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Tuesday (Random) Thoughts 6.2.15

1.  Take time to recharge 

I had a mini much needed retreat.  My mind has been all over the place lately and I was not getting anywhere by not giving myself a break.  I teach my students to ask for a break when they need it.  Well adults need breaks too!

Did you know that many parts of Europe the average vacation time is 30 days? The Europeans (also) on average take about………30 out of 30 vacation days!  Good for them! We need to practice more of that and less of the work a holic life styel instilled in is (US Workers took an average of 16 days of vacation in 2013 compared to an average of 20.3 days as recently as 2000)

So I was able to recharge and now I’m ready to face what lies ahead ( the end of the school year!!)

2.  Here’s how is how I spent my last day.

La Belle Amie Vineyard


quick visit to the quirky little gift shop! So pretty!


 great place to sit and sip

 IMG_5983cute little wrap around porch!! Its in a nice tree filled area so super breezy!


beautiful vineyard!


tons of walking areas and paths. Loved this little house, the ladder led up to a little window. How rustic!


Seriously, I could not have said it better myself. If you know me, you WILL agree




They had such FUN, beachy, wine names

"Bitchin' Babes"-   We're just like you...only prettier!  A medium sweet white wine.

Sugar Daddy -   Available</p><br />
<p>A smooth, Southern muscadine red wine. Nice finish.

3. PURE relaxation. Fishin’

This was my first time absolutely going fishing SOLO. I usually have my dad or cousin with me to help out, or another male companion.

I was a bit nervous at first, in fact, I considered backing out, BUT I thought this would be an enjoyable and relaxing way for me to………relax.  I have a hard time sitting. I need to be moving around, doing something. In turn, my body pays .

I figured “Hey I’ll try it for an hour”.  That hour ended up being 4 🙂  I would have stayed even LONGER, but had to catch my flight and needed a shower since I would be in close quarters with others. I don’t think they would appreciate my fishy perfume

This was MORE than just fishing. This was my independence. I was able to prove to myself that I could get over my fear of feeling awkward, intimidated, embarrassed or UN-confident. Yes, I had all of those feelings, BUT with a little help from my favorite guy cousin, I was able to put a positive spin on things and enjoy my days.

As the day went on things progressively got BETTER. Maybe not so much with fish catching, but in other aspects, I learned so MUCH about myself and others.

  •  I can put bait on my rod like a proIMG_5998
  • guys will talk to you , as long as their girlfriends are NOT around (This guy was so helpful when his gf was gone, however he completely ignored me when she returned!)
  • there is no such thing as “Dirty old men” only “Sexy senior citizens”. This was quoted by Stan, who kept checking up on me and giving me little tips throughout the day. He showed me the proper way to bait my hook so those little “thieves” would stop stealing it!
  • rays are absolutely beautiful to look at. They gave me such a sense of peace! 
  • I can pull a hook out of a fish, carefully, and let it go 🙂
  • Sand sharks are tough little guys!! I carefully took one off my hook and he gave me quite the battle!! Slippery little muscle!
  • people ARE nice
  • People DO want to help others
  • Most importantly I learned to NEVER give up on something I am afraid of. If I let my fear and uncertainty get the best of me, I would have NEVER learned any of the things I did from my little independent fishing triumph 🙂


I don’t think the water temp in NJ has ever been 79!!

Interested in fishing at Cherry Grove Pier?IMG_5997

Parking  at the pier $8

Rod rental (full day $22)

Half price after 3 pm

(This included your fishing license)

Bait $6

Towel  ?  (The gentleman working at the counter let me borrow his)

Fun:  Priceless!

Obviously, if you have your own equipment, BRING it and save. However I was traveling light and left my fishing rod and yoga mat back home in NJ 🙂

The pier is beautiful. There are little stools to sit on and fish, which are actually VERY comfortable. Bathrooms are clean. Store is clean. People and workers are WONDERFUL

Fish are sneaky y’all!

4.  T.I.G.E.R.S


a quick stop by on the way to the airport to check out the beautiful Tiger exhibit!

Read about it here

There are two locations, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach.

I stopped by the N. Myrtle Beach location located inside Barefoot

You can have your picture taken with a tiger for a roarin’ $100.

I took my picture…….through the glass for FREE (See above pic LOL)

Pricey. YES. But at least it goes towards a good cause!

Make sure to call ahead and check the hours that the tigers will be present. When I was there it was from 6-8 pm 

5. Ice cream

I have been craving real soft serve ice cream for quite some time now. I don’t want to say I have begrudged myself or restricted myself from having it, although I suppose I could have made time to get it if I really was persistent enough, BUT I suddenly got the urge on my way to the airport.

I wanted good, ol’ fashioned, soft serve. I wanted black and white, BUT Kohr’s in Barefoot Landing was OUT of the combo, SO instead I got the chocolate/peanut butter combo. I have always wanted to try this, but have always been too “Scared” because its ……….well, ice cream

I did not think twice about eating it, ONLY thought twice about which combination I should get.

Yes I was nervous. What if I could NEVER stop eating ice cream now? What if I wanted it ALL THE TIME. Breakfast Lunch Dinner. What if I gained 100 lbs?

What if I died tomorrow and never got to enjoy that yummy creaminess 🙂

So here I am…….with the empty cup

I am proud of myself for enjoying it. For seeking it out. For NOT researching the calories/fat/sugar content prior to order (My choices and decisions before have always been based on what has the lowest calories, fat, sugar, etc) This time, I made a choice by listening to my body. It said “I need peanut butter and chocolate STAT”.  It did not say “Don’t eat that!!!”

6.  How to Love without expectations – love, love, LOVE this!

7.  The real me


During my little mini getaway, so many things gave me that “aha” light bulb moment

I have always been intimidated, envious, jealous of girls that get “stares” from men.  Whenever a pretty girl walks by, it used to ALWAYS make me feel insecure, ugly, or less of a person.

When I dressed up in a heel, dress, make up ,etc. I (and women in general) get a lot of unwanted attention. I have ALWAYS hated the attention. The stares, the whistles, the advances. No thanks. I am not interested in someone that wants to speak to me based on looks alone. Sure not everyone has those intentions, but most

Then it struck me. If I do not like that attention AND I do not always enjoy dressing up, WHY do it?  I want someone to like me for me. I don’t want to ONLY feel visable and beautiful when I am wearing  a dress and heels. I want to feel beautiful, confident, and secure in shorts and sneakers OR a dress. Not one or the other 🙂 ❤

I have realized that I feel seen and receive unwanted attention when I am “done up”. I feel uncomfortable and awkward. I suppose I feel a bit confident, because I receive attention, but it is all unwanted attention. SO…….why do I care? I need to STOP worrying about what others think, see or perceive and start doing and being more ME.  If I want to wear a dress, GREAT wear it and OWN it, smile, enjoy, never feel un-confident. If I want to wear sneakers and shorts? WEAR THEM, and I want to feel the same in both clothing choices ❤

IMG_59958. Warmest Welcome Back 

My students are amazing

I felt so happy and loved today when I received my purple little flower and special picture 🙂



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