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Goodbye 2016

Image result for new years resolutionsThis is the time of year we all make those dreaded RESOLUTIONS.  Personally I am trying to stay away from rigid, set routines; SO my resolutions will be a bit different this year. Ma  I love this idea from amazing blogger, Fairyburger (read her list here). Instead of giving yourself one year to make (unrealistic) changes, you get 1001 days, which equals about 2 and ¾ years.  This is much more realistic as many things can not possibly happen in a year.  Changes only work if you ………….change.  Huh. That simple 🙂

For me, it is a lot less stressful knowing  I do not have to accomplish all my goals in one year, it is more of a “work in progress” which is so much healthier for me and my ritualistic ways. So here is my list for things I want to accomplish in 1001 days. 

Start: December 29, 2016

Finish: September 26, 2019


1)  Be open and willing to change (including this list!)

2)  read 100 books (log and create your own reading challenge)

3)  Journal 5x per week (currently love my bullet journal AND Stigma app)

4)  move back home

5)  create a cozy reading nook

Cozy reading spot: So gemütlich kann man sich den Winter machen                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr:

6)  Continue to voice my opinion and thoughts even if others do not agree

7)  practice gratitude

8)  purchase random stranger a coffee at Wawa (1x per month)

9)  Say No when I really mean it (without feeling wrong or guilty)

10) More flexible, less rigid

11) make and create new recipes (for myself and others)

Health + Fitness

1) Give up chewing gum .(Yes, chewing gum addiction is a REAL thing 😦   )

2) walk and talk with others

3) Refer to “exercise” as movement, instead.

You go girl!:

4) Move when I feel like it, rest when I feel like it

5) Allow myself MORE rest.

6) encourage others to move instead of exercise, DO WHAT FEELS good.

7) Drink more water per day.

8) try to avoid getting stuck into patterns/routines by trying and doing new things.

Image result for ocd

does this picture bother you??? LOL


1) Volunteer after school to teach Yoga to teacher 1x per month

2) Find a volunteer organization to work with

3) give my full attention to my students while I am teaching.

4) give my parents the patience they deserve

Image result for patience with parents


1) become highly qualified in language arts and math.

2) collaborate with other teachers

3) observe in other classrooms

4) develop a homework system

5) simplify a google document for progress monitoring (some google docs in the classroom ideas)

6)  Plan novel units for all grade levels and students


7)  tutor





1) Set up a budget and stick to it when I move home.

2) Keep better track of what I spend (yes this means I have to look at my statements more and admit I am spending TOO much on coffee)

3) Help my parents Donate/sell the things they don’t need.

4) Make monthly payments on student loans.

5) Apply for loan forgiveness (special education teachers)



1) Sew something

2) Improve Polish (use duo lingo app to practice).

3) learn painting techniques

4) learn how I can paint at home to relax.

5) Take yoga classes at various studios to compare

6) accomplish head/hand stand

Image result for yoga head stand

7) have mom teach me various polish recipes

Image result for polish bigos recipeImage result for polish recipesImage result for polish chrusciki

8) make a cheesecake

9) start my own book club

10)  try and take as many free library classes as I can


1) Visit California (and Des) again

2) Road trip with family

3) Go somewhere with my godson and nephews

4) Swim in tropical blue water

5) Plan weekend mini trips away

6) plan a night or two of relaxing (reading, eating, hot tub, candles etc)

7) explore Europe

8) Continue to try to practice yoga in every state

9)  Plan a girls getaway with my mom, aunt and cousin ❤


Family & Friends

1) Send Birthday cards to friends and family

2) Leave “just because” messages/gifts for friends and family (every other month)

3) Attend more meetup groups that interest me (hiking, biking) Find one that is a great fit

4) Visit my cousins in Poland

5) Try various breakfast places

6)  Have separate “dates” with my mom AND dad


  1. A new television for my home.
  2. A hybrid bike



1) Publish at least 2 blog posts per month

2) Try (and) publish at least 12 new recipes

3) Get more followers

4) get more comments

5) meet up with fellow bloggers

6) Make my blog more functionable, easier to search, etc (clean it up)

7)  Publish my top ten books 4x per year (books with reviews)



1) participate in themed school days (make costumes)

Final Three!

1) Do things out of my comfort zone.

2) continue with therapy

3) update my 101 in 1001 list!





Healthy Lifestyle

Sunday Safes

Tis’ the season…………to stay home where it is safe!

Image result for crazy holiday spirit


Sheesh! It is C-R-A-Z-Y out there!  The crowds, the anger, the rush. I am trying to make the best of this “Most Wonderful time of the year” but it is sad that the whole purpose of the holiday’s is getting lost.

Another big thanks to our society.  Be thin. Exercise more.

Image result for thanks society

Do more. Be more

Image result for fast paced world.

Shop more. Buy more. Give more……So before I share some of my favorite material things, lets take a look at some things that are REALLY important.


Family and Friends.

I had the BEST weekend with friends and family.  Work get together’s, cookie exchanges, baking with friends and a family cookie swap. This weekend was full of love and laughs. Here are a few snapshots of our first family cookie swap (I think this will become a yearly thing!)

I am sharing a few of our favorite recipes:

Orange Spritz Cookies

Orange Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Iced Oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies

And of course these amazing Red Velvet cupcakes with Buttercream frosting (Robin’s recipe from Magnolia Bakery in NYC)


Great time, great people, great cookies. Life is good 🙂  I am truly blessed!

Now for some FUN stuff !

I love McDonald’s new holiday coffee cups  LOL They sure are SPREADING the cheer 🙂

Image result for mcdonalds holiday coffee cup

$20 Loft Cardigan (Thanks Tina!)

Primary Image of Crew Neck Cardigan

Love this unicorn sweater, after all aren’t we all unicorns?? 🙂

Off the shoulder dress , perfect for NYE

Really loving these candy cane leggings

Image result for lula roe candy cane

Snowtubing at Blue Mountain (Groupon Deal!) What an EXCELLENT way to spend a day during winter break!

Image result for snow tubing

Really loving these classic pearl earrings (So simple yet gorgeous)

I don’t know about you, but I am all cookied out and ready for a nice burger and fries!

The Pop Shop - Golden Triangle: American Comfort Food at The Pop Shop (Up to 40% Off). Two Options Available.

Your Turn

  1.  What is your favorite cookie recipe?
  2. Any New Years Eve plans?
  3. How are you keeping yourself calm and cared for during all this madness?