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Ten for Tuesday

10 for Tuesday

1.  Therapy.

I am so excited to learn that my therapist  Geannine LeBude LCSW, ACSW  will be offering on online therapy services and journaling sessions! This is music to my ears! One of my biggest concerns has been  if I were to move away , I would not be able to continue seeing her. Yes, I realize that there are other therapists out there but I feel like Geannine has helped me so much to see things clearly and put things into perspective that I really would hate to lose that relationship.  I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone (as a matter of fact my MOTHER see’s her now!! 🙂 ), no matter what your life entails. Parenting advice, anxiety, food issues, marriage issues, abuse, etc, etc, etc.

Check her out here!


2.  Sleep

Or lack there of……well and feeling irritated. I think I’m starting to figure out why I feel super irritated some days. I think I am not sleeping well. I toss and turn and wake up 100 times throughout the night. I feel like I do not really get a good nights sleep. I am probably just not getting enough hours which is causing me to be cranky and unmotivated

3.  So proud!

I am so proud of my mom for making her own decision!! S he has decided to stay home this weekend instead of driving with me to South Carolina. I am so proud of her for doing what she really wants to do for a change. I know its difficult for her NOT to worry about her lil’ girl, BUT I am perfectly capable of taking GOOD care of myself ❤


I am also VERY proud of my friend, for trying something scary…..and finding out she loves it and IS OK!

4.  Friendships.

I never realized how important friendships were. I was always too involved with my current spouses’ problems and issues. I never had time for friends. Now that I have finally FORCED myself to focus on ME, I am finally making true friends. For the first time in a VERY long time, I actually feel like I am connecting with people. For such a long time, I felt so……….disconnected.   I am beginning to value people for what they are. I realize that there are different types of friends and different types of people and I am also realizing what types of people make me feel good and what types do not.

5.  Books.

Sign In to Audible

I am really loving my new books on tape audible  is pretty awesome.  Part of amazon, audible is currently offering a FREE 2 month trial. Check them out

!I listen to my drive to work, I listen while I cook it, I listen when I walk Lily.  It really puts me at ease and peace. I really am enjoying it! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a “reader”. I love books, but just do not seem to have the patience to sit down and actually read them (besides children’s books because they are cute and useful to me in the classroom). Audible gives me the satisfaction of reading WHILE walking around and doing something active.  It is very difficult for me to sit in one place and read I will fall asleep very easily I guess I feel unproductive I wish I could learn an easier way to just relax. I am slowly getting there it’s awkward and it takes a lot of work but I am beginning to allow myself that time

(This was a find of my own, audible did NOT give me anything in return, this is my own opinion)

6.  Broken.

I feel broken. I go through periods of ravaging hunger.It just hits me out of nowhere.  Out of the blue, I’ll just feel starving. Then I begin to panic “OMG, what if I will NEVER stop eating, what if I binge, what if I can not control myself, what if I will never feel full??”  One minute I have absolutely NO desire to eat anything, then it hits me…..I feel like I could eat the entire world and STILL not be satisfied.   I feel like I eat so much. Today I ate so much, and was STILL hungry. I even waited a bit after eating to make sure, and sure enough I was STILL hungry.  So, I let myself eat.  It does not seem right to me, but I went against the feeling and ate anyway. I am trying to trust my body and have faith that it will balance itself out and tell me what I need….. Just like with EVERYTHING else, it is ALL OR NOTHING thinking for me.  Either I am STARVING or NOT HUNGRY at all. There is no “in between”. It’s scary and I just want to be “normal”


7.  Fish Tacos

I like fish. I like tacos.

Something about fish taco’s just does NOT seem appealing to me 😦

I am sure it is amazing, two things I love, but just the name “Fish Taco’s”, sounds weird……like something from “Sponge Bob”.

This recipe looks amazing.  I think I like the purple accents in it 🙂 It looks pretty!  I like to eat pretty food!

Crispy Fish Tacos

Crispy Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde & Red Cabbage Slaw

8.  Target


If I could marry Target, I would.  Mrs. Diana Target….sounds good. Seriously. I absolutely LOVE that store. From the awesome $1 spot picks (I use tons of stuff for my classroom from there) to their clothes, I love Target.  I can pretty much get everything and everything I need in one stop at Target.  Yesterday, I got some great deals:


Pajamas for PJ day and for my outdoor patio in Myrtle Beach (can’t let people see me in my ugly mismatched jammies, right?!)

Women's Flannel Pajama Pant

I am kinda digging these for Lily



These cute and comfy ballet flats……..$12 !!!! (this week only GO GET THEM!)
Women's Odell Ballet Flat - Assorted ColorsWomen's Odell Ballet Flat - Assorted Colors

9.  Childhood Memories….

So today during our staff meeting, we were talking about how kids just can NOT grasp certain things at certain ages because they just are not mentally ready (mature).  It reminded me of when I was little.  My grandmother would come back and forth from us in Philadelphia to Poland.  I knew she went on an airplane to go to “Poland”, so I just assumed “Poland” was a land in the sky/clouds.  I really thought grandma was going to see the Care Bears.  It took me a VERY long time to actually grasp the concept about where Poland actually was, physically. I was VERY sad to learn it was NOT in the clouds…..but even MORE sad that there was NO SUCH THING as care bears 😦


10.  Circles

Some days I just feel like I am teaching in “circles”.  Teaching is wonderful, magical, special, and……overwhelming. I edit, revise, revisit, rehash, repeat, and sometimes just feel like I am going in circles.  There just does not ever seem to be a solution.  I feel so overwhelmed as a teacher at times. I have to keep reminding myself I can only continue to care and do the best I can.



Your Turn

1.  Do you have any Food Faux Pas?  

2.  One thing you are PROUD of yourself for? One thing you are proud of your spouse, bf/gf, parents, child, etc for?

3.  What is your current biggest fear?

4.  What is an early childhood misconception YOU had?


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