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Weekend Update & Week Ahead

Awwwwwww man how I love the weekend, but Sunday’s are just so sad……..end of pure bliss!  I can still have that bliss during the week, just a bit differently ❤

Weekend Update:  Books

Mom and I listened to The Art of Racing in the Rain on the way to and from Myrtle Beach.  This story was so beautiful! I highly recommended it for any dog or animal lover, if you have a special pet in your life, or had one recently pass away. Its filled with laughter, tears, hope, inspiration and so much more!

Most of all it reminds us to be good citizens. We are all in this together. Yes we need to be “selfish” and take care of ourselves, but we also need to share our fortune and knowledge with others less fortunate. ❤

Read my review here 🙂

Weekend Update:  Laughs

On our drive home, my mother was attempting to text………….lol  After about 1 hour and 45 minutes I think she managed “Hi.”

So. Serious. It takes a LOT of concentration to text y’all! 🙂


 Weekend Update:  Feeling

My anxiety is SKY high today for two reasons

1. Food and hunger. I am meeting a friend this morning to go hiking. I ate a huge breakfast and feel ok, yet I am so worried that I will get hungry half way through the hike, or feel hunger, or not be able to stop thinking about eating. Yes, I brought snacks and food. Yes I realize I have NOTHING to worry about BUT I just can not help this uneasy feeling 😦  I hate it , I wish it would go away for ever and not stand in my way of happiness and excitement. It takes the joy out of lifes pleasures

2.  “Should I stay or should I go now”

Ugh, life is tough. Decisions are tough. Choices are tough. I want to make clear, good decisions and find balance. I either jump too soon at something OR focus too intensely on something. Neither one is any good I need balance

 Weekend Update:  Nature

“S” and I joined a meet up group for a 7 mile hike at Valley Green today. The weather was beyond perfect!  In fact I felt like I was back in SC!  There were about 10 of us in the group, and “S” and I were the most “experienced”  lol….now granted it is because we were at least half the age of the other hikers. Those people can move!! I was impressed!  The trail was easy to follow and easily marked. I loved the water ways, rocks and fun tunnels we walked across. It would have been nicer to be more in “Nature”, however for a 30 min drive from home, it was not too bad. Yes we saw a few residential homes along our “hike”, yes there were cars, yes there were regular roads instead of dirt and rocks to walk on at times………BUT there were also horses, birds, water, rocks, sun and GREAT conversation!  I love learning about others experiences. I also love finding people with similar interests as me!  I like learning about new places and new adventures as well as asking for advice. All of which “S” gave me 🙂 Whether he knew it or not (Or liked it or not haha)

I wish I could find a group that was a bit faster paced. The frequent stops annoy me, but patience is a virtue 🙂  I think next time I will be able to do the trail alone, no need for guidance 🙂  Maybe I will start up my own hiking group!



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