts came again “You should be able to work out AND go to the hospital Diana, what is wrong with you, you are L-A-Z-Y”

SHUT UP Ed. I am not.  I have more important things to do and you know what? The look and smile on that little guys face was priceless and quickly made that feeling of guilt go away. This was worth it. If I hadn’t gone, THEN I would have truly felt guilty ❤

Feelings:  Judging

People judge. Everyone judges. I judge. However it is something I am really focusing to work on.  Every day I hear so many judgments. It is quite sad that this is what we have all resorted to. We are unhappy and bored with our own life and try to make ourselves feel better by putting others down. We are in no place to judge, as difficult as it is, unless we are in that persons shoes, we should keep it to ourselves.

Plus once one person says something, Its like a domino effect!  Too easily people believe what one person says or spreads.

Try to be aware of your own judging. We do not want others to judge us, so lets really try not to judge others ❤

It is SO easy to judge. Its difficult to STOP and ask someone why or how they do something. Once you do, its quite amazing how eye opening it is and how it can often be a smack in your own face to how WRONG you have really been

Feelings:  Ouch

Seeing something in writing, hurts.  Whether it is true or not, seeing it right there on paper, written, typed, printed in BLACK dark ink. Ouch , words can hurt

However when you get hurt, you on get stronger ❤

Feelings:  Funny!

Tina (and any other moms and teachers!)  check this out!! 

Favorite Fashions

This is awesome! She takes Pinterest outfits and finds look alikes that will actually fit into anyone's budget! Because who wants to spend $4,000 on a purse? Being frugal can be stylish! :)Dark blue dress and white lined shorts for summers

Random favorites

Tipsy Whisky Layer Cake

The Tipsy Whiskey Layer Cake |

One of my favorite fellow bloggers is offering a sephora give away!! Weeeeeeeeeeee! How perfect for spring!! Click here to enter yourself!

Favorite Freeing Moment

It was not because of your infidelity

It was not because of your addiction and abuse

It was not because you did not know yourself

It was not because you changed like a chameleon around others

It was not because of your immaturity

I could have dealt with , worked through and handled all those….

It WAS because you were NOT there for me at a time when I needed you most. It was how you treated me when I was scared. It was your refusal to even sit with me for a few moments when my brother was in the hospital. Yes hospitals are scary. They are unpleasant, but I know if someone I cared about asked me to be there for them , I would.  If I couldn’t I would at least talk about it and compromise

It was then that I realized that you did not even love yourself. When you don’t love yourself, it is very difficult if not impossible to love someone else

I deserve more than that 

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Thankful Thursday 3.26.15


I am thankful for 


Thriller Fest

I would like to try to go to this!!! How fun!!! If you love reading thrillers maybe you should check it out too!?

LOL Nevermind, I just checked out the prices……..what!?

I am thankful for 

my house AND living alone 🙂 At first it was difficult, now I am really beginning to love it. I do not think I could ever do a “roomate” I would feel to uncomfortable. I really like my privacy 🙂

How to Live Alone without Feeling Lonely

I am thankful for 

My last observation of the year being OVER!!

It was unexpected, and just like a band aid. Quick and painless………..:)

I am thankful for 

the internet

Ha! Seriously you can find everything. Now I know what types of guys NOT to date, and I also know that I (as a teacher) am in the highest ranking for being UNFAITHFUL in a relationship! Can you believe it?! Teachers!?

I honestly would have never thought they were the highest ranking!  Did you?

10 Most Unfaithful Professions


I am thankful for 

cheap books!
I made out really well (so did my friend!) at the Cherry Hill Library book sale!

I got a few of my GoodReads picks:

Night Film

Night Film

My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper

I Know this Much Is True

I Know This Much Is True

The best $5 I have spent in a long time! 🙂


I am thankful for 

Friday’s and weekends!

and Friday Jean Days!! ❤

I am thankful for 

places like CHOP

I visited a student yesterday that recently had (successful!!) surgery, and my heart goes out to all the dedicated and amazing workers at CHOP (The Children s Hospital of Philadelphia). Honestly, some sights broke my heart, others made it melt.  The staff are so warm, caring, friendly, just want kids need to make them feel comfortable at a time that is so scary for them. As adults we fear the doctors and hospitals, children, have it even worse, because they do not really understand

I am impressed with the love and support I saw among-st workers in every area (Doctors, nurses, desk staff, security, food workers…..)


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Ten for Tuesday

1. Stop letting others define me

I have a hard time feeling good about myself with just myself. For some reason my opionion and thoughts do not seem “worthy”. I still let others define me and how I feel.
I have been feeling blah lately. I feel like my time has come and gone. I am turning my future into something dark and allowing myself to continue to beat myself up over things while pretending to the world and myself that I’m not…… I’m hurt. Over something I have no reason to be. In all honesty it means nothing to me but makes me feel like less of a person. I linger. I still think about the “what if s ” or “should haves “. I can’t seem to let those things go and really just forgive myself

I want to wake up feeling confident and good about myself, without anyone else’s input…..

I feel ugly, unless someone else tells me I am beautiful
I feel stupid, unless someone else tells me I’m bright
I feel old , unless someone tells me otherwise
I feel weird, unless others assure me I am not
I feel wrong, unless I do what others want me to

I still don’t trust myself. Which means I still do not  completely love myself.

However today I am at a much better place than I was a year ago. I also know that change takes ……time and patience. Something that truly is my biggest challenge.

2.  Books:  Outlander series

After much hooplah, I think I am going to give this series a shot. I am not really into historical fiction but you never know! I am trying to be more open to new things ❤

And for those of you into self help/self discovery, this book was recently recommended to me 🙂  I have not read it yet, but plan to

3. Feeling “Stuck”

Sometimes I feel “stuck” in my life. I feel as if the world is going and growing. People are getting engaged, getting married, having children, starting careers, changing careers, doing SOMETHING incredible……I feel like I have been there and done that and had my chance and I did it “wrong”.  I beat myself up constantly for this.

It is not that I have any regrets about the decisions I MADE, its the fact that I regret the decisions I initially made.  I want to look at this in a POSITIVE approach. If I hadn’t had those experiences, I would not know NOW what I did not know then.

However, its hard. Some days, I feel old, tired, burnt, spent. I am worried that my “time” is done. I fear I will never find that “true love” I am searching for. That person that truly accepts me for ME.  That person that gets me. I also realize I am not searching for perfection, but I feel if two people are HAPPY with themselves, they can get through pretty much anything.

Some days I feel like a bore. The world of internet dating has been very……..disappointing. No one is who they SAY they are.  Which deters me from wanting to continue with it.

Deep down, I know there is a lot ahead and to look forward to. I worry that I won’t have the “energy” to have a relationship or move forward. I am “tired”. I feel burnt out. I feel run down. I have a hard time trusting ANYONE. I feel they have hidden and alternate intentions, which stems from my previous and past relationships and experiences. I know that there are MANY MANY MANY wonderful people out there (LIKE You reading this RIGHT now!) I guess I am just scared of…….getting hurt? or losing something I love?

4. Bitter

My friendly “neighbor” came outside today and waved her finger at me (and Lily) and pretty much yelled at me for letting Lily go potty in front of her condo…..YES I get it, its crap, on the lawn, but I immediately pick it up and dispose of it, plus it is communal lawn, and there is no “rule” in our association policy stating that dogs must go in certain areas…….

She was peeking through her window at us, and thought she “caught us brown handed”

I showed her the bag. I showed her what was inside the bag. She felt stupid, but had to relay to me “You know, your dog shouldn’t be going to the bathroom here, there is a location for it”

Yes, its a 10 minute walk, and it is “rule” the neighbors have tried to enforce. I do not even know the exact location, NOR will Lily last for a 10 min walk ……she likes to go immediately (what can I say, she has a healthy colon!)

Anyway, bitterness over. I suppose I was wrong too, I will just try to have Lily do her “duty” somewhere else….

ps – there was a LARGE pile of crap there, so I understand her anger. BUT she took it out on the wrong person:

1.  THAT poop was the size of Lily

2. I pick up after her!! 

*I have even gone back to pick up , if I didnt have a bag on hand at the moment, at times!*

Ok, off my pedestal

5.  Thank you

I want to thank that special someone that complimented me today. I was really feeling down and BLAH, her comment, truly MADE my day ❤

You never know how YOUR comment will affect someone!
Be nice ❤

6.  Spring break

A friend asked me for a suggestion for a mini getaway, I recommended and suggested Biltmore Estate.

I mentioned it back in September in this blog post!

I have not been there yet myself, but it is on my MUST SEE list! Its absolutely BREATH TAKING, plus offers so much to do and see

Have you been? Any suggestions/recommendations?

7.  Love

I am reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. It is a beautiful story in so many ways. It gives me hope and fear all at once.


For someone to love ME like Dawson loved Amanda


That that kind of love only happens in fairy tales.

Trust me, I am NO fool. I do not have realistic expectations that true love MUST = perfection and happiness all the time. No, I get it. Life is life. We all have our quirks, our moments, our arguments. Staying strong, working through them and honesty, that is what my ideal of fairy tale is.

Do you have a fairy tale love? If so, would you like to be interviewed? I’d LOVE to do it!!


8. Sky Brunch

Top of the Tower

This looks so amazing! I definitely want to check this out!

Sure, Philly has plenty of brunch eateries, but how many of them can offer a panoramic view of the city?

Well, as of this Sunday, March 29, Top of the Tower can.

The Logan Center public event facility (formerly known as the Bell Atlantic Building) introducesSkyBrunch, the “highest” brunch option in the city.

Set on the 50th and 51st floors, the Sunday-only service encompasses a vast array of buffet-style options.

Chef Matt Lane’s stations include the Panorama (breakfast pastries, fruit; Metropolitan Bakery granola, yogurt parfaits); The Sunny Side (made-to-order omelets, home fries, pecan-smoked bacon, homemade pork and turkey sausage, chive and crème fraîche scrambled eggs); The Outlook (fried chicken, pecan waffles, crème brûlée French toast); The Sea Scape (oyster and crab claw shooters, smoked salmon, and Zento sushi).

Plus, there’s a table of charcuterie and cheeses with pickled vegetables and artisan mustards and a display of assorted dessert miniatures.

The cost of $50 per person ($25 for kids 12 and under; free for kids 5 and younger) covers all of this plus a brunch cocktail.

Even better: Top of the Tower will donate $1 from every cover at SkyBrunch to Clean Air Council, ensuring that that very pretty view stays clear for future generations of brunchers.

Reservations for this soaring Sunday meal are available online.


When: Starts Sunday, March 29
Where: 3 Logan Center, 1717 Arch Street
Cost: $50

9. Hot yoga

Ahhhhhhhh, just what I need.
This cold weather, my achy back and shoulders.

My massage therapist recommended I incorporate some Hot Yoga back into my routine. I hate dislike Bikram, but love Shine Power Yoga. They are incredible. They are amazing. I always feel SO great while I am there and after.

The best part ? Ending with a cool, peppermint enhanced scented towel. I love to place it over my eyes for the final 5 minutes of relaxation. The heat, ahhhhh, just opens me up and feels so great!

My favorite pose of the evening….


10.  Still Positive

Although some of my posts may seem negative, they are only how I feel AT THAT MOMENT. They pass. Writing and blogging helps them pass. For the most part, the past two weeks have left me feeling the BEST I have in many ways, since many many years.  I am accepting myself, my flaws, my emotions. I am accepting that I am not perfect. I am accepting that I do judge. I am accepting and aware and trying to be the best I can be for me. I know I have a lot to offer to the world, and the world equally has a lot to offer me ❤

Healthy Lifestyle

Un-Manic Monday 3.23.15

I had an awesome Monday! Hope you did too!

I think my incredible weekend had something to do with that 🙂


Family dinner Sunday’s


I had my parents over last night for Pot Roast and veggies, with apple turnovers and haagan daaz for dessert 🙂



I never got a good AFTER picture 😦  And there are no leftovers………..

I love spending time with my parents,

PLUS I get to try out my cooking skills and get some good, honest, feedback!  (I can usually tell by the expression on my dad’s face whether he likes it or not, NO words needed ha!)


Plus the fur-ball, Lily, got some excitement (and some unexpected scraps from my dad, somewhere…..)


This morning I decided to re-check my Whole Foods Beauty bag, and………….SURPRISE!!  There was the eye shadow duo!! IT was hidden under some brown recycled paper filling!!

Pacifica eye shadow duo (In Moonbean and Unicorn!)
I ❤ the name Unicorn for a shadow! That is enough to sell me!

I have not tried it yet, but when i do, I will post my review (along with the other products on my TO TRY list)



My shoulders, neck and lower back have been KILLING me. I hold ALL of my stress in my shoulder. ALL. All those food thoughts, work thoughts, life thoughts , right here….

My massuese, Jake from Hand and Stone in Marlton is fabulous. No incredible. No stupendous.  There are no words that would describe him or his hands. He totally listens and knows how to work my body. He has the perfect blend of pressure…..I walk out feeling MUCH lighter, PLUS he always has some amazing tips for me

He suggested:

  • hot yoga
  • more water
  • bengay type gel (wow, talk about old lady , first bingo, now ben gay….. 😦  )
  • figure 8 resistance band! (He suggested I get a cheap resistance band and tie it into a “figure 8” and wear it around the house in the evening, when cooking, cleaning, etc.) This will help loosen my shoulders as WELL as work on my posture.


One of my creative students wanting to wear our “movement scarf” as a tutu and become a ballerina during morning exercises (This seriously made me SMILE all day!)


My parents DATING

It was so sweet. My mom and dad went on a “date” Saturday night!

First they saw “Divergent” at the Marlton theater (first time for dad in those comfy seats and his FIRST time ever in a 3D movie!)

Afterward the went to Chez Elena Vu in Voorhees for some dinner 🙂

My dad had “Grandfather Shrimp” that he could/would not stop talking about!

For dessert they shared a “Chocolate Bomba”



I bet this tastes amazing! However, I just have a problem with it. I am not sure what it is…….because I am crazy about the thought of a PB&J stuffed with bacon and banana, not much different.
I don’t know, maybe its the cookie form? Or the fact that the bacon is IN the cream? Yes. Thats what it is. The thought of the bacon being grinded up into a creamy paste…..thats it for SURE

I know a few girls that are excited to try these. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your feed back with me!!!

Ps- Trader Joe’s now has Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies  (10 oz box $3.99)


Books 🙂

Friends Book Sale

(Cherry Hill Public Library)

Join us for a fantastic book sale on the lower level of the library.

All books are sorted in to categories and prices are as follows: Hardbacks $2, Paperbacks $1,

CDs and Videos $2; Saturday Special – Bag of Books $5


Wednesday, March 25: Friends Early Access 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 26: 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

Friday, March 27: 9:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Saturday, March 28: 9:30 -5 p.m.


Cauliflower mashed potatoes

I made this for dinner Sunday night, and my DAD, yes my DAD! Loved them!
You make them just like regular mashed potatoes (milk, butter, whatever you put in ) and Tada!!

He wants my mom to make them again for him!


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Wednesday wants

I want, want, want!!



I really dislike my impatience. I have so much patience with my students, yet I have NO patience with myself and my own life 😦

I hate not knowing about the future. Its scary. Its difficult. It is OUT of my control. That scares me, but I know I have to deal with it, just like I teach and remind my students every day.

To say I am a Nicholas Sparks fan

The Best of Me

I just finished reading The Best of Me. It was my first Nicholas Sparks book and ………. I am hooked!  Here is my review 🙂 (from Goodreads)

I really loved this book! At first I thought it was a bit slow, but as the story developed, I began to really enjoy it. In fact I could not wait for the opportunity to read again (Grrr, work gets in the way all the time!)

I loved the passionate love story. It brings hope that true love does exist and can be found. It was also so sad in the same sense because of the sacrifices people make, that in turn makes their own happiness suffer. I thought Dawson was an amazing guy. I felt his love and passion for Amanda, especially loved the fact that they walked up and down the entire beach looking at starfish and throwing them back in the water, that to me, sounds like the PERFECT day and date 🙂

This story is not all a fantasy, it brings real life into it as well such as the loss of a child, alcoholism and family troubles. Something we can all pretty much relate to in one way or another


The only thing that I felt was a bit predictable was the fact that Dawson’s heart would go to Jared, Amanda’s son, when he suffered a heart attack. Right about the time where Amanda found out of his death, I pretty much knew the outcome. I was surprised when the book ended without mention, however the lovely epilogue did not fail its readers 🙂

It was still a sweet, passionate and personable book, I am definitely going to be reading more Nicholas Sparks! (This was my first!)

 To cry

But I can’t. I want to be able to feel things again. I used to cry ALL the time. In fact, I was kind of known for it. Now I rarely cry. I miss it. It always feels terrible when you are in the process, but after its a huge relief. Like a weight has been lifted. Its a release.  I just want to cry about a lot of things. I want to feel those things again. There is so much I do not feel anymore, that I want back.

I want to congratulate

Lindsay and Mike on the recent announcement of…………….a baby!!!

I am so happy for them! I have known Lindsay since Holy Family days ❤ She is an amazing person, teacher, friend and soon to be MOTHER. Her and Mike have grown so much over the years, I still remember her talking about this guy she was so smitten with back in the “day”

I want to wish

My Aunt and VERY Happy Birthday!

Aunt Irene, I hope you enjoy your day and do something special for you!!! You deserve it  more than you know ❤

I want

a jean jacket

They are just so diverse! You can wear them with anything (I especially love dresses!)

I literally have everything for this outfit except the jacket. I think I'd like a denim jacket, perhaps in a more dark, even wash, though?she has a great blog on everything for women (from fashion, pregnancy, to nutrition & more)!! Definitely going to take the time to read each of her sections :)I wore this dress with a chambray shirt knotted at the waist and multi-colored oxfords. Cute for spring!

I WANT ALL OF THESE: Outfits in earthy tones for woman | Just Trendy Girls


I want

All of these from Target



Loft finds

Primary Image of Cutout Linen DressPrimary Image of Chambray Fluid Trousers in Marisa Fit

Primary Image of Embellished Wristlet


I want

to admit I have a serious problem with ALL things BLUE

Do you have a certain color preference that you unconsciously attract to?

I want

to keep learning new things. I am finally at a point in my life where I have some clarity and it is allowing me to really listen and REALLY learn things………It really is an amazing experience

I want

to pat myself on the back for finally finding BALANCE at work.

It is one step towards complete balance. My goal is to keep up the balanced feeling I have at work. It is making me LOVE my job even more. I am learning so much from my students, about my students  AND new programs are arising which I am absolutely loving. They are making things more meaningful, which is what teaching is all about , isn’t it!?

I want

more hot sauce!

I think tonight was my first time EVER eating Hot Sauce! I am in love ❤  However it is HOTTTTTTTTT!


I want

to hear about YOUR “Typical Day of Work”

Walk me through your ENTIRE day. Things like this fascinate me for some reason!

Email me if you want to share !

I want

My Etsy necklace to arrive

Solitaire necklace Gold-Bezel set solitaire CZ necklace, Simple Everyday Jewelry

I ordered it March 2nd. I am NOT good at waiting….patience SUCKS

Etsy is amazing, but it moves at a SNAILS PACE!

Come on already

I want

to read these

12 Books To Read If You Loved ‘The Girl On The Train’ (That Aren’t ‘Gone Girl’)

I want



a plush toy replica of my pet (Lily!!)

I want

to contour my nose!

Healthy Lifestyle

Whole Foods Beauty Bag Review

I grabbed up my $18 Whole Foods Beauty Bag on Saturday! ❤

Hello, Beauty! Beauty Bag

I could NOT wait to use the items inside!  All of the items in the beauty bag are currently things I like/use, so it was perfect!


So I pretty much ended up trying MOST of the items in the bag. I will review the ones I have tried so far, in case you are JUST as eager as I am ❤

Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub

Product Image

Grade:  A+

Salon-quality skin treatment with Dead Sea salt and volcanic sand

I absolutely LOVED this product. I think it was my favorite. I was JUST thinking how I needed a good exfoliator for my skin (i have such icky clogged pores)

This smells fabulous, was not too harsh, and left my skin feeling fresh and radiant! I really felt like I was GLOWING!

If you have dry, sensitive skin, I would avoid using this product. My skin can handle some abrasion. This stuff is abrasive, may be a bit too abrasive for some, especially if you prefer a smoother exfoliation.

This reminds me a LOT of Dermalogica gentle Cream exfoliant ($41.00 for 2.5 oz at Ulta)

Ulta carries Derma E Microdermabrasion (2 oz @ $23.99! 🙂  (I am sure you can also use a coupon!)

Product Image

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream

Grade:  B 

Versatile moisturizer with rosehip seed oil, marula oil and orange flower

This facial/decolletage cream says “non greasy” however it was a bit “greasy” for my preference. I like to feel my product SOAK into my skin. I never liked the feel of excess moisture. I already have oily skin. I know its important to keep oily skin moisturized, but this seemed a bit much. It is all about preference and your skin type
The PRO’S:  It smells FABULOUS!  It makes my skin look great and GLOW (But I just cant get over the heaviness I feel)

The CON’S:  You need a lot to spread it on, and it is a bit “greasy”. Therefore I felt like I really needed to use a lot of this. A little bit definitely does NOT go a long way.

Overall, I may give this a shot for a full week and see if I change my mind.  I have only worn it twice and at first I do not like the feel , but after a few hours it feels really nice and gives me a healthy glow.


Gabriel Mascara

G_Black Gluten Free Mascara

Grade:  A

Gentle and effective formula with plant waxes and vitamin B-5

I absolutely LOVE this mascara and WILL be buying it. It goes on perfectly with ease!  It does not clump, and it makes my lashes look long and lean!  I love how easily and smoothly it glides on and more importantly I really like the applicator. I felt like I had a great grip and it fit well into my hands. The applicator was not bendy, it was very firm, which I need. I hate a flimsy mascara!

I have used and LOVED the more expensive mascaras like: Tarte, Benefit and Too Faced. They average about $20 – $25.

Gabriel mascara comes in a bit less at $15.20 🙂  Its worth the splurge!

Giovanni 2chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Ultra-Repair Shampoo

Botanical compounds pamper damaged, overprocessed hair

Giovanni 2chic Ultra Repair Shampoo, Blackberry and Coconut Milk, 24 Fluid Ounce

Grade:  C

I really wanted to like/love this shampoo, but I just couldn’t.  I did NOT like how it weighed my hair down. I did not give me a nice, clean, full feeling after I had blow dried. It just felt limp, mostly at the roots. The rest of my hair looked and felt great, however I was not a fan at how it pulled at my roots , removing any lift I try to put in it.

The smell is AMAZING!! Yum, it really does smell incredible, which is another reason I wanted to love this.

This might be a good shampoo to use at the beach. I definitely think I would (and my hair) would love it much more after a day of sun and sand……This definitely would help put the moisture right back!

SO again, for my hair type, this was not ideal. I will have to try it at the beach this summer and see if I have a change of hair, I mean heart….. 🙂

Still have not tried….

Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Purify, moisturize and renew with French green clay, sea buckthorn oil and Moroccan argan stem cells

AND I am a bit disappointed that this did not come in my bag 😦

Pacifica Eye Shadow Duo or Lipstick

Rich, long-lasting color without parabens

I am going to call and see if my bag was maybe a dud, or if this store just was not offering it in the bag.

I am happy to say that I have found a few new products that I will be adding to my beauty routine 🙂  I also love the fact that they are organic, free from harmful chemicals, not tested on animals and cost much less than similar products I have loved in the past!  ❤ ❤