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Saturday Save’s

Ten Things

I am saving to do, try, taste or make 🙂


This serves the teacher and inspiring chef in me 🙂


Watermelon pops!

Make star-shaped watermelon pops

For the kids (and big kids too!!)


Forced relaxation.

This is so difficult for my mind to grasp. I have such a hard time doing……..nothing. I was literally crying sitting on my couch trying to watch an episode of Outlander last night. How pathetic is that? I get it, my mind, needs to really be re-worked. The fact that I feel so much guilt for relaxing is a problem. It is a problem because I am exhausting myself so much physically that there is not much left for any type of emotional/mental energy. I literally can not think or make decisions with a clear head.

Today I gave up any type of “exercise”. It was HARD. It was uncomfortable. BUT I got to really put time, energy and the effort into a special gift I am making for a little girl ❤  It felt good and bad in so many ways.
I know in time this will become easier 🙂


** Last night , I watched 2 episodes of Orange is the New Black. I love, love, LOVE it! ❤


Focus on the GOOD in people instead of focusing on differences, flaws or annoyances. I think I am so hard on myself, that I tend to be hard on others around me, especially those closest to me ((((mom)))).  I want to see the good in people. I don’t want to feel bitterness or anger towards others. I want to just accept them for who they are and give them the benefit of the doubt, instead of always trying to find something “wrong” or convince myself that in some way they are trying to hurt me.



cooking and canning with my mom.IMG_4480

I miss my mom. We have had SO many great times together from exploring NOLA to baking cookies! However the past few months have really turned my life upside down and I lost that feeling of being present and in the moment and doing things I enjoy. I have been too busy running here and there, doing this and that, to sit down and spend time with those most important to me, because I feel like…….I don’t have time


Well I need to start making time for ME (and others) because I am in constant work or productive mode.

Remember, be gentle to myself and others ❤

So, I am REALLY looking forward to making some tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, pickles and who knows what else we can find growing in mama’s garden!!

Also, DO NOT trash those fruits and veggies if you have an overabundance. FREEZE them instead (read about it here!!)


Fun craft night idea

Remember these


Organize and pack

Yup, winter clothes are packed and in SC, now its time for……….everything else! Slow, breathe, relax, it will be ok. I need a game plan, what and how to pack .  TBD


The Over Night

I will be honest. I kinda hated and loved this movie all at the same time.

I hated the awkwardness of it. It actually made me very uncomfortable at times. I also felt like it was sllllloooooowwwww moving at times, the impatience in me kicking in full blast. I felt “Ok come on just GET TO IT”. It also brought back so many memories for me of when I was married, especially those insecurities I had.

What I loved about it? Well for one, Taylor Schilling, I think she is beautiful and an amazing actress, now I am kind of addicted to her in Orange is the New Black, sooooo

two, the fact that it addressed a REAL issue. Which a lot of people (myself included) avoid, push down, and neglect

The fact that couples that are happily married and in LOVE, still look at fantasize about other people. For me, this hit hard. I had so many insecurities about myself in relationships. I did not want my partner looking, thinking or drooling over anyone but ME . I took it personally, I took it as I was not good enough therefore they wanted to look, but the fact is. I was good enough, its just inevitable for some to wonder, look and find others attractive. That is just life. That does not mean he/she does not love you , or wants to experiment with others. All it means is that they are HUMAN and REAL.  As long as there is an open line of communication between you, feelings and insecurities can be overcome.  I think when you start lying to yourself and your partner, is when problems arise.

So for me, I want to be honest in my next relationship and I want the same in return. Sometimes I will feel insecure or upset, but if he really loves me, he will help me overcome those insecurities 🙂  Plus I am much older now and am realizing that “looking” does not mean much at all. ❤


Focus on things I ALREADY enjoy

instead of constantly looking for and trying NEW things that I think may spark my interest. The bottom line is, I already have many wonderful experiences under my belt. I sort of want to explore and put some effort into those before trying new things. i tend to overload my plate, with all these new experiences. It does not really allow me to get a good feel for the things I already can do

So , I want to explore more:

Paddle boarding



Yesterday I took a break from structured exercise and focused on something else I loved, it felt so good to NOT feel completely exhausted and actually have the time and energy to put focus into something else. Trust me a few tears were shed in the uncomfortable process, BUT I did it and survived 🙂


More yoga please

I felt SO much better when I was regularly practicing. I need to start a daily routine so that I can get my body to feel better instead of tight, sore, achy, etc.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Save’s”

  1. I have pretty much settled it in my head that when I finally get to stay in a place for more than several months at a time, I reallyy want to decorate my house and make it awesome! I love those mason jar containers!

    #9 also. I reallyyy want to try paddleboarding! Did you know there are some places that offer yoga whilst paddleboarding!?!? :O!!! (Twas a recent discovery for me, but I wanna try it!!)


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